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Episode 10

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Lucky and riya started to search for swara. But they didn’t found her. After many time finally lucky break down.

Lucky – riya let’s go to police station. I’m losing hope.

Riya – plz lucky dnt lose hope. Well found out swara surely. Let’s go to police because it had already 3yrs since she was missing.

Suddenly someone calls riya from riyas no.

Riya – lucky swara is calling.

Lucky – pick up the phone riya. And put it on loudspeaker.

Riya – she picks call and hlo swara where are you.

From that side -your swara is here come here and take her.

Lucky – plz leave her and tell us the place.

He tells them the place lucky and riya went there. When they reached there they found swara was falling unconscious near a tree. Both runs to her.

Lucky he takes her in his lap. He caress her face he was teary eyed plz swara get up plz.

Riya – she sprinkled water on her.

Finally swara wakes up. When she wakes up lucky suddenly hugs her. Swara was surprised as riya also. He huged her more tightly.

Lucky – swara where you went I’m so much afraid of losing you. Are you ok na.

Swara – she also hugs lucky yes I’m fine. Nothing happened don’t worry.

Riya – swara she called so both swalak break their hugs. Are you okay na. Where were you.

Swara – I don’t know riya after lucky left that person came and told me that lucky needs my help. So when i went with him he used cl chloroform so iwas fainted. After that what happened i don’t know.

Lucky – wait he found a letter was attached with her backside of dress. He read it was written that stop your search for finding me. Otherwise next time your dead body will be there. It was just a warning for you.

Riya – swara plz stop these today it was a small attack icant take the risk of losing you.

Swara – no now I’ll definitely finding him. And you don’t worry riya lucky is with me na.

Lucky – phir bhi swara i think we should stop it for some days only. After that again we’ll start it. Because I can’t take the risk.

Swara – okay. Let’s go to hotel.

All reached the hotel and left to their respective rooms.

At night swara didn’t sleep so she thought to walking around the garden. When she come outside she found lucky was standing there but he was sad.

Swara – what happened why are you sad.

Lucky – im really swara today all what happened that because of me only because if I didn’t left you alone youare being safe. And most importantly if i didn’t take you with me to get kulfi you’ll be safe with riya.

Swara – lucky what is this. It already happened na forget it. Can you give me the guarantee that if i stays with riya he didn’t kidnapped me. So forget it see im standing before you and I’m fine.

Lucky – phir bhi im sorry.

Swara – oho lucky stop it na these doesn’t suits you you are looking liking a crying cat right now.

Lucky what I’m looking like a cat. You are like a diaunosaurus.

Swara okay but you are a crying cat so stop it.

Lucky- okay otherwise you’ll starting beating me. Let’s go I’m feeling asleep.

Swara – okay bye good night.

Nextday morning

Lucky – let’s go swara i think that officer would have come. Riya you stay here well come back.

And both left.

When they reached the office they came to know that officer had already returned. So they went to meet him. They knock the door.

Officer -Yes come in.

Swara ans lucky went inside it but swara was shocked to find that the officer is not other than her father. She didn’t tell anything.

Lucky – sir im laksh maheswari and she is swara bose. We came to discuss with you about our project.

Officer -ya i had seen it I’m happy with your presentation you can start it. Waise what is your parents name.

Lucky- Mr Durga prasad maheswari but he died before six years and my mother’s name was Mrs Arnapurna maheswari.

Officer -ya i had heared about him. And what about you beta (to swara)

Swara – she was teary eyed because after many years she saw her father but control herself and tells him sir my mother’s name is SARMISTHA BOSE. Hope you know her.

Officer -he was shocked to hear sumis name it means you. …

Swara – may be you remember me or not i remember you clearly okay leave it thanks for approving our project. Lucky let’s go.
And she drags luckys hand and both left.

Lucky – what is this swara do you know him.

Swara – she was crying only.

Lucky – what hhappened.

Swara – she hugged him and tells him that lucky he was my father who had left my mother. Who left us and get married to someone else.

Lucky – okay okay calm down our work is complete na. Let’s go to hotel and no need to talk to that person. And both left

When they reached hotel riya asked about project so lucky told her everything. And after sometime all three left to their town.

One month passed

In this one month swara and lucky were became best friends. Swara was very much happy with her life. Their project was also going good. Everything was good.
One day riya called lucky.

Riya – lucky are you busy now?

Lucky – no what happened

Riya – lucky tomorrow is swaras bday. So i thought to inform you plz help me.

Lucky – oho then tomorrow was the date when shona came to earth. That diaunosaurus come to earth.

Riya – she laughs.

Lucky okay don’t worry I’ll definitely help you. And cuts the call.

Lucky – ok shona tomorrow you’ll find out a surprise so miss shona get ready.
It ends with luckys smiling face.

Precap – lucky gave surprise to swara . guess what’ll be the surprise? ????????????

Plz guys keep reading and keep comenting and tell me what’ll be the surprise you are guessing. .

Credit to: pari

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  1. It was nice. I think lakshya will propose her.

  2. Laksh will propose her or will find the person who cheated her and beat him black and blue

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