Hiii friends im radhika,i hope u like it n ha plzz dont link this story with SR real story,my ff is compleatly diffirent,lets start from intro..

Swara gadodia-22,daughter of shekgar n sumi bt sumi died after giving birth to swara..swara is kind hearted,innocent,intelligent,well educated but every1 is not parfect so swara is also not as she have dark complection…i know this is not big problem but our society makes it worst problem

Shekhar gadodia-Have middle cls family have 2 daughters swara n ragini ..he loves his wife janki n their daughter ragini,but not swara as he thought because of swara he lost his sumi…he never fullfill his duty towerds swara..
janki gadodia-mother of ragini n step mother of swara,loves her ragini not swara
dadi calls swara as “SAWALI”as shes dark..dadi n dada thought swara is curse on their family

lets start epi1

RAGINI GADODIA-Shes 21,shes exactly opposite to swara..shes beautiful like fairy every1 can fall for her,but shes not kind hearted,shes selfish..n step sis of swara

lets start..

As usual im seating infront of mirror,n dadi doing my make up..
she brings lots of creams for me n now start scolding beacause im not applying the creams on my face,dadis each n every word crash on my heart,but now im habitual of this i listned all this in silence….
ma is busy in kitchen papa n dadaji busy in decoratations beacause ladakewale comes to saw me…….i know they will reject me but for my family i’ll doing all this..
finally dadi left doing my make up,i stare myself in mirror.
suddenly i here some1 coming in my room,shes ragini my youger sis she laugh n now looks at me n says-Make up karnese tu gori nahi hogi sawali…tu sawali hai aur sawali he rahegi…

i listened her laugh silently beacause now im habitual of her taunt,”SAWALI” im sawali yes i accept the reality as i thought God made every1 n i want to.accept this gods creation…some1 calls me sawali,some1 ask me ur dad have fair complection ur died mom have too then how u get this complection????
lots of question,taunts…why they cant see bauty of heart,internal beauty..y always they see external beauty.
now Janki ma comes n take me to hall,i saw ladakewale comes,i take blessing from elder n they ask me to seat…The Guys mom staring me,the Guys dadi says -Parvati ji,ladakike nainnaksh to acche he but colour down hai..thats what i expected.
every1 was numb..now Guys family
n they leave angrily..
as usual now ma started-huhhh..
kab hogi iski shadi…iske wajahse meri ragini ko bhi rukna pada hai,her waqt bus rejection hi milta hai isko…every1 leaves to their room
i came im my room…i remove all my make up..i tied my long hair in pony tail…this rejection was not new for me…due to all this i have decided i never marry in my life..

My new day start with new hope
i wear red simple suitn tied my hair n ponytail..as im going to office as today new boss will joined the office..i heard lot about them..
MR SANSKAR MAHESWARI-my new boss i have seen him on tv,magzine but now i will saw him in real..hesthe successfull buisnessman at the young age..
i started leaving but.i heard taunt of janki ma n ragini but as usual i ignored them n leaves…

precap-sanskars entry..

Credit to: RADHIKA

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  1. Awesome re….plz post soon…loved it…..uummahhh….so continue

    1. Thanku kritika

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    1. Thanku ria

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    1. Thank.u Ananya

  4. good start.

  5. Thanku radha

  6. nice…good start hope it s swasan

  7. Rather good concept. And very common in todays society. Continue it.

  8. Convept is really beautiful. But it would be better if you keep an eye onthe emotions a bit more. I want those feelings of Swara to be explained more so that this story makes a mark. Keep writing. Update soon.

  9. Nice and different plot. Make swasan soon.

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