Friends may be for next some days icant update so today just bear me for two parts again thanks to all of you.

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episode 12

Swara -you know what it was one of my fav bday. And before meeting you I thought not to believe anyone again becoz may be he also…
Lucky- no don’t think about that swara I’ll never hurt you . OK let’s go an another surprise is waiting for you.
Swara- what another tell me what is that.
Lucky- againyou are asking plz keep quiet for some time. I’ll take you. And he closes her eyes.
Swara- okay??
Then lucky takes her and makes her seat in the car and drives off.
Swara-lucky it was my house
Lucky-yes iknow that let’s go inside.
Swara- okay
Both entered the house suddenly ballons are bursted and all lights were on all wishes swara a very happy birthday. Swara was very much happy.
Riya-happy birthday dear .
Swara-you are late but its okay.
Then all the people wished swara. Then riya announced a couple dance . so swara and lucky went to dance floor. Both danced on the song . but both are lost in each others eyes. Riya noticed all these. After sometime the party was over. After that all went . lucky also went.
In the room
Riya-swara ithink you loved lucky.
Swara- riya iwant to tell you something and she told everything to riya.
Riya-wow swara I’m so happy for you. Ithink happiness were coming
Swara-yes riya hope maa will be happy for us.
Riya-ofcourse swara aunty was also happy. See she always wants your happiness. Okay today I’m so much tired let’s sleep.

Leap of one month
In this one month lucky told everything to his mother. And his mother agreed for their marriage. All function were happened successfully. And tommorow is the wedding. That night
Riya-what happened swara what are you thinking.
Swara-riya I’m afraid if anything wrong happened then icant bear once more.
Riya- no swara don’t get afraid dear. Everything will be good don’t worry. Tell me don’t you miss me?
Swara-ofcourse yes riya and she hugged riya.
Riya- okay now you sleep otherwise tomorrow lucky will beat me when hell see your blackheads.
Swara-okay good night.
Next morning lucky comes and merriage was over.
Riya-plz lucky take care of my swara.
Lucky-ofcourse riya . she was my life.
Then the car droves off.
At lucky house
Ap-swara beta come inside.
Then swara enters by kicking the rice . then ap take her to Lucky’s room. And then she left.
Swara- she was sitting in the bed but she was very much nervous . then lucky enters.
Lucky-what are you doing that’s my bed.
Swara- ya iknow but from today onwards it was, also my room.
Lucky-oh I’m sorry you are my wife . swara let me tell you it was all a drama.
Swara- plz lucky it was not the time of joke.
Lucky- no swara all was, drama only. Inever loved you. Idid all to take revenge from you. Don’t even think that all the days I spent with you was my planning although I did only to come near to you. At first when I came to know about your past I thought to make youfall for me it was very tough. But you duffer in a short time fall for me. So sad swara you traped in my plan
Swara-she was shocked to listen all the things.

It ends with Lucky’s evil smiling face and swaras crying and shocking face

Precap- why lucky did all the things. What’ll swara do now.

Friends I know it was short but plz forgive me for a short episode. And let me know if you areliking the twist or not. Till then take care good bye.

Credit to: Pari

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