Swara – My Heart’s Solace Part 2

Swara – My Heart’s Solace <3

Part 2

@ Same day in clg by 12am – breaktime

Swara sanskar Diya rakesh Rahul Thapki Janu are talking in canteen…

Rakesh: so what are we going to do in afternoon.. Since it's off today..

Diya: raku how about visiting zoo??? ( excitedly)

All: not again panda..

Diya makes a pout..

Janu: how about going to library..??

All: Arey janu talk about something other than studies…

Janu gave a pout again..

A voice is heard.. : how about going to someone home.. May be shona home I wanna meet dads and moms ( shekar, ram, suju, shomi)

All: done.. ( after seeing the person)

Swara: sath jiju.. ( sees janu who is giving death glare) bhaiya.. I'll call mom and say.

Sathya: ( smiles at swara) OK shona.. ( and sat beside janu) adarah sat beside sathya..

All are talking when senior gang too join them.. ( rv, arjun, radhika, Bihaan, pari joined them..) All are OK with plan.. While all love birds are steeling glance.. ( arjun radhika) ( adarsh pari) ( JANU SATHYA)

And soon to be love birds are talking with their friends.. ( Diya rakesh) (Bihaan Thapki) ( swara sanskar)

*** poor them don't know that they are going to be in love.. But I know as obviously it's my fiction ?? ***

And don't you think Rahul and rv have no Pairs.. Don't worry their love will soon make a entry..

After discussion all left towards swara home….

@swara home ( 12 pm)

Allow entered house with noise shouting " mom dad " hearing this suju and shomi smiled as they knew about arrival and came to hall…

All gets happy and started gossiping…

Janu: ma when will papas come.. We want to meet them too..

Shomi: they will come by 1 pm for lunch janu…

Again all start discussing… Time flies….

@outside of home ( by 1 pm)

Shekar and rp get down from their car and notices lots of two wheeler in from of shekar home.. So both smiled and head towards shekar home.. While going near home they hear huge sound of laughing..from inside home.. Just then rp noticed laksh who is watering plants..

Rp: laksh how was your day??
Laksh ( smiled) : good uncle….
Shekar: so what's plan for remaining day?
Lak: nothing uncle getting bored so watering plants..
Rp: ohh then come on join us. . For lunch.
Lak: that's OK uncle.. I'm fine..
Shekar: uncle is saying na come laksh you will have great time…. I'm ordering you…
Lak ( sighs) : Ok uncle.. ( he off the pipe and went to lock door)
Rp: y are you looking the door..
Lak: none is at home uncle… Mom and dad went for relatives marriage so..
( trio started walking towards swara house..)
Shekar : so when will they be back??!
Lak: after three days uncle..

( they reached home and rp, shekar, laksh entered the house only to see living room looking like a fish market.. Everything is scattered and and looking like a total mess… They hear a sound of someone running and turned to their right only to see suju chasing shomi and back of them comes the whole gang…

shomi ran and hided behind shekar..
Shomi ( shouts) : Shekar save me…

Rp tries to leave but suju caught rp and shouted " ram out.. "
All clapped while rp pouts and said " I just came.. "
All laugh at him…..

Shomi: hahah OK guys let's continue later…. Since all came let's have lunch…
All agreed and suju shomi head towards kitchen.. While others sets the living room to grab more space. Since many members are there dinning table won't accommodate so they have habit of having food by sitting down in big circle.. That's when some noticed laksh. And shomi who came from kitchen saw laksh and surprised..
Shomi: laksh when you came..
Shekar: ohh sry me and rp invited him for lunch..
Suju: ohh good. So guys give him your intro.
Arjun: ma we know each other.. Don't forget we all are from same school.
All smiled..
Adarsh: but I haven't seen him..
Sathya: even me..
Janu: that's because he made a entry when you both made a exit.. Hey na lucky..

Laksh: yes bro.. BTW this is laksh maheshwari. Living next door.. Also your your clg junior..

Both handshake with laksh..

Sathya: janu what's that lucky and all call him laksh.

All smiled at his possessiveness. Even janu….

Janu ( hiding her smile) : y should i follow you.. Its my right to call.. You can't order me…
Adarsh.: Ok OK cool.. BTW where is shona??

That's when all noticed swasan missing…

Janu: I'll go and check….
Lak: even I'll come.. ( guys don't forget laksh is their classmate..)
Both head to search swasan……

Both enter swara room only to see… A empty room… Lucky is admiring the beauty of room.. It's neatly arranged and coloured in sandal with brown.. Which Is filled with swara or you can say swasan pics from childhood to till now.. With their friends and family….. And then they move to towards balcony… Lucky saw his room balcony.. And thinks how he used to see swara secretly in early morning.. Daily…. ( haha.. Lucky to have crush on swara)
Just then janu noticed a stone coming from upstairs. And also noticed a long stick.. That comes from upstairs and it lands on mango tree in lucky garden.. Being swara's bestie she found that swara Is stealing mango. And smiles…..

Janu: lucky. ( remembered sathya) Sry laksh.. Come I found where they are…

She moves out of room and started to climb stairs.. While lucky follow her…

After reaching terrace

Janu: Arey champ.. What are you doing..

Swasan are facing opposite side that they didn't notice lucky..

Swara: janu.. Silent.. I saw laksh going out.. None is at home.. I'll pluck some mangoes before he comes…

Janu: but champ you don't like mangoes na…

Swa: so what you, sanky and my sath jiju ( sathya) love it na….

Janu blushes but hides it..

Janu: oh hello madam don't fly high. That stupid vamp is not your jiju… I'll soon find your jiju… Do hell with your so called jiju

Swa: oye don't dare to scold my twin jiju… He is so sweet my cutie would be hubby of my Janu.. Aww I'm waiting for your love story and marriage.. ????

Janu: you know what champ..

Swa: what..

Janu: you are crazy..

Swa: that's me any doubt

Janu: acha no darling but once turn this side and then speak na..

Swa ; arey janu I'm busy… Tell me what..

Janu: I have bought something for you….

Swa: janu I'm saying na.. Sweeto ( sanky) you see what is that..

Sanky turned and saw janu standing with laksh.. Who is having a smile on his lips.. Sanky gets irritated seeing him… But gave a little smile .. And again turned…

Before swara could say anything he carried her… And started walking down…seeing this janu smiled at sanky jealous.. As she knows about swara's attraction towards laksh and also the love of sanskar….

Laksh was shocked… He is hurt seeing him carrying her.. But maintained silence…

All four reaches down…

Sanky put her down..

Shomi: sanky put her down. I'm sure you will get back pain soon if you carry this fatty like this…

Swa: how mean ma… I didn't ask him to carry.. He took me just like that.. And you are calling me fatty. When you yourself itself a big fatty.. Huh…

Suju: Ok first sit let's have lunch… Come laksh..

Hearing laksh name swara is stunned while sanky is iriked……

Laksh smiles all sat down in circle… Laksh sat between janu and swara.. That irriks sanskar and sathya…. ( Hehe poor guys.. )

All are chatting and have lunch.. But five are silent.. Swara, sanskar, janu, sath, laksh. .

Swara is tensed with his presence. While sanky is angry..

Laksh is just watching all.

While sath and janu are steeling glances silently . .. ( aww cute love birds… My favorite pair in this ff ???? silent love plus possessiveness plus aww cute jealous pair..)

After lunch… Everyone became normal… Even swara.. As they all know before all started talking..

Diya: so laksh.. Which is your favorite animal…

Lak: sorry I don't like animals I'm afraid of them…

Diya: you are same like swasan. OK ask me my favorite animal…

All ( shouts): no…..

Laksh is startled….

Diya pouts..

Rakesh: oye panda.. You want him to say about panda.. Right…I'll say.. Pls don't keep that face. .

Diya smiles..

Rakesh: actually laksh.. She loves panda.. And wants to marry a panda..

Hearing that laksh laughes..

Rakesh continue: but as her parents won't allow so she will marry a man. Then plan a honeymoon to sides where panda live and.. Marry a female panda with her husband and she will marry a male panda….. It's her plan..

After finishing this all laugh While laksh can't stop laughing…

Lak: ( says between laughs) seriously guys you are really unique . And cute.. I wish I too have a friend like you…..

Janu: y to wish when you already have…

Sanskar: would you mind joining our gang… ( aww sanky.. Cute na.. Though he don't like him.. Still saying him to join.. Coz he is good at heart.. Also though he loves being alone.. He knows it would be really nice being with gang than alone.. As he have experienced..)

Lak: I would love too… ( gives his signature simple.. ???)

Swara: so welcome to our group Elites…
I'll give a formal intro…

Everyone nodded their head… OK lets start with my sanky.. ( laksh felt jealous while sanky felt happy) my sweeto, my partner, my friend, my enemy, my bestie.. In short swara is nothing without sanky.. And we are.. ( all except swasanlak shouts. " swasan ") yes swasan, next comes my shadow my Janu, my darling, only one who have rights to scold me.. My soulmate bestie…. Then comes Diya.. Funny friend.. Always in her dream world with panda.. And torturing us.. My partner in crime… Then comes my sath jiju… ( sees janu) OK sath bhai for now.. Soon to be jiju… My lovely twin.. We both share same birth date.. But year different.. Fiance of my Janu…… Loves my Janu alot. But both won't accept it… OK OK I'll stop or else my doll ( real janu) will kill me.. Next comes rakesh… The great person who can handle my panda.. ( Diya) my best friend
… help me in bunking lecture.. Then comes Rahul (Asr) my first love … ( lucky is shocked while sanky smile..) Haha my first love in 10th std annual day drama.. Angry young man.. Next comes arjun and radhika.. You must have known about the famous love birds in our school I think they no need intro ( lucky smiles and nods) next is Ranveer (rv) more like a brother for me.. My sweet bhaiya.. ( rv smiles) next is Bihaan funny brother who makes my mood right with his hilarious jokes.. Then Thapki.. Silent girl… Studious.. Helping nature.. Last but not least presenting the romantic couple adarsh and pari.. Lovely pair.. then ofcourse swara the great.. Shona of them.. And cutie of my sweeto sanky ( laksh gets jealous again) that's it….

Lak: thanks for such a lovely gesture.. And. Bye meet you guys tomorrow.. Mind if I join you tomorrow for going to clg… ( he asked swara)

Sanky thinks swara will accept and gets sad.. But to his surprise swara says..

Swa: sorry laksh.. Those are the time me and sweeto used to spend alone.. But we can see in clg..bye.

Laksh gets sad. while sanky gets happy.. Laksh leaves.. After that all started leaving….

Only swasan and jasath ( janu sathvik) are left..

Janu: Ok champ bye ( gave swara a hug..)
Sath: ( to swara) bye princess (to janu) come soon mom and dad are at your home.. So I'll drop you.. ( guys sath is janu's aunty son.. That's janu's father's sister son)

They too left.. After dinner swasan as usual went to spent time in swara room….

Swasan entered the room and went to balcony.. Sanky sits in swing and swara lays her head in his lap.. Sanky was caressing her hair slowly.. Both are talking about today's all event.. Soon swara doses off.. Sanky picks up her took her to bed Nd lay her there.. Then he kissed her forehead lovingly and opens the window curtain for air.. Switched on the mosquito repellent.. Closed the balcony doors.. Covers swara with a blanket.. And switched off light after setting alarm… And went out of room… Bids bye to shekar and sumi and went to his house and doses off soon…

Unknown of the fact.. That all the scenes happened at swara house balcony and room are watched by a pair of eyes which is filled with jealous seeing swasan close.. It's none other than laksh…..

To be continued….

Tada.. Done with second part..


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