SWARA – Give me My Life OS

An One shot on Swasan

Birthday gift fr my sarika

SarikaπŸ˜‰πŸ˜… thank God I got ur name correctly….

Anyways happy birthday dear darling ur name signifies that u r a great SWASAN fan..so let me give u my gift as OS on Swasan


SWARA.,Give Me My life…..

In A marriage Hall…..(in bride’s room)

Swara is seen sitting looking at her mehendhi filled hands restlessly…. Sumi comes there and sees swara..

Sumi: swara mera pyari beta 😘, why didn’t u go to sleep dear time is up.. tomorrow u r gonna getting married to one of the Mr.perfect,,love of ur colourful life..then u must have a peaceful sleep..u must get up at 3:00am and must dress up fr wedding so now come-on go to sleep…

Swara looks at Sumi and smiles. Sumi kisses her forehead and goes..swara again becomes restless and thinks “colourful life..u r wrong ma it’s colorless life.”

Then nikhil to comes into the room and shows her all reception photos in his phone..then he stops and one pic and ask swara to find what is special about this pic..swara looks at it and finds Sanskaar next to Sahil. she then thinks yeah this pic is special sanskaar is in it….nikhil then tells,” OK swara u r by gonna tell let me tell u it is the only pic where u r smiling and see u and Sahil looks perfect so that’s why it’s special”

Swara gets teary eyes..but didn’t show it then Nikhil gets a call and then he goes..swara started to shed tears..

In MAHESHWARI mansion…

Sujatha and Annapurna looks at swara’s reception photos received from Nikhil via WhatsApp and compliments abt swahil pair. AP says that they r made for each other and swara our daughter looks extremely beautiful.. Sujatha tells that she will look beautiful yeah but still miss that sparkle in there pair..DP says that shekar’s two daughter are angel and I know him from my childhood he is my not born with brother..I’m so happy abt swahil’s marriage..RP also accepts they all laughs and blesses them..by that time Sanskaar comes and hears all this…he gets teary eyes and goes to his room laksh notices him and goes behind him.. sanskaar cries really badly in his room. Laksh gets teary eyes on seeing and hugs him. Sanky too hugs him and cries.

Sanskaar: she is mine..mera swara I can’t see her with anybody else..I love her still..I want her back😭😭 may I might have convinced her of my marrying him..I must not have been accepted this marriage..I’m wrong…

Laksh: Sanskaar no u r right..u know that shekar’s uncle is our family frnd from childhood if something happens to him my dad and urs cannot able to bare it.. he had an heart attack…and he want to see his daughter marriage before he dies..as swara is first one he wants her to marry his another frnd Sahil..

Sanskaar interrupts : but she asked me whether should I marry and first I didn’t accept but thinking abt uncles health I accepted but now I cannot bare her with…

In marriage Hall

Ragini Comes in and sees swara crying and comes to her..

Ragini: wow swara what a great scene come on look at me I’ll take a pic ..cry cry cry aloud but I hate u swara ll..I never thought u would do this come-on cry I don’t care..

Swara : ragini pls I’m dumped in sadness..now pls don’t hurt me more…

Ragini: ihh swara it’s ur mistake what will I do..u might have told Dad that u love Sanskaar for 8yrs and u will marry him but instead of doing so u accepted fr this marriage..

Swara: no ragini I still love Sanskaar but see papa’s condition he can’t hear any bad news and im ready to shatter my dreams and love on Sanskaar…but I’m not ready to break dad’s hope and trust…

Ragini: wah re wah kya baat hai swara!! Know one thing u r by shattering ur dream or love u r killing Sanskaar…u r collapsing his life..


Laksh : I can understand you Bhai u want ur life(swara) back. I’ll help u.. u and swara will be back…

Sanskaar: who will help us??

Laksh: RAGINI she know everything and will help….she will be a bit angry on me but she will help im sure…

Sanskaar : laksh I don’t want ur love to be spoiled like us so pls reconcile with ragini soon..

Laksh nods and calls ragini..

In marriage Hall

Swara: OK ragini let me ask u one question.m dad is pleading u to marry some one else other than laksh will u marry or deny shattering dad??

Ragini is abt to answer but her phn rings and instead of cutting she attends the call..but she is unaware of it..

Ragini : yeah swara I will marry another one instead of laksh just fr the sake of dad cause me and laksh are now apart we r not in love..

Laksh hears this and gets teary eyes.. Sanskaar picks phn from laksh and puts speaker mode..

Swara: it’s not abt whether u r together or apart it’s abt papa’s condition…

Ragini : there is no use of arguing with you…

Sanskaar says hello and suddenly ragini hears and panicked seeing laksh call attended.

Ragini asks laksh r u there… Sanskaar says he is broken..swara ask Sanskaar to looks after him and says that ragini lied…. Sanskaar hears swara’s voice and says jaanu…swara hears and cries..

Ragini: Sanskaar why laksh is crying actually he must be happy u know what he had done….

FB shown..

Laksh scolded ragini saying ur sis abandoned my bro and u don’t come before my face. Get lost.ragini cries but he goes.

Sanskaar: I know he did a mistake but u know he repented fr that he cried whole day seeing ur photo….he is again now shattered..Ragini I know u cannot live without laksh pls forgive him and pls don’t leave ur love incomplete as mine.

Ragini: I’m not stone hearted like swara I forgive him after all he is my life I can’t be angry at my life right and for marring him I would even stand against my family..

Swara hears this and cries badly she thinks that she can’t be perfect for Sanskaar. sanskaar too thinks same. Sanskaar ask ragini not to scold swara as she is broken and ask her to support swara..

Swara hears this and cries badly… Sanskaar calls off ragini looks at swara..and says,” swara time is still left…so just say yes I’ll help you well elope with Sanskaar..”
Swara says no and cries..Ragini gets irritated and moves out..
Ragini then calls laksh and tells everything..laksh says this to Sanskaar and Sanskaar says,” now the time has come let me prove my lady love that my love is pure” laksh and Sanskaar depart to marriage Hall ragini smiles and comes in swara’s room and sleeps on bed.

After few hours

Sanskaar and laksh reaches marriage Hall and ragini ask them to come near side window… Sanlak comes there Ragini opens the windows swara shocked to look Sanlak.
Swara ask them to go out and says it will be a big issue if someone sees u.. Sanskaar holds swara makes her sits in bed and kneels before her..and says..

Swara..I’m sorry for letting u out..
I might have not agreed for ur marriage…swara I may be little possessive but I love u more swara..I cant see u with another…pls come with me swara just fr d last time… my life is u..pls give me last chance..I assure you uncle will be alright actually he will be happy to know abt us…swara u r my everything..pls give me last chance not to prove my love but to live.. give me chance to live..pls swara..

Swara cries badly and says she is helpless laksh sighs ragini and ragini tells swara,” swara for the first time in my life I hate u just hate u to the core…” laksh closes her mouth and swara says,” Im ready to make papa understand rather than marriage and I’m not ready to gain my sis hate and moreover I’m not ready to leave my life(sanskaar) shattered…”
Sanskaar smiles and says ” swara my lady love will u elope with me??”πŸ˜ƒswara nods and ragini hugs swara and they smiles laksh ask ragini will she hug him and ragini says no..laksh makes faces…

Then Sanskaar holds swara in his arms and runs out of mandai..they reaches the nearby temple..there swara and Sanskaar stands before Lord ramsita. Ragini gives swara’s hand in sankys. They do pheras and swara makes Sanskaar fill maaang in her forehead and raglak blushes hugging eo.then they go to MAHESHWARI mansion and the whole family shocked to see but sujatha praises them saying I can see the missing sparkle in this pair Swasan. The family then agrees and blesses them .

Then they go to mandap there everybody got shocked and swara pleads in front of her father..shekar says,” I know you will come like this I actually waited fr ur arrival” Sumi comes and takes aarthi.. MAHESHWARI ‘s are shocked.then Sahil ask them to be happy and says raglak has told everything just before u come first of all Ragini got slapped but she did her best and laksh apologize in front of everyone on behalf of u and made us understand ur eternal love” Swasan hugs raglak and cries raglak holding eo hand says,” ur love and our bonding is eternal and it’s strong we together can win anything.” Swasan smiles nikhil and uttara makes swasan and raglak in wedding attire and the whole family conduct their wedding happily.swasan and raglak together gets everyone blessing and Sanlak holds swaragini in their arms and spins shekar do and to hugs eo.ap suju and Sumi too hugs. Then uttara nikhil and Sahil ask Sanlak to kiss the bride swaragini blushes and tries to run off but San lak drags then embrace them in their arms and kisses them in cheeksπŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š

The OS ended with a happy note that an eternal love and pure bonding never fails…as mine and sarika will be….😘😍😘😍

And also my bonding with all other telly frnds is pure and eternal….we will be frnds forever…

Dedicated to all swaragini Swasan raglak fans and all others especially sarika….

Thank u guys this will be large but sorry fr that😞I hope u like it… comment down it is my first osπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜™πŸ˜


  1. Zeestum2


    |Registered Member

    It was just Awesome Aksharaa!! You might not remember me but I remember you you wished me before my exams remember? Btw the os is amazing 😘😘😘

    • Aksharaa



      How can I forgot u zeestum but I forgotten the wish but u remembered me thank u so much for that… I really didn’t thought u remember me…love u



    |Registered Member

    Thank youuuu soooooooo much dear….😍….and a big wala thankz from bottom of my heartπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— for being part of my special day…..I’m so grateful for your wonderful birthday wish and gift🎁………… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: πŸ˜› ………God has truly blessed me with a wonderful friend…….😘
    wow this os on SWASANπŸ’—,the heavenly coupleπŸ’—…..is mindblowing dear…..i am over the moon by such a sweet and amazing gift πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  3. Laaa


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    awsome awesome awesome dear ennane theriyala ennoda inbox workaga mattengudhu maybe nanum mahium same browser use pannradhanala irrukalam…ok and my birthday is 21 sep and mahi’s 24 jun…and unaku oru vishayam theriyuma ava ennoda bday avaloda bday va vida nov 5 kohli-oda bday va dhan celebrate pannra…heehe…and this os was awesome dear loved it….

    • Maha016


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      hey monkey nan unoda birthdayva celebrate pannalaya poi sonna saami kana kuthirum…heheee chuma sonen ana nan unoda bithday and rakshu ma apparam virat birthday dhan celebrate pannuven ok…i hate u…

      • Laaa


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        oh mahi ma please ne enna hate panna apparam nan enoda uiraye vittuduven..i love u soooo much..chumma sonen ma nan othukaren ne ennoda rakshvoda and kohli oda bdayva dhan celebrate panuva ok va.

    • Aksharaa



      Ohhh see tq so much comment Ku and neenga rmba close frnds pola orae class aah? Anyways Nan baavana Sruthi minutes per kuda bff than nanum baavu vum orae class but Sru pakathu class .

      • Maha016


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        yes dear nanum laa vum same class dhan actualla nanga indha varushan dhan friendsanom aana ennomo theriyala pala varudangala palagiya oru unarvu…hehee and sruthi pakathula dhana irruka no prob dontworry…

      • Laaa


        |Registered Member

        yes akshu nanum mahiyum same class apparam rakahu and mahi 6 years frnds aana indhavarusham pirungitanga..unaku oru unmai solata nan inum rakshuva pathakuda kedaiyadhu aana mahi epapathalum rakshu rakshu nu avala pathiye pesuva adhanalaye enaku rakshuva pidichiruchu…

      • Aksharaa



        Hey nanum baavu vum kuda intha varsham than frnd aanom ana sru va munadiyae therium but nanum baavum unayum laa mariyum than pala jenmam palagina uravu

  4. Maha016


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    hey akshu…back here in a comment box..and indha os superb superb semma ji kalakitinga chance illa…laa dhan sona ne os eludhirukanu unoda profile tab check pannenen and os nan edhirpakave illama…apparam xams eppadi irruku…elathilayum centuma…????

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr.. Loved it.. Keep writing like this..

    Take care
    Keep smilingπŸ˜€

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