swara bani ghar jamai (episode-7)

Recap:ap slaps dp
Ap- what kind of Man you are …in world father do anything for making their children successful but u are different who destroyed his own children
Sanky- you didn’t thought for once
Ragini-if you had problem with me. .instead of doing this you must have told me once
Uttra- what will we will tell to kids ….

Swara- send them with their nani..more over these two never accepted them
K.mother-okay I will take them with me

Ragini-heyyyy dare not to touch my children. ..got that they are not anything to you. …they are my kids …dare not to think about them otherwise I will not think again before killing you…get the hell out of here

Ragini- yes Laksh because of others they suffered a lot not anymore
Laksh-yes Ragini you are right. ..know onwards they are our kids
Ragini falls on her feet and touch Laksh feet
Ragini -I am sorry for not trusting you
Laksh make her stand
Laksh-its not your mistake

Uttra- enough of crying it’s tym to celebrate your union
Pari -yes let’s go to club and rock and roll
Ap- Pari
Pari bits her lower lips
Pari- sorry mummy ji

Ap- Pari I am saying good idea…
Sanskar- sorry I have a meeting sorry guys it’s important
Lucky- it’s okay….a adarsh bhai
Pari- must be with his gangster funds
Uttra- we must go to club dramaka
Swara- yes we will go to club but not with raglak
Laksh- why jiju

Swara- first stop calling me jiju
Laksh- no because of this relationship I got my rago back
Swara- that’s why I’m saying you guys are together after a long tym spend some time together
Ragini- but we want to
Ap- Sparsh is right we all will go tomorrow u too go today
Both nodes Laksh become excited but Ragini is not
All goes to their room

Uttra room
Uttra- thnx yrr
Swara- but still your two brothers remaining and your dad
Uttra- I know you will bring them to right path
Swara- hope so.
Pari comes to them
Pari- Uttra come mummy ji is calling you to take children to see movie
Uttra-okay I am coming

Rags room
Ragini is getting ready for dinner date but not happy she her don’t know the reason. ..while swara is passing through and see Rags
Swara- hey Ragini you are looking good
Ragini- thnx Sparsholt

Swara- but try gown yrr it’s your date
Ragini – I don’t know much about passion
Swara- because you are already beautiful …let me check today I will make u ready
Swara opens cupboard and search the dress and find a beautiful blue dress
Swara – here you go. ..Ragini try this
Ragini – sure

Swara- 100%
Ragini goes to Wash room and change and comes out
Swara- great.. know come in will do make up

Swara made Rags sit swara applied make up on Ragini ‘s face and put diamond necklace on her neck diamond earrings and bangle and made Ragini ‘s hair open
Swara- you are ready

Ragini – thnx
As Ragini get up her dress zib opens she tried hard to close it…so swara help her by swara’s touch Ragini start breathing heavily swara see her reaction but wipes it out
Swara – let’s go

Swaragini comes down Laksh mesmerising to see Ragini …they both goes to hotel
Hotel room
Laksh eat their dinner and then dance romantically ….as in flow Laksh see Ragini with love so he picked her in his arm and place her on bed and comes on her …..as making love Ragini is trying her best to participate but can’t she is present their only physically not mentally after an hour Laksh exsosted so he sleep beside Ragini
Ragini gets up and cover herself with bedsheet and go inside washroom and open shower and sit under it

In isolated place
Adarsh and his guards were coming out after attending meeting. ..then suddenly group of people attacked adarsh his tried to defend but failed and his friends run away and later his guards also run away …adarsh was beaten up

In mm
All were sitting Pari get call from someone get know about adarsh ….she tell about this to all …all comes to hospital

City hospital

Doctor -through him out we don’t treat don
All comes by hearing it
Sanskar-doctor what are you telling …it’s your duty
Doctor -let him die..creep like him die people will celebrate. ….because of him lots of people has lost their beloved one
Ap- please doctor save my son

All tried but failed then Pari takes scalpin from tray and hold doctor neck
Pari- go and treat my husband if you do anything intensional I will kill u and burn this hospital
Doctor – ok ….
Doctor goes to operation theatre where already adarsh treatment has been done
Doctor – shift him to ward after 5 mints

In ward
Adarsh was lying sadly
Ap- how are you beta
Adarsh -better mom

Ap- if you have any problem just tell us
Adarsh-teary eye…no maa
Ap-is it paining
Adarsh – no maa I am fine
Sanky- you all go i will stay with him

All goes Pari once look at adarsh and goes
Sanky-bhai I will come
Adarsh -okay
As Sanky goes swara comes
Swara- what are you thinking? ??
Adarsh no reply

Swara- I will tell….you are shock to see pari’s avtar.

Adarsh -hurt her so much but still she saved me
Swara- you know why because she loves you. ..u consider girls as toys…your mother compromised her life for her children better life your wife compromised her life for family but when you said to harm them you seen her kaali roop and today to save u she became Durga. .this strength is only with women for family they tolerate every torcher but when it comes to their family they can do anything
Adarsh – I am lucky to have such mom and wife
Swara-bhai underworld seems to be powerful but when you really need them they wouldn’t be their for u as yesterday

Adarsh – how u know
Swara-actually they were my guards who beaten up
Adarsh – what
Swara- sorry to show you reality

Adarsh -thnx jija ji
Swara- jija ji
Adarsh – in age you must be smaller but in terms of relationship and love u are elder
This all was heard by sanskar
Sanskar goes out and think about swara’s word and Sparsh words

In hotel
Ragini sitting under shower comes out wearing wet bedsheet lucky wakes up…..by seeing her Laksh desire wakes up

Laksh comes and take round around Ragini and back huge her and kiss her shoulder and turn her and kiss her lips wildly after 10mints they apart and breath heavily Rags turn to opposite side ….Laksh pull bedsheet Rags became naked Laksh comes towards her and give wet kisses on her bare back and hold her on his arm and place her on bed and undress himself and comes on her and gives wet kiss on her nape ……suck her nipple and love bits on her br*ast and comes downward and kiss her legs and then comes up and kiss her lips again hardly and wildly then enter into her hardly
Ragini- slowly

Ragini began to moan louder it increases the desire in Laksh. ..he do it wildly
Ragini- screen his name..before Ragini could say Laksh kiss her lips and from one hand he is pressing her br*asts then he again comes down kiss her private part……after sometimes he comes back and again enter into her this Ragini screams loudly he made love till morning
Ragini get ready and Laksh taking bath

Laksh -Ragini please give me towel
Ragini knock the door Laksh opens it and pull Ragini inside under the shower
Ragini – what are you doing
Laksh- romancing with my wife
Ragini- I have only this clothes
Laksh – that’s the problem
Laksh remove her clothes and kiss her and spend quality ti
me but Ragini is not at all happy

In mm
Adarsh came back to mm
Adarsh – maa I am sorry I never respected you nor supported please forgive me
Ap-beta I happy u realise it
Dp-what are you doing ?asking sorry from this idiot
Adarsh- shout dadd behave u are talking to my mom
Adarsh-Pari I have done unforgiven crime with us…but still forgive me….Pari bring your parents back i promise I will never harm them

Adarsh-i want to start a new life with you. …I am not forcing u .if will find a respected job….if you don’t want. …then gives divorce paper i have sign it …you are free

Pari- gives tight slap to adarsh. ..how dare you to sign ha….and tears it hug adarsh
Sanskar comes he also apologies to Ap
Dp- all became mad….and nd goes

Ap-jamai raja u fulfilled your promise
Swara-i told u only dare to take step God will help you in taking next
Ragini -thnx to show me mirror
Swara- sshh stop it Ragini
Ragini smiles

Pari-you have chosen real diamond
Uttra- thnx

Uttra room
Swara-uttu baby I have won
Uttra- but dad is remaining
Swara- he is Hitler. …okay I am going for meeting
Uttra- come soon
Swara – kyu biwi..you want to rape me

Uttra- wait I will tell u
Swara runs and Uttra behind her with sandals swara runs out Uttra also all mm except Dp see them
Swara-sandal no
Uttra through it swara bend it falls
Swara- kaminiiiiiiiiii
Uttra-i won’t spare u

Swara -let’s see
Uttra hold vask and run behind swara…
Swara-somebody save me a gorilla is behind me
Uttra-u chimpanzee

Swara-uttu bulldozer
Uttra- you are dead know
In running both falls from stairs Uttra on top of swara
Swara-someone please take this buffalo from me
Sanky help them

Uttra – are blind can u see
Swara- yeah I blind that’s why I married ostrich like u
Uttra- u champachameli
Ap- enough
Lucky -why are you both fighting
Swara- aunty look how she treat her husband

Ap- but why you both are fighting
Swara-i just said while I pack my dress up bring coffee
Ragini -i will make coffee for you
Swara-Ragini please teach her some thing otherwise I have to leave office and become cook
Sanky-where are you going

Swara- outside kolkatta for a meeting ..I will return tomorrow
As all goes and swara to dehradoon
Swara’s meeting finished as returning swara see sanskar talking on phone and truck is coming to him swara save him

Swara-that day you saved me today I did balance clear
Sanskar thnx and apologies to her swara forgive him he asked for friendship swara refused but sanskar followed her till she agreed they spend good tym they gone to see valley
Sanskar – told you shifted in u.s in childhood you have no one here
Sanky – they swara why u came here

Swara- kai saal phle kisi ne mjhse meri duniyaaa chinlii ti m ause auski duniyaaa chinne ayi hu
Swara -avoid let’s go

In night
Swara seeing dream in which a lady is putting kerosene oil on herself and lite fire on herself
Swara wake up by shouting sujata management

Recap-a mysterious man-when u came to revenge then why you United them
…..Ap-we should make swayam and Uttra marriage with all rituals

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