swara bani ghar jamai (episode-4)

Recap-dp raise hand on ap but swara hold it

Swara- sasur ji control your hand ….man should raise his hand to protect his lady not to beat
Dp- its only because of u ap get the wings
Swara- thnx for the complement
Dp- come sanskar we go out and have fun
Lucky- I am also coming
All men’s go
Rags- what’s the use of this boldness they find other way to have fun
Swara- aunty its only a first step trust yourself
Ap- nodes and go followed by rags and pari
Uttra- rags bhabi was like you when came here…dad didn’t liked her as her family background was not like us……
Swara- hmmmm he must have tried to break her relationship
Uttra- yeah but failed because bhai supported her and helped her to became doctor but his one mistake broken her completely
swara- I have to go to dida for visit
Uttra- who is she
Swara- fb friend
Uttra- when
Swara- tomorrow
Uttra- okay come its late
Adarsh comes and call pari
Swara uttra smirk seeing him
they both again made him fear and sleeps

Next day
Swara goes to meet dida and return
Swara- time to became Jamai raja
As swara going a car hitted her its minor accident
Swara- hey you don’t have eyes
Person in the car step out
Swara- sanskar
Sanskar- hey you ..can’t you walk by seeing
Swara- look signal its red
Sanskar- so what signal are meant to break
Swara- its useless to talk to u
Sanskar- come I will drop u
Swara- on your bed
Sanskar- not a bad idea..if I touch u it will increase your value
Swara- if that’s the way to increase my value then I will prefer the real man not a used tissue paper like you
Sanskar blood boiled swara turned to go but sanky hold her hand tightly
Swara- leave me
Sanskar forcefully made her sit in car and drive to his pent house……

Outside penthouse
Sanskar comes out and swara also come out
Swaa- why you brought me here ???? Let me go
Sanskar hold her in his arm as bridal style….swara struggle to free herself…..sanskar takes her to his bedroom and through her on bed…swara seeing him fearfully ,,sanskar open his suit …swara gets up from bed and runs toward gate but sanky hold her and pin her to wall
Sanskar-with angry face what you mean by real man
Swara- plzzz leave me
Sanskar tighten his grip on her waist
Swara- real man means the one who respect women who cares his lady as mother protect as father support as siblings and became cover to her from all evils respect her feelings
Sanskar- why you called me used tissue…..sanskar maheshwari has used different girls to fulfill my lust…..lots of girls want me in night
Swara-why can’t you see many girls used you to fulfill their desire….and u said right They only want you in night in morning no one want them sported with u in morning because society will considerS them pr*stituted who is with Casanova
Sanky blood boiled he through her on bed and comes on her and kiss her wildly his one hand is holding her hands above her head and his other one is pressing her br*ast
Firstly she was trying to free herself then she starts getting vision where 6 boys where passing a girl to each other like ball
Sanskar break the kiss and seeing her victoriously he don’t know he was going to regrat swara opens her eyes with full force push sanskar
Swara stands on bed and shouts like a mad and see sanskar with extreme anger and kick him on his private part and start beating him like beast
Swara holds sanskar neck….swara controlled herself some how and run away

In mm
Swara entered mm secretly in her room
Uttra- what happen
Swara- I want that know
Uttra- takes an injunction and insert it on her shoulder swara falls unconscious
Uttra calls someone and inform it
In morning
Ap- look na Jamai ji our plan flop
Rags- mom by listening him u did it very bad idea
Swara- she tried to shot out not like u who only know to ommitte poison
Rags- mind your words
Swara- truth is bitter only
Rags goes angrily
Swara- aunty if you really want your family to be in track.…then cut the main source of their confidence
Ap- what’s that
Swara- cash….
Ap- but how
Swara- don’t forget u are 51%owner of maheshwari groups
Ap-so u became the in charge of mm
Swara- aunty I told u its your fight
Ap- but I don’t know ABC of business
Swara- for that u have your assistant com jamai
In rags hospital
Ragini is sitting sadly then a small girls come and give chocolate and girl run away then another small boy comes and give sorry card
Rags- baby who given u this
But kid run away
Then a delivery boy comes and give two big teddy bears
Rags- who has send this
D.boy- mam only address was mentioned no name
Rags-okay….then rags see a guy covering his face with buckey
Rags- know who are u
Guy show his face its our swara and rags sparsh
Rags-u anything remaining to insult me
Swara- I am sorry
Rags- apology didn’t accepted…..goes to see patients
Swara roamed around her for her apology did many method many antiques at last rags smiled swara in exitment hugs rags and kiss on her checks …rags shocks and patients close their eye in shy
Swara understands
Swara- sorry once again and run way
Patient- doctor you are lucky to have caring and loving hubby like him
Rags stand in shock

In night
All men comes in as storm
Dp- how dare u to sale my shares
Ap- jb plz tell him
Swara- as company is facing financial problem for completing many project by investigation its founded that its because of you three used companies fund for personal expense so by discussion with board of director and our major shareholder
Ap- that company compensate its loss by selling your 49% shares
Dp&lucky- whattttt
Sanskar- mom for showing your attitude u know what you have done
Lucky- mom you have sold our half company dad’s share on this house
Ap- what this house
Dp- yes duffer this house also
Ap- sparsh you don’t told me about this
Adarsh- how this beggar know about business
Dp calls lawyer he came to mm
Where all were sitting while swara eating food without tension
Uttra- know what happen
Swara- chillex
Dp tell everything
Lawyer-what you want from me
Sanky- we want our property back
Laksh- as share were sold in the absence of its owner
Swara- oh genius in company law its clearly written if company is facing any losses due to certain member and that member is unable to payback so company can sell his share get the amount
Lawyer- he is right and more over co. Major shareholder permission is their
Sanskar- who is the purchaser
Lawyer- the great sm
Dp-the sm who is the richest person of the world
Lawyer- yes but sm has purchased on behalf
Adarsh-whose behalf
Lawyer-this is house purchased on behalf of parneeta adarsh maheshwari and company on behalf of ragini laksh maheshwari
All- shocks

Frnds thnx for the support …..yes stg I was the writer of ragini I am coming your swara is coming
Frnds you want that all know sm is swara/sparsh

Recap- swara knows a big screat…….rags confusion

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