Swara – My Heart’s Solace Part 3

Swara – My Heart’s Solace <3
Part 3

@ next day – canteen

Swara sanskar Diya rakesh Rahul Thapki Janu are talking in canteen……because seniors have class that day… Soon laksh joined them. .
He too became friendly with all… Even with sanskar.. Janu is shocked to see this… But left it…….

Rakesh : what are you going to do this weekend

Swara: Y rocky..

Rakesh : my sisters bday you should join OK…

Swasan look at each other and swara made a puppy face..

Swara: rocky my cutie pie na pls dear we can't come you know na….

All stared at the way she was convincing…

And bursted out of laughing…

Diya: swaru baby he was just teasing you.. Actually her bday is today. Well can go by 6 OK…

Swara: aww that's too much. And rockie I'm not coming… ( saying that she went from there…) All bursted out of laughing…
Hearing this she again came and pulled sanskar hand suddenly.. That he stumbles little as he hasn't expected it.. But she drags him.. Showing a angry face to others..

Swasan went some distance.. Again swara came to them in anger and pulled Janu who was not aware of the entire environment and was fully focused on reading books….. She too went without asking anything….

Others who watched it burst out of laughter…..

Even laksh was enjoying the scene…

Screen shifts to ground..

Trio were sitting there while sanky is fully into his mobile while Janu was into books. And swara was sitting there getting bored… Thats when she noticed a girl who was sitting alone enjoying the clg view, she quickly identified her as she was one of her class mate she saw her yesterday when intro session was going on… .her face shows some passion that was liked by swara so she went to her.

Swara: hi this is swara..
She extended her hand…. The girl smiles and gave her a hand shake..

Girl: hi this is harishi..

Swa: yup i remember you telling it in intro time yesterday..

Harishi: ha yes but sry i couldn't recognize you soon…

Swa: well that's ok you know not everyone have great brain like me..

Harishi: ha I agree not all are like you
.all have different brain…

Both laughed at their silly words…

Swa: btw y are you sitting alone..

Harishi: today is second day of clg na.. So still haven't got any friends..

Swa: that's so rude of you..

Harishi looked at her like what she said… Swara continued

Swa: then you don't consider me as friend…she makes a pout..

Harishi pulled her cheeks….

Harishi: you know you look cute… Haha and madam i was saying that as a reason before you came ok now i have a piggy as a friend….

Swara: wow then you are white piggy see you look like you are dipped in milk

Both started talking like stupids as if they know each other since long… And were indulged in talking…

After sometimes the gang comes to ground and saw only sanskar and Janu.. So they went to them..

Rahul: hey guys where is swara…

Sanky and Janu see each other and gave don't know look…

Then all heard loud laughter.. The scene made all like what was going on here, sanky and Rahul admire while Janu is burning in jealousy..

Actually swara and harishi are laughing and eating Bournvile but what made them more shock was swara was sitting in bench while harishi was keeping her head on her lap and lying on bench and swara was feeding her chocolate and she was too eating……

All went towards them….

Rakesh: hey swara… Hey beautiful lady….

Both swashi ( swara harishi) saw him… Swara gave a angry look while harishi look at him like a mad…

Diya: Ok baba sry talk with us na…. She made a puppy face…

Swara hugged her…

Swa: Ha ha cool panda… I'm not angry on you… Only on that monkey… Ha meet my new friend.. Harishi….. Harishi and they are my gang. Diya, you can call her panda..

Harishi: hi panda .she gave a friendly hug..

Swara like this she introduced her to all even janu and sanky..

Swara: finally this is Rahul….

Harishi shook hands with him..

Harishi: hey handsome… I hope you are single.. ( she said in a flirty tone and winked at him..) ( guys imagine Rahul as barun sobti and harishi as sanaya Irani)

Rahul and others were shocked while swara and harishi bursted out of laughing and gave hifi to each other..

Swara: Wow piggy I accept you are awesome….

Harishi: thanks piggy….

Janu: do anyone care to tell me what is happening here…

Swa: Arey darling actually we were hehehe nothing we are a really crazy together…. ??? not to mind.

Janu fumed hearing her… Sanky smiles seeing that..

Then laksh came made a entry…

Laksh: hey rakesh when is the party….

Rakesh: yah buddy by 6.

Laksh: Ok then c u there…. Bye…..

After that all left to home…. ( guys janu swara scenes will be in next part)

Swasan are getting ready in their respective home…

Meanwhile in laksh home..

Laksh was messing up the whole wardrobe…. Ap called laksh….

In call. .

Ap: laksh what are you doing…

Lak: mom I told na.. Today first timing I'm going to a party that too for swara so I was searching…

Ap: Oh then just see behind you…

Laksh turned too see his room fully messy..

Ap: what wasn't the room so neat..

Laksh: mom OK I'll clean after returning pakka now help me.

Ap tells him what to wear and cuts the calling.. Saying " Haha atleast this time speak with swara then only it will be easy for you to confess "

Laksh: ( blushing) mom.
Ap: Ok ok don't Blush too much.. Bye..

Call ended…

Laksh got ready in casual and went to venue ( the dress he is wearing in cover pic)

@ swara home…

All are there except sanskar as he is getting ready…

Swa: Arey moms how many time I should say.. I already selected the dress… ( to sujatha and shomi)

Sumi ( sujatha shomi): Arey shona for us. See we both bought it for you….

That time sanskar also reaches home..

San: cutie see I bought a dress for you…

Swara gave him a death glare..

San: Arey cutie not for party. But pls wear and show…

Swa: ( rage) OK.. And snatched all there dresses….

She went in room and changed the dress which shomi bought… And came out…

All are stunned to see her..

Rp and shekar: wow daughter has grown up.. So beautiful…

Swara hugs them and. Then came to shomi..

Swa: ma I'm not going to any fashion show..
Actually shomi has bough her and pink.. one piece that lands above her knees..
( as in cover pic with shomi.)

Shomi: but u are looking hot… ( she gave a side hug to swara) ( sanky took a snap of them)

Sujatha: Ok now put on the dress I bought..

Swara nodded and went in…

She came out wearing the skirt and top.. ( as in cover pic with sujatha)

Suju: wow you are looking beautiful and cute.. She sad while pulling her cheeks…

Swara smiled and when she was about to get in… Sujatha pulled her and both took some selfies…

She went and came out wearing the dress sanky bought…. She was looking stunning… ( as in cover pic with sanky)
Again all praised her and suju clicked her pic with sanky..

Swara: Ok now I can get ready for party na
.ha here onwards don't even dare to buy a dress for me.. ( she said in cute anger all smiles and nodded their head..)

Then she atlast got ready and came out… Again all praised her. And then swasan left for rakesh home..

@ rakesh home

All are waiting for swasan and enjoying the party.. But one was eagerly waiting to see swara… You knw it right it's laksh…

That's when our swasan made a entry making laksh shocked..( both swasan are wearing white t shirt and black jeans dito same to same…)

But it's common for all others.. So they started chatting… With rakesh family….

Riya: ( rakesh sister 12 years old) shona di sanky bhai.. One song for me..

Swa: aww princess sure

Sanky: ha little bday girl.. We will do it..

Rakesh gave swara a guitar and sanskar a mike… Swara started playing guitar… Sanky started singing… Soon swara joined him.. ( they song happy birthday song in rocking tune.. Their own tune…)
All the whole they rocked it and guest gave huge round of applause for them…
Swara and sanky gave a side hug to each conveying that each other performance was good… Both are happy without realizing a pair of burning eyes on them.. Obviously it's laksh..

Screen freezes on swasan happy side hug and angry face of laksh



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