Swara-i love u sanskar, sanskar-i love u swara (os)

Hai guys I am again back with my new os my exam will get over on November 22 so I will start writing my new ff on 23 as I said I will return in nov. Thank for ur support for my os and ff pls post ur valuable comments for this os also.
SWARA KHANNA- very lovely girl loves her family alot very bubbly girl but has a dark past she is elder daughter of semish and her younger sister ragini.
SANSKAR GUPTA- very arrogant and hates girl to d core he loves his family alot but has a dark past.
So intro over of d main character so let’s go to d story.

a girl and lady is waking up a girl from past 1 hour but d girl is still sleeping.
LADY:shona getup u have to go to clinic.
(S d sleeping girl is non other than swara and she is a doctor)
RAGINI:ma di won’t get up like this she will get up when I pour water saying this ragini poured a bucket of water on swara. Swara got up with a jerk and gave dead glare to sumi and ragini.
SUMI:swara get ready soon today come fast as today boys family is coming to see u.
SWARA;but ma I am not interested in the marriage pls ma don’t force me.
SUMI:swara how many years u will say this only how many years u r going to bear us after ur father death u r running d family pls swara I can’t give u more trouble.
Swara just nods her head silently.
SWARA(in mind):I am sorry ma it is all because of me u both r suffering so I will marry for ur sake but ma I can’t forget him I am trying to forget but ma I can’t because I love him so much but I will marry for ur sake. Soon swara got ready and went to clinic.

all were sitting while ap and sujatha were serving just than an handsome hunk came and sat sujatha sined ap to say.
AP: sanskar beta.
(S d boy is non other than sanskar)
SANSKAR:ji bade mom.
AP:beta come fast today we r going to see d girl for u.
SANSKAR(in mind):I can’t forget her but I can’t hurt my family all r asking past 3 years but I am not interested in marriage because I still love her but I can’t make my family sad.
SANSKAR(to ap):ji bade mom I will come soon.
All gets happy listening his words but one gets sad and he thinks.
LAKSH(in mind):I know bhai did not forget her I know he loves her and I know he accepted only for family’s happiness pls get her back in bhai life and change him into old sanskar who was naughty sweet)

swara was getting ready wearing red colour sarees and was lost in taught ragini was helping her.
RAGINI:di r u happy with this marriage I know u still did not forget him.a tears escape from swaras eyes.
SWARA(broken but composed):that is destiny ragini I can’t forget him but will try to. Just than sumi entered swaragini compose themselves and sumi bought swara down swara took blessing from ap and dp, than sujatha and ram. Just than sanlak entered both swara and sanskar was shocked to see each other both reminded something.

SWARA(slaps sanskar hardly):chi I never taught u like that I hate u sanskar forever I hate u.
SANSKAR(slapped her again):I hate u too swara I hate u alot. Both left either side.

(guys still FLASHBACK is there it is not d end)
Swara and sanskar were having tears in there eyes whereas raglak were also shocked they never expected that SWASAN will again meet. Elders asked youngsters to go out and can talk.
Raglak left SWASAN alone so they can talk with each other.
SWARA(anger):what r u doing here sanskar.
SANSKAR(anger):swara I came here for my parents and I can’t betray them.
SWARA(anger):oh so u r talking about betray u r really a betray sanskar never forget that.
SANSKAR(anger):than what about u, ur d one who betray me swara not me. Both were fighting with each other with anger and hateness. Soon sanskar and his family left from there.
RAGINI(to laksh):laksh do u think both as same reason and both loves each other I think someone sperated them because both love each other unconditional
LAKSH:s ragini u r right even I watched so we should find it soon for that we should ask there past.

he betrayed me he is a betrayer I hate him I hate him alot y he did this to me. We were loving each other alot I still love him.

I hate her she was my love I loved her to d core but she instead of love she betrayed me i hate her I hate her alot but still I am loving her.
Both SWASAN say there past to there sibbiling.

Both SWASAN loves each other alot they were d collage love birds always but one day changed there entire life was d day which bought hateness on both love birds
Swara was waiting for sanskar just than she heard kavitha voice.
KAVITHA:sanskar did u kiss swara how many times I said today is d last day of ur bet pls kiss her today and leave her.
OTHER PERSON:don’t worry kavitha darling ur sanskar never fail in his work I love u so much.
KAVITHA(smirk):I love u too bye. Saying this she leave swara was shocked by this she think about there love and was broken so she believed that it was sanskar.
Sanskar was waiting for swara he saw swara in d morning just than he saw a boy proposing a girl from far he was shocked to see it was sahil and d girl was wearing like swara dress so sanskar assumed it as swara tears started rolling sahil proposed her she accepted and sahil kissed her she also responded he went near them but he could not see d girl because he was backside her so he could see only her back.
SAHIL:what about sanskar.
OTHER GIRL: u know na I loved him only for bet I hate to d core. Sanskar could not hear more and left d place. Sahil and d girl hugged each other
SAHIL:now SWASAN will be sperate forever.
KAVITHA:s I love sanskar how can swara snatch him from me.
So d main criminal were sahil and kavitha after that only SWASAN slap each other (which I mentioned before FLASHBACK 1)
Soon swasanlak said there story to there sibbiling soon raglak understood but did not say anything.

gupta house was beautiful decorated as it was SWASAN engagement but our SWASAN were sad. Soon swasanlak exchanged there ring all were happy except d love birds but they were also happy somewhere in thete heart.ragini intentionally spilled water on swara dress and swara went to room to clean it just than sanskar also entered swara also came out both saw each other and were shocked
SWARA(anger):what r u doing here.
SANSKAR(anger):it is my room.
SWARA(anger):so this is betray room.
SANSKAR:swara don’t call me betray
SWARA:y should i not call u, u r a bet… Before she could complete sanskar sealed his rough lips on her soft rosy lips and started sucking it hardly showing all his anger on her he bitted her lips swara gasped in pain sanskar took this as an opportunity and entered his tongue on her mouth swara hands were running on his hair and neck were as sanskar hands under her sarees caressing her bare waist and belly both were kissing each other passionately soon they broke d kiss as there was lack of oxygen. Both realized what they did and swara left.

SWASAN got ready for sangeet but they were not interested just than when there ceremony was going on d tv on and sahil and kavitha came in d screen all were confused but SWASAN were shocked.
SAKAV(SAHIL+KAVITA):swara and sanskar we r really sorry swara u did not betray sanskar nor sanskar betrayed u it was us who betrayed u both we pls forgive us saying this they tell everything to SWASAN. After we realized our mistake we taught to say u both but we could not find u both we r really sorry and happy married life sorry we could not come because our marriage is also on d same day raglak only helped us. Kk have a great life love birds. D screen off. SWASAN both were having tears for not trusting each other SWASAN hugged each other tightly.
SANSKAR(happy);I love u swara always and forever I will love u swara.
SWARA:I love u sanskar always and forever will love u.all get happy SWASAN thanked raglak.
Soon marriage day.
Pandit ji asked them to take seven vows SWASAN took and than sanskar put sindoor In her mang and adore mangasutra in her neck
SWARA:I love u sanskar.
SANSKAR:I love u swara.

Thats all guys pls post ur valuable comments sorry if it was boring bye see u soon guys.

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