swara bani ghar jamai (episode-8)

Recap-swara wakes up shouting sujata’s name
Uttra wakes up by her shout
Uttra- what happen
Swara- nothing u sleep….I will be back
Uttra- where are you going??
Uttra- I also come
Swara-no uttra plzz
Uttra nodes
Swara comes out and sit on bench and thinks

A lady is cryingly pour kerosene oil on herself
Lady-ram why you left me alone in this cruel world……I can’t complain others when my brother and bhabhi himself broken me and myself respect
A girl of 10yrs comes running try to open the door but can’t she hit the door so she went Toward window and shock
Girl-sujata maa plz don’t do it I have no one other than you
Sujata-swara I can’t swara my bhaiya and bhabhi has killed my soul I am only burning my body…I can fulfill their desire for money
Swara- maa today I have earned 30rs you give it your brother
Sujata- beta u cant understand anything know when u grow up then u understand
Swara- maaa
Sujata- beta u have to fulfill my last wish
Tell something to swara and burn herself
Flashback ends

Swara- maaa
A lady put hand on swara’s shoulder .….swara turn
Swara turn and see two person one lady another man
Swara-urvashi(dp’s paa)
Urva-mam I have a douth
Swara- what’s that
Urva-mam you yourself brought me to dp’s life a torchered ap…..and u only built confidence in ap to face me …why
Swara- toote hue ko todne kya maaza…ek masbut imarth ko hilane apne hi maaza h
Urva-means u built confidence in her to break into pieces
Mysterious person-when u came here for revenge then why you united them
Swara- if they didn’t became one then how will they feel the pain of speration
Swara- go from here anyone can see u
Both nodes and go
Next day
All are having breakfast but swara is not present
Ap- where is damad ji
Uttra- he is sleeping… He isn’t feeling. Well
Ap-what happen
Uttra- some stress
Ragini- if you don’t mind can I ask u something
Uttra-yeah bhabhi
Ragini- who is swara????
Uttra face color changes
Uttra- thinks did she get to know about swara
Uttra- why what happen bhabhi
Ragini- actually yesterday in garden I saw sparsh crying by saying something and I heard swara….I thought its not right to disturb him
Uttra- swara actually she is sparsh’s
Laksh- jiju’s
Uttra-sparsh’s hhhhh
Ap- what happen
Uttra- first love
voice-my past
Swara-anything else
Ragini- and suji maa

Uttra face changed to fearful face and swara face turned sad and angry
Ragini- actually I saw you yesterday crying by saying this two name
Uttra- bhabhi where is araav and anjali
Ragini- they are getting ready….su
Uttra interrupt again
Uttra- maa many days happen we didn’t go for shopping
Ap- yes…..
Sanky- we will go today
Dp-you didn’t say about suji
Uttra- dad its late today you don’t want to go office
All understand by uttra behavior that she wants to divert the topic
Dp- hmmmm……more over suji must be his
swara gets up and go her room
Uttra- dad all are not u…..
Uttra runs toward her room where swara is madly searching for her injection… Uttra lock the door and try to calm swara but this tym she is more violent …..swara holds uttra’s chin
Swara-where is my infection
Uttra- I won’t give you
Swara- uttra I will kill u
Uttra- do it but I won’t
Swara became out of control in this process she hit uttra head on wall …blood starts coming from her wound ….swara is becoming as fish without water uttra is trying maximum to control her in this process uttra get many injury
By hearing sound sanlakadi broke the door and shock to see the senerio uttra is hugging swara to make her normal and uttra is injured …..and falls unconscious…uttra make her sleep
Adarsh- what’s happening
Ragini- hurt u this much
Ap- I didn’t imagine him like this
Uttra-bhabhi you asked who is suji Max
Rags nodes
Uttra- bhabi suji maa is his yashodha maa….whose death live a scratch on his heart and unknowingly scratched his wound….
Sanskar- but your wound
Uttra- it happen while controlling him
Rags- come I will give first aid
Uttra goes with rags

In evening
Sanskar get a call from swara
Sanskar- hi how’s u
Swara- bored yrr are u free
Sanskar- always for beautiful girls
Swara- thnx yrr
Sanskar- oh hello madam I am talking about beautiful girls not chimpanzee like u
Swara- you idiot…actually iam idiot to ask u
Sanskar- cool down ..yeah I am free know
Swara- so let’s rock and roll
Sanskar- where are u….I will pick u
Swara- outside your enterprise
Sanskar- whattt…
Swara-today little change always boys come to pick girls and do everything for girls but today lets do it in reverse
Sanskar- sure …crazy girl
As sanskar comes out see swara waiting for him holding flowers
Swara comes toward sanskar
Swara- flowers for most handsome man
Sanskar- thank you
Swara- let’s go
Sanskar- sure
Swara opens the car door for sanky
Sanskar- thanx ….and sit inside
Sanskar-ohk where are u taking me then
Swara- first shopping then movie, long drive then dinner last I will drop you home
Sanskar- wao long plan…are u trying to impress me
Swara- no to flirt with you
Outside mall
Swara opens the door for sanskar a take him to dress area
Swara- sanskar select dress for u
Sanskar- no yrr I have many
Swara-so just do it
Sanskar select one formal dress and comes toward counter
Swara- this yrr…when we girls come for shopping with boys we purchase minimum 5dress
Sanskar- but…its enough for me
Swara- I know u so I selected for u….plzz include this one also ….how much
Salesman- 2.5lakhs
Sanskar- this much
Swara- when u are on date or more over someone is dating you so they don’t think about money okay
Swara-ssshhhh…and gives her credit card…let’s go
Swara gives him teddy bear
Sanskar- why teddy
Swara- as gift give roses which I have given then chocolate and teddy….boys loves to drinks that I can’t give u in public place
Swara-lets have panipuri competition
Sanskar okay they both goes to have panipuri as swara is missing she given extra money to stallkeeper to mix chilly powder in sanskar plate as planned swara win sanskar feel something fisy so he taste swaras plate golgappa so he came to know about her trick

Swara run away sanskar insert golgappa forcefully in stall keeper mouth and goes in search of swara …..then they go to watch movie when finished all girls where seeing sanskar
Swara- tumhare ghar m baap bhai ni h kya
Sanskar laugh swara gives her bag to sanky and goes to take car
Mean while swara phone ring its show sparsh name and his photo(swara mistakenly taken uttras phone)sanskar remembered morning incident…and think to ask swara
Swara comes and later they goes to beach and then swara takes sanskar to other direction through water bike
Their is beautiful arrangement’s where done both enjoy a lot swara gives shampain bottle to sanskar he open it …
Swara-thnx for wonderful evening
Sanskar-can I ask u something
Sanskar- who is sparsh
Swara spite out the drink
Swara- what
Sanskar-who is sparsh
Swara think to play with him
Swara- sparsh my love
Sanskar shockingly
Sanskar- you are still in relationship
Swara- yes
Sanskar- he is married
Swara- so what
Sanskar- but his wife
Swara- I have no problem
Sanskar- shout how shameless you are eyeing someone else hubby
Swara- cool down I know he is your sisters husband… I am kidding we were in relationship its true but in past
Sanskar relaxed
Sanskar- why you both breakup
Swara- we were not meant for each other…..but we are friends he still care for me
Sanskar-only care or something
Swara- sanskar all are not your like your dad …..
Sanskar- swaraaaaa
Swara- don’t shout ……..we are here for enjoy…. I know the difference BTW friend and bf
They spend some time then swara drop him outside mm
Sanskar- sorry for spoiling your mood
Swara- thnx
Sanskar- for what
Swara- nothing…bye
Sanskar goes in
Swara call someone
Swara-got his figure print from bottle
Swara- get on your work..cut the Call
Swara-sanskar tumhe andazaa bhi ni h tumhre saat kya hone wala h
Next day morning
One priest has came to mm
Ragini- namaste
Priest- god bless u
All comes and wish priest
Ap- I have called him for doing Pooja for welfare of family and find oa good day to remarry sparsh and uttra
Swara and uttra shocks
Uttra- maa what’s the need we are already married
Adarsh- but we didn’t saw it
Uttra- but
Laksh- no more argument
Swara to uttra -get ready to became uttra swara malhotra
Uttra- you
Swara- look aunty how she speaking to her husband …I am not mad to remarry this dayan instead of her is their ragini I am ready
Laksh- anything u said
Swara- nothing ragini is good for lucky

In couple they came to take blessing from priest
First ap and dp take blessing
priest- beti your husband tym is very bad… death is surrounding around him….
Ap-any remedy
Priest- do mahamrityum jai jap before sun rise for a month
Then adarsh and pari
Priest-little Krishna is coming soon as your son ….
Then raglak
Priest- ragini that tym is near where u have to became cover to your family…… U have to became strong
Swara insist uttra to go with sanky
Prist-sanskar you have to face a very bad time …..uttra your life is going to became hell history of mm is going start from u
Ap- please do some remedy
Priest- hawao ne tufaan ka roop leliya h …..jb woh toofan in maheshwari mansion se takryega Sab tehes nehes hojyga….koi tod nii h …bus bhagwan se dua karo ……aur gharhshanti ka paat krwao
Pari- sparsh bhai u too take blessing from god
Swara- I don’t trust in god and all
Priest- have many complaints from him …because he done injustice with u….u burried sorrow in your heart
Swara- plz ha swara goes out
Priest bye all and see swara out
Priest- u dont have faith ….dont burn what he given to u
Swara- dont worry about me ….go worry for them …who are going to face the hell…swara goes
Priest- god please help them to face the hell
In next morning
All are sitting in hall and watching news
Maheshwari bank locker is opened when in morning staff comes and whole locker is clean from accountant we known that it contain 100crore rs
But breaking news is that this locker is not open forcefully nor it is broken so its clear it is open with key lets here from the manager
Manager- it only be open with dp sir sanlak ,adarsh sir thumb impression together
Reporter -so it shows maheshwari’s have envolvement in robbery
All stands in shock

Recap- police arrest maheshwari men…..ap mortagage mm and sahil purchase it

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