The Swara Express (swasan) ss by samaira – episode 3

Hey guyss thanks a lot first a fall it’s not copied or the idea is taken from any show it’s basically from jab we met….
If u find it similar from any show do read this story till end then comment pls…
Let’s start:
Swara takes out her ear phones and starts listening to music looking out of her window …
While sanskar is just looking at her…
Just after some time a lady sitting in front of them passes them a laddo…
Ap was abt to take but dp just gave her a glare…
As the lady passing the laddo was Muslim and
he didn’t like to share food with people out of their religion…
Sujata took it dp was stopping her but she didn’t pay any heed to him….
As usual sanskar was quite ….
Swara saw that and she spoke….
Swara- excuse me uncle ji y r u stopping aunty from taking the laddo …
Ap- (trying to avoid) no beta I didn’t want to take
Dp- ur just a stranger to us so u have no right speaking in between nd a wife must listen to their husband and treat them like god… But girls like u to won’t understand
Swara( forward her hand) first fall hello iam swara now I hope is not a stranger … Nd it is everyone s right to do to anything upon their wish no one can stop them…
Sanskar is seeing her with amused expressions as no one has dared to speak In front of do
Ap(not wanting to spoil the situation more..) no dear i don’t want it it’s ok..
Swara keeps quite and sits quitely on her seat..
Sujata(irritated) r we going on a wedding or war what is this y r u guys sitting so quite..
Dp as usual sits with a Stern face …
Swara(joyfully) y not we dance then I have speakers wht say but everyone should dance…
Sujata calls her relatives as they r going on a wedding there they called their relatives too…
Swara started playing on London thumakda.. they started enjoying
Sujata tried calling ap and dp but dp just jerked and ap wanted to come but she couldn’t ….
Sankar was just noticing swara smilingly ….
After sometime of enjoyment they were resting in their seats..
Swara went near the door of the train to take
some fresh air she was holding the rods and enjoying ….
While sanskar just followed her ..
Swara was listening songs nd was changing
songs she didn’t realise tht a pole was coming and as she was standing at the edge she could fall..
Sanskar just took her hand nd took her in with a force nd they both fell down with a thud
Swara was shocked..
Just then dp came there and looked at them angrily they both composed themselves..
Nd sanskar went back with dp
Nd after sometime swara too went on her seat…
Later at a stop swara went down and brought herself some snacks..
She deliberately fell on sanskar (sanskar was
sitting on his seat) and handed over a chit to him slowly…
Sanskar made an excuse and went near the door and opened the chit…
Thank you for saving me I couldn’t say u as ur Hitler dad was there … Thanks once again nd stop being a coward ur such a phattu
Sanskar smiled seeing Hitler dad but he got
angry when she called him coward ….
Evening (they were travelling since morning ):
All were sleeping swara went on the above
compartment as it was empty.. nd suddenly her phone fell off.. but she didn’t realize
Sanskar saw it and slowly took her phone and dialed his number in her phone so tht he gets her number…
Sankar was very much impressed with swara for
fighting with his dad plus being an antique piece as he was noticing from long time…
Sanskar got her call and he ended it…
Sanskar- hey ur phone
Swara- how did u get it
Sanskar- actually it fell down nd u didn’t notice it
Swara- oh thanks once again…
Sanskar then climbed the compartment above
swara making an excuse of sleeping …..
Swara s face was facing him…
Then suddenly swara got a msg which was of sanskar…
Swara didn’t know it’s sanskar s number
Sanskar- hey
Swara- who r u?
Sanskar- ur helping frnd
Just then swara notices sanskar and miles he also smiles back now they both looks towards each other and msgs
Swara(teasingly ) but I don’t talk to any
Sanskar(understands) oh is it so im sanskar ..sanskar maheshwari
Swara- hmm swara ..swara Bose
Sanskar- actually wanted to say u thanks thanks for supporting me
Swara- don’t u think it was ur duty..
Sanskar- I know but I can’t speak in front of my father he is so damn strict … No one can say anything but u did…
Swara- stop living such life sanskar look at me iam going alone by my wish on a long holiday living my life by my rules..
Sanskar- Haan Haan ovbiously u would enjoy ur life right no restrictions no rules I have to listen everything of my family especially father.. marraige too infact for breathing also on their permission… I just feels suffocated
Swara- then y don’t u go and say stop being s fattu tell ur dad u don’t want to marry.. fattu..
Sanskar- it’s not tht easy swara I respect my father that y I don’t say him anything but u won’t understand ur parents leave u free not caring for u not like my caged .
Swara-(teary eyed) yeah how will my parents care for me when they r not in this world ….
Sanskar feels bad and guilty
Swara just walks from there
As everyone were sleeping sanskar followed her…
Near the exit they were standing
Sanskar- IAM really sorry I didn’t mean to hurt u.
Swara- no no it’s ok u didn’t knew never mind…
Do u remember the accident that happen 4yrs back … In tht train my parents nd I were travelling somehow I got saved but my parents …
Sanskar- so from tht time ur alone?
Swara- nope im living with my granny now iam going to meet my cousin to spend my vacation there..
Sanskar- hmm
Swara- just one time sanskar try to talk to ur father stop living ur life like this u will regret it later…
Sanskar just nods…
They just taking the support of wall there ….
Swara(excitedly) u know me and my boyfriend r eloping nd marrying
Sankar(shocked) y didn’t ur family allow u to marry ur bf
Swara- r u mad my granny is very supportive but his family is not allowing cause I’m not traditional..
Sanskar-(annoyed) for such a stupid reason
Swara- yeah..
Then as they were uncomfortable sitting on ground they get up as they stand ..
Swara- do u know Aditya Bose
Sanskar- yeah who doesn’t know him the famous buisness man who died in a train accident 4yrs back ( just then realizes) wait ur swara Bose right …( Shocked) don’t tell me…
Swara- yep iam his daughter swara Bose….
Sanskar-(comes back from shock) I didnt understand ur family I guys r so rich then y do u travel in train ..
Swara-(emotionally) my father became a rich man but he was very poor before he came from a village my grandpa was a farmer my dad loves to travel in train he loves to live a simple life not a luxiourios life…
Sanskar-(trying to cheer up) uff I lost my chance u should have told me once I would have taken u life would be set
Swara- accha .. I won’t marry a coward and u lost ur chance…
Sanskar-(annoyed) accha then y r u guys eloping and marrying cowards elope
Swara- (irritated ) oh hello my bf is not coward infact he took me to his room too!!
Sanskar-(shocked) really u went to his room alone!!
Swara- oh chippo don’t get ideas I went to his room in my dreams (says dreamingly)
Sanskar-(mocking) accha waise I could do much more..
Swara hits him on his chest nd sanskar stops her ….
Then they both laugh and goes to their respective places…

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