[email protected] fulfilling dreams (one shot) by kritika


Hey guys kritika here! Please give a try for this one shot.
Its a surprise for admins jyotii di, tooba, labdhi, anu(writer of one body two soul), lucky,tanya,Katie.
So in this one Shot these all will be there. But here lucky is not lakshya she is our lucky I mean one of the admins. And yeah! For anu, I will use Sam!

Jyotii “shonu are u ready!? We need to leave! I
I received a msg from coach!”
Swara “yes dii! Ready! But one minute.”
Swaras goes towards the big photo frame of her late parents, arnav and Khushi kapoor. She kneels down to their photo as if asking for blessings.
Swara “mom Dad bless me! Today I am going to fulfill mom’s dream.”
A tear rolls down her face.
Screen freezes on swara’s face…

She is Swara, Swara arnav kapoor. An introvert. Her parents death changed her. She was bubbly but now she is an introvert not shy but she is reserved type now. She’s 19 studying MBBS. She doesn’t have any guardian. Her parents passed away when she was just 17. So now she wants to fulfill her parents dream,.
Her life revolves around her friends jyotii, labdhi, tooba, Sam, Katie, tanya and lucky.
They all are in her boxing team.
Boxing- her mother dreamt to become a boxer but her dad, means swara’s nanu made Khushi married to arnav. Then Swara was born, so she wanted swara to become an international level boxer.
Swara’s dad, arnav wanted to become a doctor but his parents forced him to become a businessman. Arnav wanted to make Swara a doctor.
Both arnav and Khushi never wanted to impose their dreams on Swara. But Swara wanted to fulfill their dreams. She was born with a silver spoon. Her parents always gave her all the happiness she deserved. They were her best friends more than parents. They used to scold her when she did anything wrong.
So now Swara has decided to fulfill her parents dreams.. She is on Her way to international boxing championship. She is going to compete with Jessica , playing on the behalf of Nepal.***********
Coach “we have 1 week to prepare here for our match..swara”

Swara “sir!”
Coach “you are our main player, all the best n work hard!
Swara” yes sir!”
Coach “this place is new to you all right!? Its assam ..it will be cold at night! But still I expect all you to practice. Team disperse.
All ” sir!”
Swara” guys what say!? Should we start practice from now!?”
Tooba “yes shona! We should start practicing now.”
Labdhi “you know what shona! You are playing against the Jessica ! She is so dangerous, be careful kk? And yes, shona to know her expert moves, I have the recordings of her previous matches, we can get a rough idea of her moves then! What say?”
Swara ” yes! Lado..you are correct! We can get a rough idea from that!”
Sam ” woah! Shona! See her! She is Jessica! Omg! She is coming here”!
Jessic”oh..!! So you are Swara! ”
Swara ” yes!”
Jessica” hey! I’m jessica! All the best to loose!”
Swara ” ‘loose’ this word is not in my dictionary.!”
Jessics ” I will write this word in ur so called dictionary! ”
SWara “get ready to be shocked! (To her team) guysl let’s go! We need to practice not to gossip! (Gazing at jessica)
(India’s boxing room)

“HB hb hb hb hb” Swara hitting the boxing bag.
“U need to be fast Shona! She did 8 goals in 5 seconds” lucky spoke correcting Swara.
Katie “chicoo! We know you can do it! Come on, make 8+ goals in 5 seconds.”
“Your time starts…..now!” Tanya spoke clicking the countdown timer of her phone.
“Hb hb hb hb hb hb”
“Stop” tanya spoke sighing.
(India’s boxing room)
Jyotii went to Swara, cupped her dace, gazing in her eyes!
“Shonu! Don’t ever loose hope! We know you can do it! Come on once more!” Jyotii spoke and kisses her knuckles.
Swara nodded
“tanya!” Swara spoke signing her to start the timer.
“Ready shona!?..(Swara nods) 1, 2,3 go!” Tanya spoke clicking the start button.
” hb hb hb hb hb hb hb hb”
“Stop” tanya spoke sighing happily.
“U did it chicoo!” Katie spoke!

“You scored 8 goals my dear” sam spoke kissing her forehead.
Everyone seemed very happy with this small achievement! Swara is the smallest member of the group! While lucky is the eldest!
“Shona! Try once more ! I know u will do 8+ this time” lucky spoke giving Swara hope.
Swara nods and tanya again starts the timer.
“Hb hb hb hb hb hb hb hb”
“Stop” tanya spoke
“Come on shonu! Do it 8+ I know you will do it” jyotii spoke.
“Start” tanya spoke again starting the timer.
“Hb hb hb hb hb hb hb hb hb ”
“Stop” tanya spoke with happiness visible in her voice.
“You did it shona” labdhi and tooba said in unison and hugged her.
“After all she is my shona!” Jyotii di spoke taking her bestie in a bone crushing hug.
“No doubt! Our shona is the best!” Sam said kissing her cheek.
“If I would have been a boy, definitely I would have made u my girlfriend” jyotii spoke kissing swara’s cheek ??

“Awww!! Guys take a breathe ! Now let me practice! We are here for a competition not for clinging on me!” Swara said roliing her eyes.
“My chicoo! Come on! Its 9 now! Its dinner time! Let’s go to dining!” Katie spoke up.
“But before that something is remaining! And that is..!!” Swara spoke leaving the sentence incomplete for others to complete.
“Selfies” everyone spoke in unison.
“After all, this is rule no. 31. After every success, we will click 3 selfies at least.???
A pair of eyes were seeing all this. The girls bubbliness which is only with her friends not with anyone else. Who was that? Sanskar..sanskar maheshwari… An international boxer from India, he is the main boxer from boy’s side.
But they don’t know each other! Their timings were different in the boxing academy.
“Hi! I am sanskar” sanskar spoke sitting on the bench in front of the lake. “Umm.hey! I am Swara.” Swara spoke with a smile
There was awkward silence between them. Sanskar understood Swara was a reserved type which irritated sanskar!
So to break the silence he spoke “umm..you here? Its too cold and its late night too! So,.how!? I mean..”
Swara smiled “I was not sleepy just that. What about you?”
sanskar sighs “yeah! Yeah! Me too!” Waise, heard you are the main player from women and you are playing against Nepal!”

“Woah! Even I am playing against Nepal and you see how I will beat up that monster tapan (main male player of Nepal)”
Swara starts laughing and sanskar gets mesmerised by her beauty. He feels good that he is the reason of her laugh. “you are damn funny yr” swara feels comfortable with him.

That night they talked till late and became good friends.
“Come swara. Today I will take your practice. Let them practice on their own. As you are the main player, you need to work more hard.” Jyotii spoke the next day.
“Come on swara beat me!” Jyotii spoke standing in front standing.
Swara’s punch was about to hit her but she ducked down!
“In this case what will you do!? Ha? If so, then you will loose. See in this case you do like this!” Jyotii spoke explaining swara.
“OK now you show me how to do it!” Jyotii said once she explained swara. Swara again punched. Jyotii ducked, swara hit her by her knee, jyotii straightened, then swara started punching her in her stomach.

“Stop” jyotii spoke once she was satisfied with swara’s moves!
Swara sighs stopping and unhooking the gloves she was wearing.
A pair of eyes were watching them. They were the same pair of eyes. Sanskar was impressed by her. Gradually, he fell for her.
6 days passed for their friendship, their bond got stronger. Now swara, more than her boxing gang started to spend time with sanskar.they enjoyed each others company. Swara got the habit of being with sanskar!
” you know sanskar! When I lost my parents, I was broken,but I only vowed a thing that is to fulfill their dreams!” Swara said intertwining their fingers of their hands which they were holding till now.
“I became a spoilt brat after my parents death! After some years of their death, I realised they had to pass some day, so why to cry? ” sanskar said wiping a lone tear escaped from swara’s eye.
“Hmm” she said and laid on his shoulder.
‘The bench of the lake’ was their meeting adda. Cracking jokes, sharing experiences, discovering each other’s likes etc was all they did together. They loved each other, but they needed to realise it!
One day, jyotii saw swara and an unknown boy taking to each other on the bench of the lake. She asked swara about it.
“He is sanskar di! One of my close friends. He is the main boxer from our side”
Jyotii added “you seem to be nice friends.”

“Yeah! Yeah we are” Swara spoke folding her clothes.
“Do you love him swara” jyotii spoke catching her arms and taking her full attention.
“No doubt. Its a ‘no’ ” swara spoke surprisedly.
“No swara. Love is evident in your eyes.” Jyotii tried to make her realise. “No di! How can I love him? It will be cheating our friendship”
“Shonu! Listen dear! Love can happen anytime anywhere. About cheating, if you love him and hide it from him, it will be called as cheating! Believe me! At least tell him, god will reward you of your honesty,”
Jyotii’s words kept revolving in her mind!
She finally accepted the next day that she loves him.
“Hb hb hb hb hb hb hb”
Swara sighs as she can’t concentrate on anything. She was too desperate to tell her love to sanskar. Of course, she expected him to love her back. Every lover expects this.
Today swara was practising alone. She thinks to take sanskar to ‘TEMPLE’.
for that, she wore a beautiful yellow anarkali.
Sanskar had no idea where she was taking him, so he wore a read shirt with black-brownish blaze.(you can imagine the same dresses if swasan confession in mandir in the serial)

“Temple! Why did you bring me here? You don’t believe in god right?” Sanskar exclaimed.
Swara smiles “I believe my parents as my god! But you believe god right? So for you I wore this suit which You gifted me! I may not believe in god but you believe in god ! Its is because…… I love you sanskar (gazing sanskar) I love you. I thought if I won’t tell you, i will be Cheating our friendship. And..” Her sentence was left incomplete because he keeps his finger on her rose like lips.
“How much do you talk swara! Let me also say!”

He moved closer to her. “I love you too swara”
Swara was shocked, happy, shy and what not! After all, she got her love!
“I thought this place will be pure to tell you about my love. So I brought you here”
He hugged her and kissed her shoulder. She then kept her head on his chest

Coach ” tomorrow is the match swara! You have to win!”
Swara “sir!”
“Hb hb hb hb hb hb hb hb”
Swara is continuously practising from past 2 and half hours. Sanskar calls her. “Swara meet me now in cappuccino cafe”
“But sanskar I am practising now”
“So you won’t come with me?”

“No sanskar , its not like that but its..”
He cuts her “no its and buts you are coming that’s it. And waise bhi you are practising non stop” “OK baba! No one can win over you” swara smiled and hanged up
She was neglecting her practising now a days for him. But she had blind belief on him. Son she never thought in this way
5 hours ago
Kritika Swasanian
“Hb hb hb hb hb hb hb hb”
Swara is continuously practising from past 2 and half hours.
Sanskar calls her. “Swara meet me now in cappuccino cafe”
“But sanskar I am practising now”
“So you won’t come with me?”

“No sanskar , its not like that but its..”
He cuts her “no its and buts you are coming that’s it. And waise bhi you are practising non stop”
“OK baba! No one can win over you” swara smiled and hanged up
She was neglecting her practise now a days for him. But she had blind belief on him. Son she never thought in this way.
“Just 2hrs swara…just 2 hrs..then you will fulfill your mom’s dream” swara said to herself.
“Swara I need to talk to you.come to storeroom” a message popped from sanskar
“what does he want to talk..may be he is wishing me all the best. I should also wish him swara. It’s his match in 30 mins.” swara said to herself
“yes sanskar why did u call me?umm well let me guess..to wish me right? U know I never told you but this is my mom’s dream to..”
He cut her words “swara..I need to speak to u..will you listen?” He sounded rude.
“Yes! Say sanskar!”
“Do u love me?” He asked rudely.
“Of course I do”
“Do I love u?”
“What type of question is this sanskar?”

“Can’t you just answer my question swara?”
“Yes..you love me a lot! But sanskar (she moved close to him) what happened? Are you angry? Tell me” she touches his cheek with her right hand (cups it)
Sanskar jerks her hand.
“Then let me tell you swara. You think I love you.. you think so much swara. I never loved you”
Swara was shocked. Today she saw some different truth in his eyes.
He continued “jessica, the one whose against you are going to play is my girlfriend. I wanted her to win and I still want that. So to make her win, u had to distract you from the match. And fake relationship was only the way”
She was shocked. But she didn’t show any expression on her face
“But I love u and have always loved you truly sanskar. My love is pure, was pure and will be pure. Your this betrayal can’t break me. It will give me more strength and I am thankful for it. But I regret loving you. I truly regret my folly to love you”
It was turn of sanskar to be shocked. He expected her breakdown but what he was seeing was truly unexpected.
She left walking with determination, determination to win.
She went to her room and bolted the door. She sat with the support of the door on the ground. When sanskar confessed his deeds, she felt as if the rug down her feet was pulled. Bt she somehow composed herself there and now.. now what? Tears are flowing like a waterfall. Her beautiful eyes are now full of pain.

Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Raanjhan mileya naa ae…

Jigraan vichon agan laga ke rabba
Lakeeran vich likh di judaai

(I went out to find my lover,
but couldn’t find the lover..
O God, having started a fire in my heart,
why have you written separation in my fate..)

Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaaya tha jo
Apna banaaya tha..
wo tera, wo mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaaya tha..

(it’s lost, missed,
what was stolen from time itself,

and was made my own..
that closeness that was there,
between you and me,
that we had embraced..)

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni..

(The sheet is thin, worn..
(the meaning here is that it’s a little transparent, as it is wet with tears.) My eyes are moist,
The memories are delicate..)
She keeps crying until afte 20 minutes or so called her.
“Chicoo come yr! Boys match is about to start” Katie said banging the door.
“Ya.i am coming”
“The boys have lost the match swara..but you have to win..anyhow!” The coach spoke with hope.
“Sir” swara stood expressionless.
Host “so the match is between swara kapoor and jessica Robert.
“start”the host said clicking the timer on.
“Hb hb hb ”
Jessica overpowers swara.

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu,
shakti rupena samsthita
Ya devi sarvabhuteshu,
shanti rupena samsthita

Aaj se ab se
Aan meri main tumko na choone dungi
Jaan ko chaahe chhalni kar do
Maan ko na choone dungi (x2)

Jessica punches on swara’s jaw, so powerfully That some blood came out of her mouth and she fell down. Jessica sits on swara and punches her stomach.
Swara stops responding. So jessica gets up and mocks her “come come. Fight with me. come”
While the host starts the countdown “5 4 3..”
But he stops gazing swara getting up.

Swara gets up while jessica is admiring the Nepali cheers for her. Within no time, swara punches her stomach. She continuously punches her stomach till jessica reaches the ropes. Jessie ducks down to save herself from swara’s punch which she was about to give on her jaw
Swara reminds Jyotii’s technique and beats her with her knee. That’s it! Swara over powered Jessica and now she is on the ground.
Host “5 4 3 2 1 n 0..India wins! Swara kapoor is the winner”
The whole India cheers for her.
They handover her the trophy. But she is standing expressionless.
All her buddies, jyotii, tooba, labdhi , Sam, Tanya, lucky, Katie wish her. As per rule, take selfies and gives her lots of kisses and shower love on her..
But her mind, it’s not present here..she is the victim of a big betrayal..
*******After 7 years******
Dr. Swara kapoor is a big cardiologist. She just wanted to fulfill her mom’s dream by earning that trophy, which she did! And now she is a doctor as it was her dad’s dream! She is not only a doctor, she is a successful doctor!

How was the one shot? Shocked? Its not swasan right? Guys, just think, did swara deserve sanskar? What would you do if you were in swara’s place? Would you live sanskar? Would you be able to live your life normally after the betrayal? No na! So before offending me, think twice. I hope no one offends me!!????

Guys, comment is a must,,as it took more than 12 hours to write,,I was writing it from last 3 days, moreover, I am writing it from my tab., its too difficult to write. I write from tab after 6 months! Uff! Too hard!
So finally it has proof read ha!
Jyotii di,Katie, Sam, tanya, lucky, tooba,labdhi…how was your surprise!? Like it? #di U know i felt really very uncomfortable writing ur name without di!.??

Credit to: Kritika

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