Swara Laksh love, family & marriage (os) by pari


Hey friends im back with one new story. Plz guys give coments last time I didn’t get it. Plz coment yaar . It was an one shot of swalak.

Let’s start it
A girl is sleeping peacefully . she is looking so much cute while sleeping. Her bhabi came near her & ask her to get up. So friends she is none other than swara. She wake up & her bhabi hugged her & wishes her a a good morning. So she gets up.
A boy was seen who is Doing jugging in the park. All the girls were crazy for him. But he wasn’t interested in them. His friend sid tells him that kaas he has that face so that all girls were falling for him . yes friends he was laksh. He was nt interested in girls. So he drags sid from there & left from there.

Swaras mom and dad were dead so she was staying with her bhai &bhabi. Her byaiya &bhabi treat her as princess both loved her alot. And swara also loved them. They are looking for a suitable groom for swara. And their purohit saw them laksh photo. They like him &ask the purohit to fix a meeting. And laksh family also came to knw about swara &they agreed to meet him . so that Sunday both family met at swaras house. But laksh wasn’t in a mood for marriage. Their family left them alone for talking. But laksh said her that he didn’t want to do marriage. So swara tells him that it’s okay. Laksh family left. And the next day laksh’s father call swaras house &said no to them. But after that day both family became enemy of each other. But swara &laksh didn’t want it. After same day swara get a job offer in nearest state. So she convinced her bhai but her bhai tells her that all the properties are her only. So why she wants to go for job. Swara &her bhabi fanally convinced him. And swara left for her job.
In her first day of office swara was wearing a suit of baby pink colour with light makeup. After meeting with her boss she came out of from his cabin &said she collide with someone. And when both getup they were shocked to see each other. As he was laksh. It was their second meeting. So laksh ask her about her so she tells him that after he said no for marriage their family became enemy of each other. And she got a job offer &today is her first day. When she ask laksh about it laksh tells her that he was working here from last six months. As he didn’t want to take family business. After that both left for each other work. The day after finishing her work swara I’d returning to home but she forget the address. But that time laksh came there &tell her that he’ll drop her home. At first swara didn’t agreed but later she sat back side of laksh bike &both left. Then he doped her home. So swara tells him thanks &laksh left. Swara was happy as she likes him .

After one month swara came to knw that next day is laksh birthday. So swara tells their friends to celebrate it. They told her that laksh will nt agreed as he was missing his family. So swara makes a plan. That night all of them went to laksh house. Then laksh comes out. He tells them that he is not in a mood to celebrate. But suddenly he heared his mom’s voice. Then when he turns he saw his whole family wishing him happy birthday . actually it was swaras plan she told sid that his family can join in the celebration through online. So sid arranged a laptop &then he informed laksh parents &then laksh cuts the cake in front of his family member. But he didn’t find swara there. After everyone left he tells sid that why swara didn’t came. So sid tells him that it was her plan only bur she can’t come as his family member may see her through laptop then again both family’s fighting will be started. So she didn’t came. And then sid slept. Laksh was thinking about swara only. Next morning when he wake up he saw swara in his house with a bouque &she comes near him &wishes him a birthday. She gifted him a present. When laksh opens it he found a guitar in it he loved to play guitar in his free time. He was very much happy. Then days passed. And both fall in love with each other. One day laksh proposed swara &swara tells him yes. And after that both were happy in their relationship. One day swara was going for shopping with laksh. But there she saw his byaiya there.

She was stunned to see him. Actually before she left for shopping her bhai calls her &ask her where is she. So she inform him that she was in mall. To give her a surprise he comes there . Then he ask her what is she doing with laksh. So swara tells him that she came for shopping with laksh. Hearing this her brother get angry &drags her to the car by telling her that now no more need to do Wark. When laksh came to stop him he beats him. And left the place by taking swara with him. Next day swara was in her room. She heared that her brother was talking with laksh father &scolding him as his son wants to trap swara. And both fighted on phone for a long time. Then swaras brother tells her that no need to worry as he fixed her marriage with someoneelse. And tells he that he’ll keep her happy. After he left for office her bhabi came near her & ask her the matter. So she tells her everything.
In laksh house also his father tells him that he had already fixed his marriage. If he want to say something. So laksh tells him nothing. Then after he had joined his father’s office but he was changed. He was not first lucky who always keeps smiling &always try to make others happy. So when his brother ask him about it he tells him everything . He tells him that he loves swara & he can’t stay with out her. So his brother told everything to his family member except his father. His family members ask him to runaway with swara as his father will never agree for his marriage as now it comes to his ego. So he contact swara about it. But swara didn’t agreed she tells him that her brother raise her like a princess after her parents death .So if she run away then her brother’s trust will be break. And he can’t be able to believe someone in his life. Although she can’t live without him she tells him sorry &after tells him that she can’t forget him nor betrayed her brother. So she’ll marry where his brother wants. So laksh cuts the phone &he also agreed for marriage. Swaras bhabi ask swara to run away but she didn’t agreed.

Both marriage date was on the same day. Although they knew it they can’t do anything. Before laksh marriage sid comes near laksh father. He thanks him because he agreed for swara & lucky marriage. (He didn’t knew that laksh marrying someoneelse. When he heared it he became shocked . So he ask laksh mom about it. She said yes to him. His father call laksh &ask him if he loves swara or not. So he said yes. Then his father recall the recent changed behaviour of laksh. And call bride family &break the marriage. He tells laksh nothing is important in front of his happiness. And if he can do only to save his father’s respect as a father he also has some duty . And tells him that he will make swaras brother understand. And all of them left to swaras house. But when they reached there they saw no one there & the havan fire was extinguished . So they realised that marriage was already finished. And laksh was teary eyed when all of them turns to return they hear swaras bhaiyas voice to stop. And her brother tells them that he was not that much bad that he’ll get to swara married someone else. He then calls swara &seeing swara laksh realised that she didn’t married. Her bhai recalls swaras bhabi comes near him and tells him everything &also tells him that if swara wants then she can runaway e
With laksh but she didn’t did it as it hurts him. So its his turn to make swara happy. And then he break swaras marriage.

After some days swara & laksh get married in a grand ceremony with all the rituals &also with all family members blessing. And lived happily after that.

Friends I knw love is a very good feeling but in love if you forget your parents then it was not good. Sorry if I hurts you. And plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how’s it after reading plzzzzzzzzzzzz I’ll another swalak os if you agreed &only after seeing your response.

Bye friends plz coment yaar plz let me know how’s it plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Credit to: pari

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  1. Yaaa u r ryte…..

  2. make another os … but dont start it with swalak hating each other… show that they are already in a relationship… and make it extra longer.. thanks

    1. Ok xxx I’ll write about it thanks for liking my each story & liking it yr thank you very much

      1. no problem pav di..

      2. sorry i mean pari di

  3. hey pari………….. u were simply awesome

    actually i never read any swasan ffs……… coz i luved swalak……….. i even stopped watching d serial after swasan’s marriage………. not that i dont like them but its just that i cudn’t get swalak out of my mind………….. n so i read just 1 ff written by a frnd coz she requested me to do so………….

    ur ff was really gud…………. but i hv a request………… cud u plz send its link n d link of ur previous ff n anymore ffs u hv written …………. to my ff on ek mutthi aasmaan??????? its titled ragna-love is life…………. u can send it on d 47th episode………… coz i hv many fans there who like swalak too………. so that they can read it???? coz u know how many ffs r posted on d swaragini pg……… cant ask them to search for ur ff ………

    n yes if u wanna reply, plz do it on my ff only…………. or u may do it on d dehleez ( star plus ) written updates pg too………

    btw if u wanna send me a link on my ff, u can simply search for tellyupdates ema on google n click on d pg………. then u’ll see my 47th epi posted there……….. sorry for not providing a link bcz i always type wrong urls 😛 n plzzz reply there only……… not coming back to this pg………… coz its really difficult 🙁 to search for it 🙁

    1. Sweety thanks for liking & in your ek mutthi aasman ff episode 47 ihad given my previous ff link

  4. awesome and u have given a important lesson ,people know that eloping is bad ,it can heart our parents but still they do just for the person whom he don’t know fully and give it a name of love ..
    by doing this they heart their parents ….
    amd yaaa ure always welcome for another swalak one shot…
    i will wait for ur another one shot….

    1. Thanks alia for understanding & thanks for liking it dear

  5. It is too good I really agree with ur last words even.though u r in blind love before taking a drastic step in ur life plz. remember ur parents ur family who luved u also

    1. Yes ayaman u r rt & thanks for liking it

  6. Awesome, outstanding Di . Plz come back with another swalak ff.I loved it.

    1. Thanks Abdul thanks for liking my every ff really thank you very much

  7. superb os

  8. wow awesome.you are right eloping is not right way. parents are important for us.Please come back with another swalak ff Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Thanks ritu I’ll see

  9. So sweet yar very nice. Write more on swalak u am a huge fan of swalak.

    1. Ok sparkle I’ll write

  10. Its awesome ………seriously i too cant take swalak pair out of my mind…….waitng for more swalak ff from u..pari

  11. It is very nice Pari Di

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