Swara Ki Kahani intro

Swara Ki Kahani:

Swara Ki Kahani is going to bring love, drama, action and violence, this story is a real story and there is a rivalry within Swaras Brother and the person who loves her, yet Swara is unable to choose her love because she loves someone else and is engaged to someone else.

This story revolves around Swara and her life and for more details, please read this FF and btw Swara is in her childhood in this story.

Swara-She is sweet and innocent girl, only to her FRIENDS and to the rest of the people, she is mean.

Sanskaar- Her fiancé, no one ever heard about him of seen him, we are not sure if he exists or not.

Lakshya- Lakshya is a nice and funny boy, he teases Swara, he is friends with Karan, Rishi (Chashmish), Shaurya and Bukhar(Jay)

Shaurya- He is a bully that bullies Swara along with Karan, he is nice but shows it less, he is friends with Lakshya, Rishi, Karan and Bukhar(Jay)

Rishi- is not the main lead but is friends with Karan, Lakshya, Shaurya and Bukhar, he is there because he is in some parts.

Bukhar- Has the same role as Rishi, they call him Bukhar because he eats a lot and is Fat, but Bukhars entry is later in this FF.

Karan- Is the main Villain in this Story, he is rude and he makes Swara feel bad, he is not nice. He is friends with Rishi, Lakshya, Shaurya and Bukhar.

Rithik- Swaras older Brother, he is mean and he tries to act hard but he is rivals with….

Sharddha- Swaras sister(Older)
Naina- Swaras sister (Older)

Their are more characters in this story but the mains are only included even tho Bukhar and Rishi aren’t but some people may come in some part because there are a lot of people.?

I hope you enjoy it.

They are teenager and in school

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  1. I’m sorry but I didn’t like the introduction

  2. whatabout ragini??? no ragini in swara’s life???

  3. its awesome.. finally got ff based only on swara. carry on..

  4. i liked it….pls continue with ma cutest shona…..

  5. pls continue dear…i just loved it…no need of dat ragini….u continue with swara…..

  6. Finally a ff only on swara

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