swara bani ghar jamai (last episode )

Recap-all hear the news of robbery
Police comes and arrest all maheshwari men’s
Ap-where is sparsh …uttra
Uttra-mom he went to Singapore in morning flight.…he must be in flight now
Ragini-now what??????
Pari- call the lawyer
Every lawyer reject to take their case then arjun came forward….and ap mortgage mm house
Arjun arranged bail for all…….
In mm

Dp-i am sorry ap ,.….I always considered u shame to represent as my wife but you are my pride …..you showed me love, family matters more than money
Dp falls on feet and apologized to ragini…….ragini forgive him and all
Dp-its all because of my jamai sparsh….with his goodness he turned all
Ap-you are right ji …..I thought to remarry them in our temple…
Dp- no are u mad….
Uttra relief
Dp- we will marry them with all ritual in front of all….whole state will see….our only daughter…..is going to marry that man who is not only financially rich but have golden heart
Sanskar- only sister of three brother’s
Uttra thinks
Uttra- they will definitely make me uttra swara malhotra
Voice- really dp ji u will make her marry again

Sahil- but I am planning for her divorce
Adarsh- heyy sahil I only left the weapons but didn’t forget to use them
Sahil-control your anger man…..first ask your sister who is arjun raichand
Sanskar-what to ask her….arjun is our lawyer
Sahil- that lawyer who sleep with his client
Sanskar raise his hand but stopped by dp
Dp- how dare u to abuse my daughter …..she is happily married
Sahil- and having extra marital affair with her lawyer
Uttra-what proof u have
Sahil through many photos of her and arjun …..
Uttra- Its Mumbai photo we love each other and want to marry each other
Sahil- u still love arjun
Uttra-yes but
Sahil- you still in relationship with him
Uttra-yes ..but
Sahil- yesterday night u made relationship with him
Uttra didn’t say anything
Sahil- u have your mother oath
Ap-say something damit
Uttra bends her face…all shocks…ap slaps her
Ap- u betrayed husband like sparsh..he faced every trouble for u ,,,for u he united your family
Uttra- maa sparsh is not my husband we acted so that I can escape from marrying this sahil
Ap slaps uttra

Ap- chiii uttra for escaping from marriage ………u shared ur room with man without marriage
Uttra- sparsh is not a man ….sparsh is a girl swara
As at a time swara comes …ap comes to her give tight slap and remove the make up and turban …..sanskar shocked to see swara….
Ap-shame on u …..u are worse than animal…. Dp ji was right u don’t have pure blood
Swara keep quite….she abuse more
Ragini- shameless creatures……
Uttra- maa she is innocent….
Sanskar- swara you are more worse than those girls who slept with me
Voice-heyyyyy control your tongue
Uttra- arjun
Arjun-be in your limit your sister herself slept with me
Arjun- she is the one who was behind me…..she herself agree to sleep with me in consideration to money
Uttra- but you ….arjun we love each other ……you want time..because you said you can only present our relationship to your parents after ur elder brother Marriage
Sahil- after mine
Uttra- what
Arjun- yeah my elder brother sahil raichand
Sahil-for your kind info I have married two months before
Uttra understand that she was cheated she break down
Dp holds arjun collar why did you do this to my child
Arjun- leave my collar don’t forget I am your lawyer
Swara- with lot of efforts I send you their
Another shock to all

Swara- one bottle of shampian destroyed u sanskar.and adarsh when my guards hitted u I got ur print and laksh yours is so easy…and dp ji yours was taken by her…..point her index finger to a direction
All get third shock by seeing urvashi
Ap- it means
Swara- I send her to your life
Ragini- why did u do it
Swara- your in laws has snatched my everything I came to take their happiness
Laksh- get the hell out of my house
Sahil- sorry laksh but its mine now ….and show property papers
They moves to room then all goes to their respective room all cry their heart out in their room
Next day
All hear crying sound of Uttra….all went towardsdoor and see sahil standing
Sahil-my Bro is enjoying let him enjoy
Sanskar holds sahil neck I will kill u …
Adarsh -don’t waste our time on him let’s break the door
Sahil moves forward
Sahil-before opening door see down
They shocks to see media full covered in hall
Sahil-if you have gutts open the door or come down
They comes down heavy heartedly cursing themselves for their helplessness. ..gadodiya and raichand were also present Shekhar and hasina shocks to see each other after years…interview finished after an hour
Arjun comes out to hall…Ragini tells every thing to sumi and Shekhar
Sumi-shame on u….how could u….and swara being a girl u did this to another girl
Before further debate continue they see fire in Uttra room they all run towards the room to save Uttra but fails to do so….all are sitting in hall crying cursing themselves …Ragini’s blood boils by seeing these 3
Ragini holds arjun collar

Ragini -how could u do this because of u we lost Uttra ….how do u know how it feels pain of loosing some one and being helpless
Arjun jerks her hands
Arjun-i know that pain Ragini you faced it once I faced it many times Ragini. …I have standed many times outside the door hearing my mom painful cry …..like a helpless son whose soul your father and mother in law killed. ….I was only ten years Ragini
Dp-who are u
Arjun-your nephew. …arjun son of sujata malhotra /maheshwari your sister…..when dad died we came to dp because mom trusted him but he for money he sold mom to many …being a lady sumi ji your samdhan Ap has supported her husband …know you have understood my pain
Dp Ap falls on their feet and cry vigorously for their sin
Swara-firstly my parents made me orphan by leaving me alone. …then god given me an angel sujata ji my suji ma she has given me the name swara malhotra. …I never want to become rich I earned so that you can free my suji maa …but u ….because of u both my maa killed herself. …….I became orphan again. …because of u…..I will give you my whole property can u give my maa back
Ap Dp don’t have any answer
swara -i want to show you how I feels when you loose your dear once
Swara bring Uttra. …all became happy emotional

Arjun -we know what is dignity for a girl I never touch Uttra nor in hotel nor today it was recorded sound ..in hotel I have given her sleeping pills ….u are pure Uttra
Sahil- your money which is robbed is re-shifted to bank all the case were taken back
Swara-here is your property papers
All mm heads where down in shame sad Ap Dp is crying for their sin
Ap Dp holds foots of Swara and arjun
Ap-please forgive us
Dp-please don’t show mercy to us
Swara-it’s my suji maa last wish to teach u importance of relationship and love. ..show u want is brother and sister relationship
Arjun -learn from your sons
Dp curse himself for hurting sister like sujata
2 years leap
In this two years everything changed dp become kind hearted person who helps widow and functions many ngo for them and loyal to his wife …same as Ap she fights for victim womens. ..Shekhar and hasina came to know swara is their daughter. ..
Arjun has married Uttra and had two children rishab,abhey
Pari has given birth to three children sparsh,samar, ananya
Sahil has one son atharav
And Ragini know about her gems attractions and came in right path and gives birth to twins samaira and varun
Sanskar is single realise his mistakes started self defence center for girls and realised his love for swara
But nobody knows where is she …she given her everything to maheshwari gadodiya and raichand
In village ground
A girl is playing with children they are playing football a child comes running
Child -swara jiji someone is came to see u
In office
Swara comes and see a man his back is visible
Swara-excuse me
Man turn it’s sanskar
Sanskar give tight slap to swara
Sanskar -where the hell where u in this two years we all where finding you as a mad
Swara-i know. …I know each and every activities of all….it’s good all have changed
Sanskar pin her to wall
Sanskar -then why can’t you seen my pain … in each and every moment I waited for u in this two years…
Swara-why sanskar
Sanskar -because I love you damit

Swara-do you want to sleep with me
Next moment she feel burning sensation in her cheeks Sanskar is standing in full on anger with red eyes burning in anger …he smashed his lips with her he show his whole anger on her lips …after 5 mints they apart Both breathing heavily. ..
Sanskar -don’t insult my love again
Swara-di u remember our first kiss. …sanskar remember it stand two feet away…all comes
Dp- please forgive me please come back
Shekhar -because of me u suffered a lot
Hassina-being your mother I did injustice to u
Ap-we don’t need anything rather then u
Uttra-plz swara
Sahil-this is your property papers which u given to us …this is our property papers mm gadodiya raichand property is merged and everything we transfer in your name plzzz come back
Arjun -swara mom always wanted you to be happy. ..u always cried for family love know you are getting it in extra large packet 3 dad’s 3 mom’s 3 brothers 3 bhabhi 1 sister 1 brother in law and 10 nephews and extra large family
Swara in tears of happiness nodes in yes
Sanskar -but for that you have to marry me
Swara-if I say no to you
Sanskar disappear .all -where is he
Sanskar -in her foots. .(.fake crying)…swara i am already 30 now no.girls are giving much attention to me…..look all are settled I am only remaining. .I want to become father of 5 children ….mummy ..say her to marry me
All bust out in laugh swara nodes yes all kids comes in and see Swara. ..before their parents introduce them they jump on swara by calling sammie maasi/bua. .
Elders look angrily at swara…she smiles innocently ….
Then what swasan get married as sanskar said they have 5 children …and their names………………………they will decide. ..kuch kaam aunko bhi krne do. ….?????

Thank you friends to tolerate me if any mistake happen forgive me …miss u frnds

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    Ohhhh Krishnaaaa !!!!

    1.DP turned into kind hearted man,,helps widows..
    2.AP fights for victim womens..
    3.Sanskar opening self defense center for girlzz..
    4.Swara u have 10 nephews..
    5.I want 5 children…

    ohhhhh Goshhh !!!! after reading all this i roll down on bed holding my stomach…
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    Let me tell you my points, ahem ahem..
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    3.Haww,everyone is giving birth of Twins and Triplets and sanky want 5 children???.. Mummyyy, my head is spinning??..
    Take care dear… Keep smiling… Keep writing like this…

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  11. It wz superb dear ….bt y uh ended it…it wz dfrnt plot….
    Stay blessed
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    Sanskar’s last lines was really funny..now I’m 30.no one is paying attention..Mummy say her to marry me
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