From Swara with love- os by asheeyana


The whole atmosphere was filled with happiness and the small Bungalow was beautifully decorated, it seems to be someone’s birthday but whose?
A girl comes in front of the people
Girl: Ladies and gentlemen we all hav gathered here for some special reason, to celebrate a birthday but whose? Hm…… U all will get to know that soon but before that let me introduce myself I am swara…..swara gadodia

Swara: And today is my first love’s birthday, he is someone very special especially to me, he has supported me in my every single decision, corrected me when I was wrong, protected me , cried along with me ,moreover fought my every single battle with me and never left me alone
Swara: Not only that, he also beared my every single torture, ate the food I cooked but still appreciated it even when it was the worst he had ever had, thought me how to ride a bicycle and when I fell he scolded the floor so that I will feel better,no one in the whole world could ever replace him

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ……..DAD!!!! May God bless u with all the happiness of the world
When she finished her Speech everyone were in tears and Shekhar gadodia ,her dad was on the top of the world whatelse would a father want from his daughter -unconditional love and faith , which his daughter has already given him .

A girl always dreams of a prince charming and engages herself in a journey to find him, but sometimes in that journey she forgets the KING ( her dad) who always stood beside her . So girls its time to celebrate dads .

Dad- a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero

dedicated to all dads and their dear daughters ( sons )… u dad❤

Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. I jst hv ni wrds… its simply awesum

    1. Thank u barbie

  2. Nice..
    Love my dad a lot…
    My first love

    1. Thank u zzzzz

  3. sweet

    1. Thank u so much sahi

  4. Lovely nd it’s true nd same is with it luv my dad with the core of my heart nd moreover he is my best frnd in this whole world………although he is tired but he is always ready to listen my whole days activities in the night…….I luv u my dad ur my hero my first love ??????????………..I think it’s same with everyone but sometimes they forget this!!!

    1. Its an universal truth l khan and thank u

    1. Thank you so much Shan

  5. Hey dear…t was too gooood…simply awsom…
    Really…dad is a girlzzz first love…love u dad…love u loadzz…
    Thnxxx asheeyana fr such a cute os.. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u so much Sneha

  6. Tooo this world there is no one who can compare with my baba.parents gives us unconditional love

    1. That’s true and thank u

  7. thangam kalakita. really i luv my appa a lot. thnks for the os.

    1. Ur welcome aastha

  8. It was awesome. The speech was superb.all dads r kings who protect their princesses as it is same dad is my best friend and there r no words to praise our parents and also this os of urs.

    1. thank u so much sree

  9. Nc os asheeyana

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