swara bani ghar jamai (episode 1)


A girl jumps into river a boy running behind her also jump and save the girl and brought her outside girl is not breathing boy pumps out water from girls stomach and gives artificial breath and girl open her eyes

Boy – gives tight slap…..are u out of mind before doing this you dont tought about me answer me uttra
Uttra-(drasti dhaami) then what should I do my father doesnt allow for love marriage they are going to fix my marriage and you’re family doesn’t let you marry before your brothers marriage
Boy- uttra its a matter of year only
Uttra- why can’t u understand I can’t give u more tym arjun
Arjun-( Vivian desousa) I can’t hurt my mom dad .uttra they brought up with so much difficulty
A girl comes hearing them
Uttra- then let me die

Girl- hold on arjun you want one year time and uttra u want to marry know because your dad is going to fix ur marriage
Arjun- yeah swara
Swara- I have a solution tomorrow you both are going to your house okay ….so uttra u take some one with you as your husband
Uttra- what??
Swara- listen one year you do acting then show you both are not happy with marriage act as separating then arjun and u marry
Uttra- if dad throw me out
Swara- then book ticket to his hometown
Arjun- great but who will become her groom
Uttra& arjun- looks toward swara
Swara- no way
Arjun- plzzz you know how to act and make up

Swara- but
Uttra- plzzz
Swara- dimag khrb h
Arjun- plz I will give my third child your name
Swara- they will kill me then what’s the use ……if u stop in second only then
After so much effort swara agree
In bus stop
Arjun- where is she
Uttra- kahi bhag toh ni gyi
Arjun- she is not like that…but situation is that she may run away
Swara- here I am
Both shocks

Swara wearing a turbun and looking cute surdar
Uttra- you are looking ausome
Swara- not swara its sparsh….u both Carry on I am coming
Arjun and uttra hugs each other after sometimes bid bye
Inside bus
Uttra- thanx swara
Swara- uttu tell me about your family
Uttra- my dad durga prasad maheshwari he doesn’t think of anyone for him money and status is everything ..consider mom as servent and treat very badly with her he is having affair with his secretory
Swara- your mom didn’t oposSe
Uttra- teary eye she did but no one supported her even her parents so she accepted her faith for us
Swara- and your brothers
Uttra- smile sadly I have three brothers elder brother adarsh he is an animal a blo*dy gangster do anything for money he forcefully married parineeta bhabi only to fulfill his lust…..bhabhi lives a deadbody only for the sake of her parents safety
Swara- and other too
Uttra- they are not less then .another one is sanskar he is a Casanova he consider girls as toy for money they can do any thing ..tears of mom or any thing he doesn’t effect
Swara-he didn’t marry

Uttra- he say he is getting what’s needed then why too marry he is a businessman .…….then my third brother laksh he is a alcholist actor by profession has big ego then his height did love marriage without anyone knowledge bhabi’s dad slap him so he made ragini to break all tie with them but due to alcohol effect he consumed with his co- actor which end up bhaiya bhabhi love not relationship but its only for name sack remaining
Swara- and that actress
Uttra- she die by giving birth to two twin child and mom brought them home because they are bhai’s children
Swara- your bhabhi

Uttrar- ragini doctor by profession….they both didn’t give any care or attention to children… Aarav and anjali two cuties they thinks ragini bhabi is their mother but always tries many way to get their parents love but always fails…..but all loves me
Swara- u didn’t tried to shot out the problem
Uttra- once I tried but failed
Swara- uttra when u were kid when u start walking u might have fallen many tyms if your mom had said I tried once she fallen so leave it ……then u might don’t know to walk also
Uttra looks on
Swara- …..you have some sleep we are 2 hrs away from Kolkata
Uttra- hmmm
Swara-kolkatta I am coming

In hotel royal palace
In v.I.p room
Two persons were intimating after an hour..boy gives money to girl
Girl- sanskar I enjoyed the rid with you……can we get on the rid again
Sanskar-( sarcastically ) sanskar maheshwari doesn’t have the habit of used tissue paper again….get loss
Girl goes sanskar calls his manager
Sanskar- what’s today schedule
Manager- sir today all meetings were cancelled
Sanskar- angrily who did it
Manager- dp sir
Sanky -okay……cut the call
Goes to mm
Sanskar,laksh &adarsh cones at a tym
Adarsh- what is this why u cancelled my deal
Sanlak- same with us
Dp- its only way to call u three here

Ap& pari comes with tea and snacks
Pari seeing adarsh with fear because she know when he comes home what’s happen and adarsh seeing her with lustful eyes
Dp- drink tea and throw it on ap face
Dp- it is tea or suger syrup…useless only one work u have that also u can’t do it spoil my mode……listen in evening I have called sahil and his parents for uttra’s alliance
All men goes and ragini comes and give oilment to pari and goes
Ap- teary eye she is angry because i bought the children here
Pari-she will understand mummy ji

Ap-beta I am sorry I couldn’t help you
Pari- its my fate mummy ji…..I only wish uttra couldn’t get such life but
They hear adarsh screem calling pari
By hearing pari start shivering pari goes and ap see her helplessly….as ap going to her room crossing pari room she hear park’s screen and pray for her and goes

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