Hey friends im back with my next episode. Thanks all of you for supporting me so that today I’m writing 10th episode.

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Let’s start it

Swara went for washroom and she comes out wearing a blue white one piece she was looking very beautiful.

Riya – yr you are looking soooooooo beautiful.

Swara – I know that after all today is your bday na so today i have to see beautiful na. Okay let me call lucky.

Riya – don’t worry he has already been in parking area. Let’s go.

Swara – oh god he’ll kill me let’s run riya.

Both come to the parking area. Swara sends riya first.

Lucky – oh finally you came where is that diaunosaurus.

Riya – she was here only. She was afraid of your scolding.

Lucky – swara came out. Otherwise. ..

Swara – she come outside. She was holding her ears and said sorry to lucky.

Lucky – he was angry first but lost when he saw her

Swara – plz sorry

Lucky- okay let’s go.

Both reach a mall. There swara & riya completely take minimum 3 to 5 hrs for shopping. When they came our they found lucky was standing there but with a sad face.

Swara – what happened to you are you okay na.

Lucky – no no I’m okay how much time you both take you know it’s already 5 hrs before you entered the mall.

Swara – it’s okay girls usually took this much time. Anyway we both came out early only otherwise before when we went for shopping we usually take minimum 8 hrs.

Lucky – what? ???from next time I’ll never came with you both. Okay let’s go for lunch.

Riya – okay let’s go.

All three of them reach a restaurant and ordered dish.

Riya – you both of you have all things similar na. Your favorite food are also same. How come??

Lucky – he turned to swara really? How come my favourite are similar to this diaunosaurus.

Swara – you again called me diaunosaurus.

Lucky – sorry but ill call you by this name only. Plz don’t get angry.

Swara – okay it’s your wish.

Then a fer finishing lunch they went to their hotel.

Lucky – okay I’ll meet you at 4.00pm we all will go to park then club and then dinner okay.

Swara – okay.

At 4.00pm

All went to park. Swara and riya were sitting in a bench and both were talking. Suddenly lucky comes and

Lucky- swara let’s go to that side we’ll brought kulfi for you riya.

Swara – ya let’s go.
Both went to another side of park.

Lucky – swara which flavour you want.

Swara – but before she told something a man came running towards them and ask

Person – sir plz my wife has labour pain plz help me only to took her to that side of road so that I’ll get a cab.

Lucky – ya let’s go swara you wait here. I’ll come back.

Swara – ya you go lucky.

Lucky went with that person but when both reached that side of park (from there they can’t see swara ) suddenly that person

Lucky – where is your wife?

Person – don’t know.

Suddenly one person came and hits luckys head with a wood or rod. So lucky fall down there itself.

Here swara was waiting for lucky. That person came and told her that plz mam we also want your help also.

Swara – ya of course where is lucky who went with you.

Person – he was waiting for you in the cab.

Both reached that side

Swara – tell me where is lucky? ?She doubted something

Person – he was not here.

Swara – she ask where is he tell me.

Suddenly that second person came and they takes her as she fainted they used chloroform. And they take away swara with them.

After half an hour

Riya – she was tensed where we’re these two. So she decided to finding them both. So she went that side of park. She found lucky was falling unconscious there.

She went near lucky.

Riya – lucky wake up. And she sprinkled some water in luckys face. After sometime lucky wake up with a heavy headache.

Riya – lucky what happened where is swara.

Lucky – he told everything to riya.

Both tried swaras no . But it was switched off. Both started to search for swara. But they didn’t find her.

Lucky – he broke down. It was all my fault if i didn’t brought her this side then swara was with us now. All are my fault.

Riya – no its not your fault lucky and swara was kidnapped. And it was pre planned. See there is no kulfi stall here.

Lucky – but who is it who wants to harm swars. We need to find her riya. Let’s go to police station.

Riya – ya let’s go.

Both left for police station.

Precap – will lucky and riya able to find swara?

Sorry friends for a short update I promised you next time I’ll give you a long one. Again sorry. Till then keep comenting and keep smiling.

Credit to: Pari

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