swara bani ghar jamai (episode-3)

Recap- swara get injured
Swara- hey bhagwan I have to climb back stairs
Rags-let me have a look
Swara- its okay and more over in our culture girls don’t touch boys feet
Pari- but doctor can
Swara to uttra- stop your bhabhi otherwise my secret will be out
Uttra-but how

Swara- by seeing my s*xy legs…..do something or ready to marry That creep
As ragini approaching near
Uttra-stop their we don’t need your help
Rags-but he need medical help
Uttra- enough husband’s gives pain and wife try to help….stay away
Swara-uttra clam down
Ap- try to understand
Uttra- no maa not today……..come sparsh
With help of uttra swara climb stairs and sit in taxi
Swara- ayyyi my legs
Uttra- don’t shout we will reach hospital my friend anandi hospital is near
Swara- you thnx to god. That your dad didn’t have hair in his head otherwise today I have plucked it
Uttra- plz be quite
Swara- quite firstly I holded giraffe like u and climb stairs and u dad tried to broke my legs and ur mom inauspicious
Uttra- by murmuring your pain doesn’t get relief
Swara- tomorrow onwards I will feed your mom different variety of food
Uttra- why

Swara- so that she became hippo and I will remarried to your mom and do this ritual
Uttra- oh god I think they hitted u on your head
At that tym arjun calls uttra and uttra inform all then swara takes phone from uttra
Swara-moron idiot donkey…………………… Devil
Arjun- oh my god …I didn’t know u know this much
Swara- kutte sasur tera pyaar tera sasural tera pr kamar meri
After sometimes they reach hospital uttra inform everything to anandi and anandi takes hear toward and takes out the glass piece and applied oilment but Swara didn’t cried
Anandi- u are very brave didn’t shed a single tear
Swara- its not bravery dear.….when I was small when I got injury I have no one to wip my tears no one pat my back and say its okay u will be fine….then I understood I have to take care of myself …….no one will wipe your tears
Anandi- your parents….I am sorry
Swara- no they were alive they divorced but no one were ready to take me so they left me behind to live their life
Anandi- u take care….goes

In evening
While returning goons attacked swara and uttra …goons aparted swara and uttra and hitted swara very badly
Uttra- plz leave him plzzz I beg u
Goon- if WD leave him then don’t will kill us
They hitted her very badly as they aim gun toward swara and shoot
Uttra- noooooo
But the goon was lying down all turn and see arjun with red eyes anger was clearly visible
He beat everyone and his guards come and shoot the goons arjun comes toward swara and takes her head in lap
Arjun- swara get up plz get up na
Swara -no response
Arjun- teary eye u can’t do it with me …you have wake up don’t act get up
Uttra holds swara hand but arjun jerk away her hand
Arjun- angrily stay away if anything happen to her I will kill u and ur family…. She is not only a friend but a sister to me
Uttra- she is my friend also
Arjun-shut up……..and goes to bring the car
In the mean while uttra sits near swara and hugs her so blood comes in uttra’s dress
Uttra- plz comeback I can’t live with guilt of loosing u
In mean while arjun comes and push uttra and takes swara to his car and go….and uttra comes to mm as lifeless body…….by seeing her all shocks
Ap- what happen to u?where is damad ji
Sanskar- uttra from where this blood is coming
Rags- did u get hurt

Uttra comes toward adarsh and give him a tight slap all shocks by this ap raise her hand on uttra but she hold it
Uttra- not today mom…… Because of your so called son I lost everything
And sit on the floor and cry vigorously
Ap- uttra what happen
Uttra- ask your criminal son
Pari- did he
Uttra- nodes
Dp- that creep died so u can remarry
uttra- if you are not my dad I have spite on ur blo*dy thinking
Ap- don’t forget u are talking to your dad
Uttra- and he is talking about your jamai
Voice- come down uttu
Uttra- swara(audible to her only)
Uttra gives bone crushing hug
Swara- kamini remaining bones u want to break…..uttu can u plz give taxi charge my wallet fallen some where
Uttra- okay and goes out and see arjun standing….they sort out their issues while inside
Swara- maheshwariyo u all showed your strength know get ready to see mine
Dp- challenge accepted and all goes
In night they as usually they hear pari’s screaming
Swara- let’s have fun
Uttra- hey I am not that type
Swara- stupid not with you
Uttra- bhai

Swara- hmmmmm …..come
Parish room
As adarsh is busy in making his lust suddenly he hear a knock firstly he avoid but he hear again knock
Adarsh- who the hell …spoiling my mood
Adarsh get up pari cover herself with blanket… Adarsh open the door but know one their so he close the door and turn to go …..again hear the knock
Adarsh- who the hell……….open the door again their is no one ….he became angry and comes out and see a shadow so he follow the shadow which is going toward garden
Adarsh- who are u ????
No reply
The person stops
Adarsh- who are u ? What are u doing??
Person turn adarsh fears seeing the face because its very dangerous like ghost
Ghost- I came back adarsh
Adarsh- who are u
Ghost- your secret lover…when is alive u didn’t bother about me
Adarsh- I love my wife
Ghost- and I love u……I came to take u to my world
Adarsh- fearingly hhhhow
Ghost- simpli by killing u
Adarsh- noo and turn to go but shock the ghost standing in his front…and disappeared from back
Ghost- I am not a human where u go I will be their…come and have fun with me
Adarsh- noooo
Ghost- today I am leaving u but tomorrow be ready
Adarsh run to his room and cover himself with blanket and sleep park shock by his behavior she get and see swara laughing by holding ghost costume….pari understand everything and smile
In garden
Swara- your bro is really a coward
Uttra- by seeing us who will not fear…its to late let’s sleep
In morning

Uttra- are u sure u want to do it
Swara- one year I have to be here so why not improve your family
Uttra- if u fail
Swara- I will settled down with whom u say
Uttra- done
After breakfast all were going to their work dp holding secretory waist and rags with swallon eyes ,laksh in drunken state and sanky with random girl
Ap- pari children had their breakfast
Pari- no mummy ji
Ap-god u doing this with us
Swara- don’t curse god for ur sin
Ap- what you mean
Swara-because of your cowardness your daughter in law has suffering and your children became animals
Uttra- sparsh plzzz
Ap- no uttra let him speak…what u think I didn’t opposed ….I did but no one supported me
Swara- why u want support…… U know why god given power only to women to give birth because they have more strength to handle
Swara- and about support….nobody will support u and why should support its your family your marriage …Aunty if savitri waited for the support then yamaraj had easily taken satyawan soul easily… ….mother Theresa you know without any financial or any support came India and surve the people…..aunty we have to became our strength then you get support by the god
Ap- what my mistake I didn’t thought them to became animal
Swara- but your children from u only
Uttra- stop
Swara- adarsh learned from ur marriage that wife’s are only to fulfill their lust and sanskar girls are toy use and through and laksh your tears ,pain made him alcoholic
Ap- but I am alone to fight
Swara- aunty think about your grand children …..after some year when they also became like their elders . they you think if I have tried once more Then their wouldn’t not be like this
Ap- cries
Swara- aunty dare to take a step to fight I promise u I will stand with u till the end as Krishna to direct u ….before its to late
Uttra- maa aurat Annapurna hoti h aur jarurat pdne pe durga bhi bnjti h
Ap cryingly runs to her room and lock the room
Pari and uttra knock the door but ap didn’t respond swara stop them
Swara- let her cry trust me nothing happen to Her….the person who entered the door wouldn’t be the one who come out
Swara to herself- get ready guys to face the hell
In evening.

All comes one by one after having tea get up to go to their room buts stops by hearing a voice
Voice- stay their
All- shocks by seeing ap she is wearing a beautiful and stylish saari
Dp- what happen
Ap to secretory& girl with sanky-get the hell out of hear its my house not dance bar and lucky u to when ur alcohol effect over then come
Dp- are u mad or something hitter ur head
Ap- shouts don’t u listen
Both girls run away…it angered both dp and sanky
Sanky- mommmm
Ap- slaps sanky lower your voice your talking to your mom not any gf
Swara- wah kya baat h
Dp- u blo*dy b*t*h get out of my house
Ap- laugh which house did you forget its on my name ..today onwards in this house my rules will be followed if anyone have the problem can leave
Ap- lucky I am forgiving you know if tomorrow u drink and come you will be out
Dp- raise hand to slap ap but swara hold his hand

Recap- swasan nok jhok and kiss ….ap rules and ap give office control to swara

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