swara bani ghar jamai (episode-6)

Recap- childrens tried to suicide
Swara went to hospital …….where was talking to her subordinates…. Swara comes and drag her from their to her car and made her sit forcefully and drive the car to beach
On beach
Swara step out ragini also
Ragini- what is this ha ?is this a way to behave
Swara slaps ragini…ragini shocks
Swara- ragini I didn’t slap u because you didn’t accepted the children or didn’t care about them as a mother……you why because I know youcare for them fulfill their requirement daily hiddingly u see them going and come from school
Ragini didnt reply

Swara- holds ragini’s shoulders i know you are not god to accept your husband mistake….no one can ragini….no one can do it
Ragini- i am also human sparsh..it hurts me when see their face i remember laksh betrail
Swara- ragini they are kids they wont understand why you hate them..ragini in morning you told them to die so you can live happily…they tried to do suicide ragini
Ragini- shocks…..i di…didnt mean it
Swara- this I am telling u …they are kids how would they understand what is stopping u ,hurting u
Swara- dont treat them as your child at least treat them as human being…..swara goes toward car but stops by hearing ragini
Ragini- saying is so easy who can accept illegal child and who did
Swara- your mother Mrs gadodiya did it ….by accepting u
Ragini comes and hold swara’s collor
Ragini- what you mean by that

Swara- you are not daughter of sharmistha ji and shekhar ji
Ragini slaps swara what you mean
Swara- you are the illegal child of sumi’s first husband then they divorced and married of shekhar ji after one year your biological father meet with an accident and died at that tym you are only 2 yes old …..no one want to take care of of you that tym s&s bought u home
Ragini fall on her feet and cry…….swara console her
Ragini- I want to met them plzzzz
Swara- okay but don’t let them know that you know the truth
Ragini- butt
Swara- rago when u hurt them then also they don’t wanted that you know the truth so do show them
Swarag goes to baadi swara stand outside and call someone
Swara- I want complete report till evening
Caller- it will cost more
Swara- I don’t care
Caller- okay mam
Swara turn toward car at that gym shekhar pass he feel something and goes
After an hour rags comes happily and hugs swara
in film city
Laksh play the role of heroin dad all the act is played same as happen at the tym of his marriage and shekhars slap and all
By this laksh realise his mistake and go toward baadi
Outside gd mension

Laksh couldnt able to gather courage he turned to return but see swara
Swara- today you take step back then cannot able to take this step again
Laksh- i have no courage
Swara- do for your love
Laksh- will u plz come with me
Swara- okay
As they entered swara shock to see shekher
Apology drama take place in last
Shekhar – say if rags forgive u we will forgive u
Sumi- who is he(pointing toward swara)
Laksh- my jija ji ,uttra’s husband
Shekhar- fold hand infront of swara…thanx for uniting our daughter with us
Swara smiles painfully
Sumi- your parents must have done some good work to get child like you ,,,uttra’s has selected daimond for
Swara hides her tears smiles and go out
In hotel room
Sanskar is going to kiss a girl but he remember swara ….sanky remove girl dress and push her on bed and comes on her but he is memorising swara face her tears
Sanky- here is you money go
Girl – but we didnt started yet
Sanky-i dont want today go from here
Girl goes sanky call someone
Sanky- i want that girl complete report…i dont how u do it ….how much u want i give u
Sanky- who are you??? You are disturbing me
Sanky- i will find u in any cost
In mm

Rags comes and apologies to kids
Rags- i am sorry kids
Anjali- for what mam
Rags- mamma call me mamma
Both- mamma…tears are flowing from their eyes
Ap&pari is seeing happiness and tears while men with shock
Laksh comes and apologize from ragini
Laksh- rags plz forgive me for separating u from your family
Rags looks towards swara and understand
Laksh-for my betrayal i am not eligible for asking apology for it
Ragini- happy to hear u realize it
Police comes ….ap send children inside
Sanky- officer u here
Police- to met laksh
Laksh- what I have done
Police- actually Mr sm has reopened kavvya rape case
Laksh- jiju why you did it
Swara- because I have some south
Police- in re inquiry we came to know that you have no raped kavya
All shocks except one
Rags- what

Police-by expert examination so footage we came to know its fake one and we get original footage in which some people are taking laksh to kavya room and they lied him their
Pari- then how she get pregnant
Swara- that answer will be given by kavya’s mom
K.mom comes and tell kavya was pregnant before that night and its was the result of her affair
Rags slaps her
Rags- why you distroyed my life
K.mother- we get money to do it
Sanky- who given it
Km- durga prasad maheshwar as he does nt like rags status
Dp-its false story made by sparsh
Police- here are the DNA report….. Which says laksh is not the father of Arav and anjali
Laksh- dad is it true
Dp- laksh listen
Laksh- yes or no
Dp- shouts….yes I did it because I tried many way to separate her from u…
Before dp continue he get tight slap from ap

Recap-swara shoots sujata’s name swasan friend ship…..rags dilema

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