Hii its ur salluzz….im planning for season 2 of how many shades u have swara…..bt im going to change its name due to some reasons…..more over its not a continuation of season 1….as I believe sanskar should never given forgiveness….bt in this season 2…lets see what happens…when our swasan meets….


Swara gadodia aka shona:beauti with brain…she have all answers to solution..she is frm a rich family gadodia which is one of the biggest company in India…bt she doesnt show her richness…she is loved by everyone..she is always there to help people, she is also a ngo worker….she works as a staff In her own company…..

Sanskar maheswary:he is very handsome man..every girl can fall for him…he is also very rich bt doesn’t show it…he loves everyone especially his sister uthara….he is the pride of maheswary….

Ragini:a dr by profession…..works in gadodia hospital….best friend of swara….married to a lawyer laksh khanna

Laksh khanna:lawyer by profession..legal adviser of both gadodia and maheswary…best frnd of sanskar..shares a sistery bond with swara..loves ragini a lot…

Shekar, sumi are the parents of swara….

Swara family

Sahil, karan, ritik:cousins of swara….

Swara is the only girl child in the 4 generation…so she is pampered a lot


Dp and ap:parents of sanskar(dad and mom)
Uthara:sister (sujatha&rp)
Adarsh:big son of maheswary…very kind hearted man
Parineeta:wife of adarsh..consider uthara as her own daughter..loves sanskar (as a brother) advisor of sanskar
Piya:adopted daughter of parish….(5 yr old)
They got piya frm road…
Siya:their own daughter (3 yrs old)

No one shows any partiality among kids..pari and adarsh loves them dearly without any difference….

Kavitha:works with sanskar in his company..tries to lure him..also childhood cum batchmate of sanskar because of which he tolerate her…. (she is negative bt soon will turn to positive)

Sahil, karan and ritik are working in gadodia company..they love their sister a lot…and can do anything for her happiness….

Arjun mehra:best friend of swara…protective towards her..he have a son named aryan (wife dead due to fight between gangsters)

After death of his wife, arjun become shattered…..bt he didn’t give up, instead works with maheswary company….aryan is just 5 year old…he stays at gadodia…they treat him well….

So im done with my character sketch….so im directly moving to the 1st part;

A girl comes out of a mansion, she is wearinh a jogging suit and have a guitar around her neck..

She reaches near by park

She closes her eyes….and remembers something…

Slowly her hands travel around strings of guitar…..

She plays it…. (ha hasi ban gayee)

The people around her comes there….

She opens her eyed and smiles seeing them

Girl:what happened

Mn:nothing beta..whenever we hear ur song, dont knw y, bt we are feeling much releif….

Girl:u knw y….because music can cure everything…..its around us in every where…while walking we hear our footsteps sound, in river they are making sound..cutting vegetables have a sound…like wise, everything have music..we shoud enjoy it and mive on…it will reduce ur tensions and worries

All smiles

Girl:achcha…todays class is over…now everyone do ur jogging else ur partners will blame….

Saying she starts to laugh

(This is my heroin..our own swara….its her hobby to play guitar and make others happy..she used to advise them all…al will be waiting gir her just to hear this guitar tunes and to hear some advices frm her)

Swara:so let me leave..

She turns to go

Man:chotti malkin

Swara turns angrily and glare at the man

Man:sorry mere shona

By hearing shona, she smiles

Man:we need to meet badii malkin,

Swara:wht is this uncle..how many times we said that call us by name..infact u are elder to us naa….

Man:bt our status will remain same shona

Swara:uncle…does I ever differentiate u al (wth teary eyes)

Man:no beta…we are sorry…ur tears are precious beta…actully we need to meet Shekar ji….

Swara:I will him uncle…now go to home…

Swara leaves with her guitar….

On the way she was about to fall bt someone holds her in a nick of time..

The boy was lost in her beautiful eyes (he can only se her eyed, rest of her face are covered with hairs)

Swara:im so sorry and thanks..

He was just listening to her beautiful sound…bt came to sense and leaves her…

Swara walk past away

Boy:I missed her face..no problem bt I can see her beautiful eyes which is only filled with love….

He jerks way his thoughts and comes to another mansion

He goes to room and gets reaady in his formal dress….

Just then a lady comes to him


Sanskar:ha pari bhabhi..

Pari:today, its uthu’s parents meeting…are u free today

Sanskar:no problem bhabhi..I wil surely go and collect her report…
Where is bhai

Pari:he is discussing about new project

Sanskar:haa bhabhi..

Pari leaves..

Sanskar comes down

He greets everyone

Dp:sanskar…next week we are going to sign our new project with gadodia…so be prepared….

Sanskar nodes and leaves for office

At gadodia mansion

Same discussion were going in gadodia…

Shekar:sahil karan ritik…whats ur opinion…

Karan:chacha…I have heard that maheswary are knwn for their talent

Sahil:ha badii papa…if we get a partnership with them..it will be good

Ritik; yes chacha…sanskar mheswary have such a great talent…

Shekar:lets see…

At that time swara enters..

Sahil:(teases) here comes our jaansi ki rani

Swara pouts

Swara goes to karan

Swara:bai…see naa..

Karan; shil…its not fair…infact she is our kolakata ki rani

Sahil anf karan gives hifi

Ritik:no one should tease my shona….she is our princess naa

Swara smiles

Swra; no…im not a princess bt im a luckiest girl in the whole world…I got a caring brothers who teases me bt will always stood for me..a baba who loves me..3 mom, who consider me as their prides and dada dadi, whom consider me as their world…..now say whom am I…jansi ki rani or kolkta ki rani..


Swara smiles brightly…just then she gets call

Swara:hello ladddo…

Ragini:come to hospital

Swara:anything serious

Ragini:yes…..a pregnant lady…pz come shona


Swara:there is some emergency in hospital…

Shkar:go slowly….dont worry beta…everything wil be okk…

Swara takes blessing and leaved to hospital


swara reaches there, and finds many people gathered

Kaki:shona is here…now nothing to worry…

Swara goes inside

Ragini comes there

Ragini:shona..u came

Swra:what happened laddo

Ragini; a lady fal frm temple stairs…she was 8 month pregnnt too

Swara:then do her operation laddo..why are u waiting

Ragini:for that only we called u…u know na..tbeu will only obey u, so u shold be here

Swara:go laddo..do it fastly..I wll be here only

After sometime..

Ragini comes out and hands over baby to swara

Swara takes the baby and moves out

All badii people cheers

Swara:s to our family a new member is come…so its time to celebrate..

She hands over the baby to nurse and leaves the hospital

She reaches back gadodia mansion

Swara takes a plate and beats it…

All gathers at a central hall….

Swara:it have been since a week, we went outside…so today we all can go for shopping naa

All rises their hands…

At dining table

Swara comes in a sports dress

Sahil:where is venue
Swara:jawahar nagar
Karan:u must take care kk
Ritik:and see, dont lose ur confidence for a second also…

Swara nodes…
She was in a hurry so she was feeded by her 3 moms…..

She takes the blessing and leaves for the racing area

Janaki:jiji…im scared….whats the need if sending shona to racing

Urvashi:dont worry chottu….its her passion

Sumi:urvashi..u r the one who is spoiling our child

Urvashi:jiji…we knw our shona naa…dont worry
Nothinh will happen…she will come with trophy

Janaki:kk fine…lets make her favt food..

Trio leaves to kitchen

At stadium…

All are at the line, just waiting for the signal..

The racing starts and with in no time our swara wins….

She takes the trophy, (only her family and badii peple knws that swar is swara…)

It was double barrel fir badii people, first they got a child then their shona winninh…..

At gadodia house..

All badi people are seated in frnt of mansion…..

Infrnt of them the gadodias are seated..(its the naming ceremony if new born child)

The baby is seated in the lap of deendayal…

Sumi janaki urvashi comes there with a bowl in their hand…

Deenadal taked honey water and milk frm them and pour a drop of each to the child…(tradition)
He passes the baby ti shekar
Shekar:let the name if child be saransh…in future he may become like a lawyer who provides advices…may God bless u child…
He kisses its forehead
Like this way the baby is passed through sahil (who puts bangle to child) ritik(chain) karan (many dresses and some money) at last it reached swara

Swara:what can I give him…I dont have anything

Badi people:just ur touch is enogh shana…my child will become protected

All smile

Gadodia (let our shona be happy like this forever)

Shekar:everyone plz be seated….today I need to inform u all a very important matter

All looks at each other evn swara was confused

Shekar:im thinking about shona…she should get married naa

All were happy


Shekar:it ur age beta..okk fine let’s take majority..

all hands up

Swara:cheating cheating

Shekar:every father wishes this naa

Swara:kkk fine..I will bt I have certain conditions


Swara:1, he should allow me to continue my racing
2, never treat my family as poor or rich…u all knw we are like a family..so he too should do the same
3,he should trust me

Sahil; only this much
Swara nodes
Karan; kk fine….we will find…..
Swara notices ritik looking at a girl seated in a corner….

Swara thinks something

All disperse…

At the same time in maheswary

Sanskar:im fed up with ur proposals…kk fine listen, I want a girl, who can consider my family as her too….she should love everyone like I do and should stand with me in every situation moreover should trust me….I don’t cate if the girl is poor or rich bt all I need is a girl with pure heart

Sujatha:jiji…frm where we will get a girl

Ap:somewhere..she must be waiting for our prince…….

Sanskar was going in his car to office…..
On the way

He finds that a small girl is about to hit by a truck…he runs to there…bt just then swara comes there running and takes the baby..both rolled and swara hand hits the stone and it bleeds…..

Swara gets up
Swara:beta…tum teek he naa

Child; thanks didi…bt ur hand is wounded naa

Swara:its kk beta….and dont cross the road alone

Child:haa didi…

Child goes…swara gets up…

Sanskar sees her…

Sanskar goes to swara

Sanskar:u did a good job….

Swara just smiles

Sanskar:bt ur hands

Swara:its not a big deal….im happy that I was able to save her..

Sanskar:be happy always

Saying swasan goes to their destination

Sanskar:she is strange

Swara:was he flirting…no no swara..if so he would have asked ur name naa….ohh god..how can go to house….(she thinks somethinh) Idea

She jumps in happiness

On the way she gets a call

Swara:hello papa…

Shekar:u go and bring the file….

swara:which file baba

Shekar:haa go to maheswary office…there u can get it..and come fast

Swara leaves for maheswary office

She reaches there…

Swara:excuse me…im coming frm gadodia company..I need to see ur bose

rece:sir is in cabin

Raceptionist showals the way…

Swara knocks the door and gets in…


He looks at her


Swara was also surprised

Swara:hello sir..nice meetinh u…actually I came to take a file…im coming frm gadodia company

He hand over the file

Sanskar:are u working there..

swara:yes sir…system manager

Swara leaves

At gadodia office

Presentations were over…..
They werr about to leave just then some systems gets wrong and makes sound

Shekar was very angry

Clients:what noise is this…..mr shekar dont u have a goid system manager also

Shekar was very angry…sahkarik was unable to control him…

Shekar:(screams) swaraaa….

Swara comea runninh

Shekar:(shouting) what was tjat noise…do u thonk everything as childish..whats this all..

He again used harsh words…..swara’s eyes were filled with tears…

Swara (sobbinh) im..im really sorry sir…act…actualy I was

Shekar:enough of ur explanation…now get out of my sights

Swara was unable to control so she runs frm there…..

Sahkarik was very sad seeing their princess like this they were angry at shekar, bt cant do anything sincr its a office…

Shekar happily sents the clients……

He was very happy about the deal, he completely forget about shona….

Swara was sobbing frm room…she was crying not because of the harsh wordd bt because, shekar didnt give her ant time to explain…

At that time her phone rings…..


Caller; mam…we are calling frm maheswary mansion…..actually, we heard that ur badii have many workers..so we need a house keeper..if u plz help us…

Swara:haa there is a girl….u ryt down her details…name:Swara…age:25.she can do all works…

Caller:thanku miss gadodia….frn when will she join


Caller:we have accommodation also…

swara:thats great..I will…I mean, swara will be there by tomorrow

Caller:thanku miss gadodia

She cuts the call

Swara:im sorry…bt only by this way u will realise ur mistake…..

She smirks…

Swara ryts the resignation lettrr and hand over it to poen…

Swara leaves the office

At night….
Shekar reaches house and finds everyone starring at him

Shekar:im sorry…I was late….dont worry tomorrow we cam go for shopping

Still no one talks

Shekar:why are u behaving like this….

Sumi:because of u shona left house

Shekar:what I did

Sumi:do u remember what happened in office

Shekar:I yelled at a staff

Sahil:do u knw who was that

shekar:system man (he remembers it was shona) ohh shitt…I yelled at my daughter

Karan:how can u do it badii papa..u insulted her naa…..

Shekar:due to frustration I…kk fine I will ask sorry

He calls out her name bt no one comes out

Urvashi:she is not here

Ritik hands over a lettrr

Shekar:ohh..I was scared…dont worry she will come back….

Shekar signs sahkarit to come out

Sbekar:whats this..I knw my daughter…she will never do so…whatsher motive..where is she
Sahil:we knw where she is…bt we will not say…
Karan:if we day..u will nevwt allow her to fulfill her promise
Shekar:whats the matter
Ritik:she went after swayam…..only after finishing his chapter she will come bacj

Shekar:ohh god…I thought she have forgotten everything

Sahil:how can she chacha..when she has livinh example


Ritik:she wilp come back badii papa….

Trio looks at each other

Swara is seen in a bus…she closes her eyes, she finds a boy crying…
She opens her eyes
Swara:swayam..im coming…this time u wint escape….
She smiles

Precap:swara at maheswary mansion…swasan scenes….some flashback

I hope u guys have enjoyed…give me ur feedbacks…

ur lovingly salluzz

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