Swara ff Swara outburst (prologue)

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The story of swara outburst is one of which readers like,hope u will also support me,this is the first season

After laksh returned to house and all are enter in MM including swara sanskar stop swara and ask her +

Sanskar;Where are you going swara you didn’t learn that you are the one who brek relation with me and I does not step in this house and how you broke your promise swara,right you have very interested to broke your promise, swara I think you never love me you always love your greatness


RAGINI;Swara sanskar is saying right you don’t enter in the house you don’t deserve sanskar


Swara is chuckled for listen this statement of ragini


Laksh;Swara you did wrong and bhai take right decision how can you leave bhai like this how can you do this you don’t deserve his love

Swara is not interested look

??????? ???????

SHARMISTHA;Sanskar is saying right when he said to you don’t go with ragini why you go with her


Swara is chuckled to his mother statement but after this sanskar anger rises and he ask divorce from swara


SANSKAR:swara, take this divorce papers and sign this,and leave me,a and this is also beneficial for you right , you can enjoy your life with your so called new found love Nikhil,no no he is your childhood love say this in broken voice

Sujata;Yes you girl please leave my son life .I said before this girl do some black magic on my son thank God her real face is front of my son .this girl is trap the boys for money ,first Laksh then my son then sahil then nikhil let’s she for money with whom she run

Swara is blood boiled listening her character certificate by sujata and she goes to sanskar and take a divorce papers and said to sanskar


Swara;you said that you will leave me but I will leave you MR SANSKAR MAHESWARI I want divorce

yes I will leave everyone life but I want to ask questions from everyone will I get my answers which peep up in my mind I listened enough from everyone and now I will talk and everyone is listen




Swara: Bade papa,oops what I will say to you ex bade papa or Mr DURGAPARSAD MAHESWARI, you are the head of marwari samaj but I don’t think so,you don’t deserve that post you lotoh your family only yours

Ram:swara how dare to say like this to my brother

Swara:From which point I said wrong he only love his family not yours when Mr SANSKAR is thrown out from the house because he is head of marwari community but laksh falls for me he accept me then the marwari community doesn’t came between his decisions and he doesn’t throw laksh out the house and you also do black paint on your face just like when you learn about Mr and Mr gadodia love story and you call us as illegal child and later you acceptedher

when police arrested me for being Mrs RAGINI kidnapping you don’t say anything and your lovely wife was excited to send me jail and she said to me that I trap yours sons for money you can’t say anything and when laksh goes to jail you Gae property to Mrs RAGINI without asking Mr RAM PARSAD MAHESWARI for your lovely wife as she got heart attack

Sujata;hey girl you know na my sister in law got heart attack


Swara: In whole world only she is mother and only his son and laksh is only going to jail but according to yours he is dead in 5 years then she does not get heart attack because she is lovely and sweet and she loves sanskar as mother

Swara;From which point am i guys and you will stop me from point to point so Mr MAHESWARI you would to like answer let it be when you divorce me and sanskar by cheating because you don’t want to go to jail but your son sent to a jail journey in the age of teertha journey and when your lovely son sent you to hospital bed when am the one who gave bangles and jwelwery to your operation you said that am your daughter you can’t say anything when I kept gun ???????????on my for head and you don’t believe us that we take 5 crores and when Gayitri ki spoke my character you can’t say anything


Sanskar is very angry how can she put gun on his forehead and they don’t stop her


Hope you guys like the part,in Hindi the story is just awesome,those who wants to read dialogue in hindi can read on Wattpad also



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