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recap:swara left home to accomplish her mission

at early morning…

ap opens the door for doing tulsi pooja finds a girl sleeping on the stairs….

ap was shocked to see her


the girl gets up fastly

girl:im swara..house keeper…actually i came so early, then i thought not to disturb u..i dont knw when i fall sleep

ap:its kk beta..bt ur age seems very low…can u do works

swara:i will manage aunty….

ap does the puja and swara looks at it

ap:why are u looking beta

swara:even my moms used to do tulsi pooja

ap:nice(in mind) bt it is only done by marwalans naa…..


ap jerks her thoughts

ap:come beta..i will show u….

ap takes swara inside

ap:see, at first u need to knw who all are staying in rooms..here everyone have different tastes…and for us cleanliness is must

swara nodes…..

sujatha comes there

sujatha:who are u chore

ap:new house keeper

just then sanskar comes there

sanskar:swara…u here

swara:hii sir…actually..i came here as a house keeper

sanskar:what..house keeper

ap:beta..do u knw her

sanskar:haa…she is system manager of gadodia

swara:not is sir..its was…i was..not any more…i resigned my job

sanskar:u resign that job and coming for such jobs

swara:which job doesn’t matter sir, we can find happiness in every job

ap and sujatha smiles

sanskar:bt still…kk i will call shekar jii

swara was shocked

swara:(in a breadth) papa ko nai bulaya…dont ask papa about it

she realises what she said


swara:(fumbles) wo…mein…haa we badii people call them as papa..they are like our own family….

ap:so u onw very well about gadodias…

swara:ofcourse i knw (how can i don’t knw my family)

by time sujatha bring juice for swara

sanskar leaves to room

swara was having juice

sujatha:there is a girl naa in gadodia


ap:what is her name beta

swara:(if i say then all my hard works are gone) haa aunty…uske naam ti he shona


sujatha:how is her character

swara:i don’t knw aunty…

ap:how will she behave if she gets angry..

swara thinks a flashback

all gadodia are standing at the entrance, swara is throwing all the things…

swara:how dare u al to bring a proposal for me..that too blo*dy kunal….

shekar:we wont repeat this beta..calm down

swara again throw bt this time it hits shekar head…

swara (holds her ears) sorry

shekar:koi baat nai..at least u stopped it naa…..

flashback ends

swara smiles
swara:she will throw the things whatever she get in her hands

sujatha:then if she gets happy

swara again recalls

swara comes home running in exicetment

swara hugs everyone
swara:i got first rank..yipeeee….

she kisses them

flashback ends

swara:she will just hug everyone and kissea them on cheeks

ap:beta…we are thinking about her proposal to sanskar

hearing that swara split out the juice and start to cough…sujatha pats her back

sujatha:what happened beta

swara some how controls
ap:someone is telling good about u..thats y…

swara gives a smile..

they shows swara room…and left…
as soon as they left, swara calls someone

swara:bhai..im here…
sahkarik:shona….are u sure..will u succeed
swara:truth is with us…i will finish him….

a tear drops frm her eyes….

a girl is running behind another girl
girl:shonaa…rukh jaao
swara:no priya dii…i wont give the photo

priya sits there
swara comes to her

swara:sorry dii…i will show u…look
she shows the photo

swara:this is my bhai..arjun..he is very good, he loves u very much…wilp u accept his proposal and become officialy my bhabhi…..

priya nodes….

arya was married happily…they often visit gadodia house……priya delivers a boy and swara named it as aryan
aryan used to call swara as shona maa.everything was going well…

bt one day…

priya was working in a it company, and there swayam too was workinh, he was crazy about priya, knowing she is alredy married, he plans to harm arjun and marry priya…bt every plans was backfired because of swara….
one day priya came to knw that she is again pregnant with arjun child

she calls arjun and ask him to come to park

as soon as arjun comes there

priya hugs him..

priya:arjun…u r going to become father again

arjun was in cloud nine….

arjun hugs priya…

priya:inform shona

arjun goes to inform shona..bt when he returned he doesnt find priya…..

he walks frm there and finds priya being taken away by swayam

arjun runs to him

arjun:swayam leave her

swayam:no arjun..i need her….i thought to kill u, bt every time that shona comes in middle…bt today i will finish u off and take my oriya with me….

swayam pulls priya and takes a knife and go towards arjun who was held capative with his men

swayam stabs him…

arjun opens his eyes and find priya infrnt of him


yes it was priya who get stabbed instead

swayam was scared so he with his men left from there

priya:ar..arjun…p..promise me..that u will move on ur life…

arjun:nothing will happen priya…our child

priya:no..ar..arjun i..i dont have much time….i lo..love u arju…

before she could finish her wordd…her heartbeat stopped…

arjun:(screams) priyyaaaa…..

it was all heard by swara who was still on phone wuth arjun

swara was feeling guilty….she heard everything bt she was helpless

flashback ends

swara wipea her tears

swara:u dint knw swayam, how much it will feel when our loved once pass away ryt infrnt of our eyes….i was therr near them, bt couldny do it….if u habe spared my priya dii, them my aryan wont become a orphan, he too will have a sibling…for that i wont spare u swayam…its my words..swara gadodia words..im coming…..

she moves out of the room…..

she does all the jobs sincerly….all likes her very much

at gadodia
all were missing swara a lot

shekar was feeling guilty

shekar:does i did this much big sin

sumi:its not because of ur insult…bt u didnt gave time for her to explain her views….

shekar nodes….

aryan:dada..dadi…where is shona maa..im missing her….i want to sleep in her lap

at the same time swara was feeling restless..

swara comes in the hall

swara sits in the cough

swara:how will my aryan sleeps without me…god, does i did a wrong step by coming here…no shona..think positive, u came here only for aryan..

swara thinks to call gadodia….

she tooks the land line and calls

somehow the phone was in speaker….


sumi:meri bachchii…kaha he…..

swara:don’t worry maa

(meanwhile maheswary reaches there as they heard some sound)

swara doesn’t notice them and continue talking

now aryan takes the phone


sanksar, who was smilinh till now, was sad, even he dont knw y…

aryan:u knw, im missing u….u knw naa…after my maa left me..u took care of me naa

sanskar felt a releif

swara:ohh my aryan…kkk fine i will sinh song for u….

swara hums…..

chandaniyaa…chup cha na ne……

lori lori lori…lori lori lori….

all were smilinh hearinh such a beautiful melodious voice…

even piya and siya who was struggling to sleep , when they hear this, they sleep peacefully in pari embrace…..

swara:maa…does he sleeps

urvashi:haa beta…u also must be sleepy naa….

swara:im missing my 3 moms….i wish to sleep in ur lap….

sumi:then come herr

swara:no my darling…let me finish my work..then i will come to u…

she hangs the phone…

and was about to fall due to sleep…bt just then sujatha and ap holds her…

they place her in their lap…she peacefully sleeps holding their hands…..

sanskar was very happy seeing their bonding…

days passed….

swara became very hapoy with the presence of ap and sujatha….

even they consider her as daughter…..

pari helps her in kitchen and consider her as own sister…..

one day

swara was walking in the corridor….she finds something and smiles evily….

swara:i got him…

yes swara, sees swayam after a long years….

swayam was talking with sanskar…as swayam was his assistant….

swara:i was waiting for this moment…

sanskar makes an excuse and left, now swayam was only present there…..

swayam was sitting there

didi you forget me

swayam turns and finds swara standing there

swayam; shonaa

swara:chii….with ur dirty tongue, dont use my name….

swayam; dont kill me swara

swara; i will kill u slowly…u knw y..because, (a tear drop frm her eyes) if u show some mercy towards my priya dii..she could be alive by now…and her baby…bt u killed two lifes for ur lust…for that i wont forgive u…

swara goes to him and inject something to his body…

swara:now u will die slowly….even in post mortem, it will be cardiac arrest…..

she leaves frm there with a smile in her face……

sanskar comes bavk and is shocked to find swayam lying there unconscious…

he immediately took him to hospital bt it was too late….

after two days

sahil calls swara

sahil:shonaa..u full filled ur revengr na..now vome back..we are missinh u

swara:haa bhai

she goes to say about her leaving to ap, bt shocked to find ap unconscious….


all reaches there hearing their shout…
even laksh was present there to talk about legal matters…

sujatha:laksh..plz call ragini…

laksh finds swara there

laksh:swara….check her…..


laksh:dont forget ur pledge that u take during ur graduation

swara gives cprs to ap and she starts to cough……she gain conscious

ap thanks swara

sanskar:laksh..how u knw her

laksh:she was studied with ragini…she is a dr by profession

swara beats her head

swara glares at laksh..

laksh understand this
laksh:i mean..she helped ragini durinh exams…so she will surly knw this naa

all gives him a confused looks….

swara:i need to go bavk….actually my family called me and informed me…

no ome likes to leave her

ap:will u come back beta

swara:i will try….and i will never forget u all…

all nodes silently…

next day swara bids bye to them and left for her home….

since swara is coming bavk after a long time, so it was like a festival..

even sanskar was there to conduct a meeting

sanskar:kaka..whats this

kaka:our shona is coming back after a long time


the screen freezez on his confused face

precap:sanskar to reach badii for research….and finds swara there

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