The Swara Express (swasan) ss by samaira – episode 2

Hey guyss back with my first ss IAM really sorry for the problem the ts which I posted wasn’t written by me but some ideas were there me and my cousin sis did it actually she copied from a TV show as per her hobby

But this is whole my idea and it’s not copied from anywhere
Let’s start:-
The scence starts from sanskar dp ap and sujata sitting in their seats they r in the train sujata and sanskar r sitting together and dp ap r in front on them
Sujata maheshwari- sis of dp unmarried in late 40s totally opposite of dp….
Sujata is getting very much bored as their is complete silence whenever someone tries to
speak only a glare of dp makes them quite..
Just then Sanskar gets a call seeing the name screening on his phone makes him he’ll irritated…
Kavita Mehta would to be bride of sanskar
Ap-(sees the name and teases him) pick up the call sanskar talk to her u will feel gud…
*Everyone knows that sanskar doesn’t want to
marry her … But still they force him..

Sanskar excuses himself and goes near the entrance or exit of the train standing near the door he picks up the call ( video call)
Kavita- hello sanskar ji hello r u listening
Sanskar- yeah yeah say
Sanskar doesn’t speak so she thinks tht he is
Kavita- sanskar ji only bride has the right to blush right then y r u blushing …..
Sanskar-(damn irritated) IAM not y did u call me.
Kavita- y shouldn’t I call waise I called u to say
tht I learnt to prepare pakoda for u only for u…
Sanskar(frustrated and irritated) huff ok so if ur done I will call later….

2days before
Sanskar gathering his all courage talked to dp refusing for the marriage but he just got a tight slap on his face….
Dp- just because of ur love ur son has spoilt( pointing towards ap) after 2 days we have to go for the wedding all r waiting there and ur prince charming is saying he dosent want to marry
Ap- sanskar pls marry ur dad gave all his money for ur mba he has done a lot for u don’t u think it is his right to take decision
Sujata(supporting) but Bhabhi wedding is not a game he is going to marry not u it will be his decision..
Dp(angrily) stay out of it sujata I gave all my money for his needs and his mba I don’t want any discussion further….
# sujata knows it’s waste to talk to her bro so she didn’t say anything and left from there..
#as usual ap didn’t oppose as she can’t speak anything in front of do
So atlast sanskar had to agree….

Train stops at a station Sankar brought some snacks after eating he just made a excuse of going to washroom
He actually wanted to leave at the station and run from there as his father won’t listen to him and he can’t marry Kavita …
Just he tries to get down from the train(train is moving but just now it started to leave the station so it’s moving quite slow)
As he put his leg to get down
Suddenly some bags r thrown on his face outside the door..
He fells down and gets angry
Just then the girl enters holding to rods (which r their on the train to hold it while climbing or getting down)
Her hair r open nd her face isn’t shown she flips her hair up looking extremely cute.. (ovbio it’s our swara)
Swara- sorry sorry lagi toh nahi…
Sanskar doesn’t see her but is very angry just as he sees her he gets mesmerized seeing her ….
Just then she gives her hand and he gets up…..
Swara- IAM really very sorry
Sanskar- no no it’s ok
Just then swara realizes that he was abt to get down so she holds his should trying to push him down..
Swara- u were going to get down right go go get down
Sanskar-(gets irritated as the train is now moving at a speed) wht I don’t want to go..
Swara still pushes him
Sanskar- r u mad or what I don’t want to die…. Train is going so speedily I can’t risk my life…
Swara(proudly still trying to push him and he holding the rods) – arey itni slow toh jaa rahi hai I would have easily get down
Sanskar- stop showing ur over confidence ur behaving as if ur a u passenger…
Swara(annoyed) ur telling my confidence fake huhh..
Sanskar- (shocked seeing her luggage as she is travelling alone nd is having 5 big suitcases)
Did u ever travel in a train before it didn’t look like…
Swara- (having little bit tears in her eyes) yep last time jab travel kiya Tha the train met with an accident… Confidence u see..
Sanskar is just speechless….
Swara(composes herself ) nice meeting u … Chalo bye..
And she moves and comes to her seat which is just beside sanskar …
Means not on his seat the seat just beside like the space where tc walks through..
Sanskar also come and sits there

# I can’t write more tht it for today but surely would post long tommorow….
#and guys it’s not copied it’s just inspired from jab we met…

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