Swara – My Heart’s Solace ( prologue + part 1)

Swara – My Heart’s Solace <3

Hey guys this is Subi writer of LFFL…. LFFL second last part posted.. Only one part remaining.. So I'm back with my next story.. I hope you like this


4 year old boy: No mom I don't want to play cricket.

His mom: Y beta… See all boys are playing.. It will be fun…

Boy: No mom if I go then cutie will also come…

Mom: so what beta….you both can enjoy with new friends..

Boy: No mom I don't want her to be friend with anyone except me….. So we both will play with dolls which cutie have…

Mom: ( smiles at his cute behavior) but beta this year you both will join school na.. Then both will get many friends.

Boy: (shouts) nooooooooooooooo…… she is my only friend and I'm her's…. None new can join us……. I hate you.. I'm going to cutie's house… ( saying this he ran out)

His mom smiles and went to kitchen.. Little did she know.. That her son's this possessiveness will be a big problem in their future.. .

***Leap of 15 years.. ***

A 18 year girl…came running from her home to another house which is just opposite of her's and saw a 18 year a boy watering plants… She ran near him and hugged him in excitement…. The boy left the pipe because of her sudden act….but became happy to see her happy…

Boy: what happened cutie?? Y this much excitement?? (smiles)

Girl coming out of hug started jumping..

Girl: sweeto you know what.. My prince is joining our college same course even he got his admission confirmed..

The boys smile fade away when he hear "my prince" from the girl.. He even became angry but he controlled it coz he don't want to hurt his cutie… Giving a fake smile he asked..

Boy: cutie did he say it to you??

Girl: (pouts) no aunty only said.. We haven't talked with eachother na.. But soon I'll get his friendship.. He is Lil shy type na.. That's y I like him soo much.. Omg his charming cute smile.. I love to see it…

Before the boy could say anything… A voice came from girl's house calling her..
"SWARA" ..

Swa: (shouts) coming mom.. (to boy) OK sanskar meet you after getting ready… We should reach clg soon as it's our first day..

(saying this she ran to her house leaving the boy fuming in anger and jealous..)

Yes guys Boy is "sanskar" who is possessive about his neighbor plus best friend "Swara" his cutie… And for swara he is her sweeto.. both are of same age, sanskar is just 3 months elder than her.. Since they are neighbors and also their parents are friends both used to play together. …. By this he developed possessiveness for his best friend.. She is his only friend.. Though he talk with all.. But in case of swara she a bubbly girl.. Who love to be in gang.. And has loads of friends and still will develop friends every where she goes…. Sanskar hate this.. But he don't say anything as he don't want to hurt her.. .. But he always becomes angry when she talk about that boy.. Whom swara calls prince… Who became their classmate when they both are doing 11th std also their family have shifted to their neighborhood.. Just beside swara's home.. Swara's room balcony and that's boy's room balcony are opposite.. So he know her and also used to smile at her.. This makes sanskar angry Since he know swara has a crush on him.. While swara thinks she like him and love to have him as her friend.. Since she loved his silent nature and his charming smile… But sanskar being with her always.. He knows she is crushing that guy.. And she haven't realised it.. It makes him go mad. But he will control his anger for HIS SWARA …..

Lets see how thier life will be as the story goes on…..

To be continued….


Swara – My Heart's Solace <3


Morning 8 am..

A handsome boy is waiting outside of a house sitting in bike and racing the accelerator.. ..

A voice is heard… " sanky stop that Swara is getting ready… " it's the boy's mom who came from opposite home… ( yes its sanskar he is waiting for swara…)

San: mom you are always doing this. Asking me to get ready soon so that swara will not get late and now also shouting at me when she is late…

Another voice is heard..
" that's because suju mom loves me more… Hey na mom " a girl says and gives hifi to sanky's mom sujatha.

Sanky makes a pout.. " no swara…. mom loves me more. "

Swara smiles seeing his pout and pulls his cheeks… " ha ha OK baba you are looking cute today… "

Sanky makes faces.. " swara I'm not cute I'm handsome.. "

Swara "cute"
Sanky "handsome"
another voice is heard.. " OK OK stop it you are getting late for clg. Come on guys hurry up… It's your first day.. " it's sumi swara mom

Both swasan " omg. OK mom bye.. "..

Swara sits in bike.. When sanky was about to start. They hear two chorus voice from upstairs…. " All the best both.. " it's rp and shekar who was having coffee mug in their hand and standing in their house balcony.

Swasan shouts in chorus. " thanks dads love you both bye… And left…..

Rp and shekar signed each others and poured bucket full of water on their respective wife who were about to enter in home.

Both suju and sumi are shocked.. And shouts in anger " shekar / ram " respectively while shekar and rp gave hifi to eachother in air and laugh out loud…. They all hear
Another two laughing sound and look at direction to see Ap and laksh laughing seeing them standing in front of their house…. Seeing them. Rp and shekar shouts " All the best laksh. "

Laksh shouts back " thanks uncle.. "

Shekar " go soon already swasan have left " laksh smiled
And said " there Is still two hours for clg. "

Rp " there is still two hours for clg.. Not for enjoyment. Do one thing here onwards you too join both swasan and enjoy your life laksh. "

Laksh again smiled and OK uncle…

Suju.. " ha go. You can find both in near by Park having ice cream and playing with kids.. Till 8 :30 go and join them… "

Laksh " I'll join from tomorrow.. Now I'm going with mom to temple… Bye "

Other " bye laksh… Bye Ap ji "

Both laksh and Ap leave in laksh bike..

Next sumi And suju gave death glare to shekar and sumi… Making rp and shekar only to laugh more and all four went in…

( Now screen is shifted to near by Park… As said by their parents swasan are playing with school kids……)

Swa: hahahhah sweeto you go catch that Rony…..

Ron: hehehe.. Di di I'm sorry na pls ask sanky bhai to leave me……. I'll not call you bhabi.. You are my di di only…..

Swa: haha better.. Now come on kids your bus came….

After kids school bus went… Swasan started towards their clg. …..

Both made a stunning entry inside clg.. In high speed… But with helmet.. So none can identify them… Then sanky parked the bike and removed the helmet and shakes his head and adjusted the hair.. Then swara got down From bike and removed her helmet. Her hairs are flying in air…. Sanky was mesmerized to see her…. But just then they all hear a voice…

Voice: hey shona.. Hey sanskar….

Swasan turned to see their gang sorry swara's gang …. But it's not them. .. . Just then a group of 3 boys and 2 girls come near them… Seeing them swara become happy.. But sanky no emotion..
Swara hugged all together… ??? in excitement…. All laugh at her excitement…. Sanky too…

Swa: wow guys you here…. Hahaha… I'm so happy…. BTW what are you all doing here…. Before that come on wish me… It's my first day in clg…

All in chorus: All the best shona… ( shouts)

Swa: hahha good to hear… . Say me what are you doing here….

A girl: shona darling we are your senior…

Swa: what that will be more awesome.. Radu..

Arjun: hahahhah shona cool yaar. Did you forgot first day ragging will be there…

Swara burst out of laughing..

Swa: don't tell me you guys will rag me… Don't you remember previous incident?? ( raising her eyebrow)

Bihaan: ( shouts) no no. I remember my pyaari shona… And we won't tease you.. But super senior will do those..

Swa: hahah don't worry. My sweet bothers are there to take care of it…

All including sanky: no yaar.. Not them..

Swara saw all and smiled and showed her hand in a direction asking them to see the side. When all followed her direction.. They saw two boys smiling at them.. Soon swara went and hugged them….

Swa: adarsh bhaiya.. Sathya bhaiya…… See na all are scared of you….

Adarsh: ofcourse they has to.. That's our power na… Hey na pari… Winked at a girl in senior group……

Pari blushed.. But didn't said anything…
Before they could continue.. Bell Rang..

Sathya: shona go yaar.. Lets meet later…. Will see you in break time in canteen.. All the best sweety.. Ha come with your gang. … ( he said this eying a girl in swara's group… Who is silent.. That's janani known as JANU ??)

********** OK intro of gang **************

Swara's gang…

3 boys 4 girls including swasan.






Senior gang…

3 boys 2 girls..


Ranveer (rv)


Parineeta ( pari)


Super senior..

Adarsh.. ( adarsh and pari are love birds)

Sathya.. ( sathya and janu are having silent crush.. But well known to all)

***********Intro over **************

Swara bids bye to all and.. Held sanky hand and ran… To class. It's her senti.. That she wil enter only with sanky that too at exact time on first day…

All laugh seeing her and went to their respective classes…

All these are witnessed by another pair of eye… It's our handsome laksh… ( swara's prince) he smiled and went to class only to see swara eating chocolate.. Resting her head in sanky shoulder.. Both are sitting in last row.. While sanky was using mobile…

Laksh for the first time.. Sat in the bench next to them.. In last row but in different column… ( OK let me say.. A bench can accommodate only two person.. And there are 3 columns in class room. Swasan are siting in 3rd column last row.. While lucky sat on middle column last row..)

After sometime principles with their class professors came and gave an intro session.. While intro is going on.. Swara siting next to her… He as usual smiled at him.. And he too smiled back..( wow.. Swara felt too happy.. Arey think like a teenager.. When your crush smiles at you.. How will you feel.. ? ?)

After that a class is started.. But swara is lost somewhere.. Sanky noticed it.. But he don't know what happened… So he kept quite and.. Started taking notes for her too.. ( aww caring friend ???)

Screen closes on swara's dreaming face…..

To be continued….

I know guys it's a short update.. But I'm not getting time… Pls bear me .. And… I think.. You all liked today's part.. If not.. I'm sorry…. But.. Pls shower your response till I warp up. My stories…… Thanks love you all… ? ? ? ? ? ?


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