swara bani ghar jamai (episode-2)


Recap- swara coming to Kolkata
Parineeta comes down to kitchen cleaning rice ap see her and turn her ap shocks to see parineta her lips swallon their several mark of bits which is very deep ap cries seeing her and apply oilment
Pari- mummy ji this wound doesn’t pain because my soul and respect has died years ago…..I am a dead body who is alive to fulfill her husband lust
Ap- I am ashamed of myself …..I have given birth to such creep
Pari- leave it mom I am praying to god plz save uttra from that sahil
Ap- I have leave it on her faith
Pari- mom I go and give tea to papa ji
Ap- teary eye don’t go their he is with his secretory
Pari- shock &teary eye mummy ji how you tolerant it
Ap- I am habitual
Voice- its the destiny of maheshwari women’s
Ap- ragini

Ragini- bhaiya is for fulfilling his lust with you and papa ji with his secretory and facing a alcoholic rapist
Aarav and anjali comes running
Both- mom we won first prize in running
Rags- firstly I am not your mom and don’t irritate me get loss…rags goes
Aarav- dadi why mom hate us
Pari- she is angry on your dad when she forgive your dad that she will except u
Ragini is hiding and seeing them
Child’s go to laksh room
Anjali- papa we won the race
Laksh- so what I do
Anjali- papa
Laksh- hey you both unfortunately I your dad its a curse to me because of you I lost my ragini get lost from here
Kids goes and cry in their room a by caring they sleep
Ap&pari comes
Pari- today also they sleep by crying
Ap- I have fear regarding their future today We are here but when we were not with them then what happen
Pari- nobody care for them
Ap- many gym I thought to do suicide but remembering them I stop…..if we think I did wrong instead of bringing them here I should have send them to orphanage
Pari- some times I also think so
Kolkata bus stop

Swara- I just love travelling in bus
Uttra- yrr by looking at you who say u are the world’s richest person ….who herself don’t know how much industries she across the glob
Swara- so what…..if you have no one to share you happiness and sorrow it then it has no use off being richest
Uttra- what a fact u are alone because u have no one I am alone even though I have my family
Swara- let’s go but let’s eat something if your parents give nothing to eat then
Uttra- okay swara
Swara- sparsh
Uttra- sorry
In mm
Sahil and his family arrive and all mm where present except uttra
Sahil mom- I like uttra very much
S.father- if you want I can give dowry
Dp- okay I will ask u
S.father – I was kidding
Dp- me too…by the way have something
Sahil- where is she. ????
Sanskar- mumbai for a project
Sahil- why ???whats needed
Sanskar- its her wish she is a designer
Sahil- i dont want her to work
Voice- and who are u to decide
All turn and see a cute dashing sardar with uttra wearing red saree she is looking hot
Dp- uttra

Sahil- comes to hug uttra
But swara stop him by coming in middle
Sahil- hey stay away she is my would be
Uttra- never got that and get the hell out of house
Dp shouts- utttraaaa
Uttra- dad are u crazy to get me married to this physco
Sahil-holds uttra’s shoulder …..u are mine got that
Before anyone react sahil get tight slap from swara
Swara- stay away from my wife otherwise its not good for you
All- shocks
Swara- what she want she will do got that
Dp- hey u beggar how dare you to say you are my daughters husband
Sanky- have u ever seen ur face
Laksh- what will media say the super star laksh maheshwari husband is this cheapo
Uttra- I have given the right to him dad and wao bhai you only think about your image
Adarsh aim gun toward swara but do stops him
Dp- all of you go to room
Uttra’s room
Swara- didn’t thought the matter will be solved so easily
Uttra- I don’t know but something is cooking in dads mind
They hear screaming voice
Swara- whose voice it is
Uttra- parineeta bhabi…..he is taking his anger for us on her
Swara- is he a human
U ttra-sometimes I also think so
Swara- why can’t she complain to police
Uttra- who will take case against son
Swara-thats true
Uttra- come sleep
Swara- ohk gn
Uttra- gn
In midnight around 2am
Swara is unable to sleep so she thought to take some fresh air she goes to terrace.as swara enter she see a girl weeping
Swara- who are u

Girl turn its pari swaa shocks to see her because her condition like an animal just attacked on her
Swara- are u okay
Pari- by seeing me u think so……thnx saving uttu from that beast
Swara- she is my wife
Pari- hmmm
They hear foot sound followed by adarsh voice
Pari – panically u hide if Adarsh see us he will kill us and family
Swara-but we are not doing anything wrong
Pari-but he will not understand plzzz I begging u plzz he will not leave my family
Swara- okay
Pari- anything happen don’t come out till we go
Swara- okay
Swara hides behind the drum adarsh comes
Adarsh- what are you doing here …
Pari- nothing just to get fresh air
Adarsh-really……or getting rid of me no use
And tore away her dress swaa close her eyes adarsh throw her on the floor and remove his dress and intimate with her cruelly after 3 hours adarsh get up dress up and go …..pari is unable to move also trying hard to move an inch but its impossible for her
Swara- bhabi I can help u
Pari- no I don’t need ur help stay their where u are
Swara- I will not look toward you
Pari- what might left you must have enjoyed by seeing me
Swara- no I didn’t see u…trust me I won’t look toward you …
Pari- nooooo
Swara- try to understand its 5 Am if anyone came and see u
Pari- cried helplessly
Swara taken saari and with closed eyes goes toward pari given it to her but she is unable to get up
Swara taken saari and put it as blanket on pari and make her sit
Swara- you stay here I bring uttra she will help u
Pari- I will manage I don’t want her to see me in this condition
Swara- okay you be here I am coming
Swara goes down passing kids room where they are crying swara go to kitchen bring glass of milk and medicine goes to pari
Swara- have it
Pari- I am fine I don’t need it
Swara- that I am seeing
Pari- okay….u go I will come down in sometime
Swara comes down and see something and goes later
In morning
Swara get ready in chudidar uttra see her and shout
Swara – why are u shouting
Uttra- stupid u are my husband not wife
Swara- oh so

Uttra- wait I will tell so
They start their tom and jerry fight then they pull each other hairs uttra pull out swara chuni then swara pull out uttra sari
Uttra- u dushasan
Swara-u chudel
They hear the knock on the door
Uttra push swara inside the washroom and she open the door ap standing
Uttra- maa you
Ap- uttra before opening the door make yourself presentable
Ap- you are married know …that doesn’t mean to show love marks to Everyone
Uttra- confusingly what mom
Ap- look at yourself in mirror…..this some dress u both dress up and come to kuldevi mandhir
In temple
Their are 300 stairs
Dp- you have to carry in your arms till u reach temple
Ap- when u reach their next will inform their
Sanskar- nobody reached to second level but have completed around 250 its compulsory
Adarsh- your marriage is considered inauspicious
Swara to uttra- did you’re parents took chennai express film so seriously
Uttra- how hot climate
Swara- hell with climate have u heard what ur hittler told I have to lift u till 250 stairs
Uttra- forget 250 can u able to lift me till 2stairs like srk
Swara- idiot he is srk and I am swara your weight is more than me
Dp- if both of your discussion are over we may continue… We are going in temple u both come pandit ji all guide u
With lot of difficulty swara hold uttra in her arm and climb stairs as ap and rag pari are behind them as swara climb 100 stairs her condition is becaming worse
Uttra- put me down hell with tradition
ap- its not good
Swara- your mom wants to see my funeral
As climbing swara feel immerse pain in her back but didn’t show at a distance dp’s gaurads throwing flowers on stairs and they stops ladies to move further as swara step in it shout in pain becoz it contains broken glass pieces
Uttra- what happen
Swara- glass pieces
Uttra- put me down
Swara- your foot will also injure and this this stairs are slipping because of oil if we loose balance we fill fall
Uttra- then
Swara- only 50stairs more
By seeing swara in pain a unknown tears and pain happen in rags heart but the guards didn’t stop their they started to hit swara with rod
Swara- shouts in pain …..swara loose balance And falls on her knee
Uttra is holded by the gaurds by falling all men comes
Lucky- bus nikalgya dum
Dp-it means god didn’t given u blessing
Ap- its inauspicious
Uttra- shout enough what u consider yourself have some shame …chii
Priest- beti your husband ha completed 260 above all goddess has bless u both
All men goes angrily followed by their wife’s
Swara- ehhhhh my arms and my foot
Uttra-sorry let’s go to doctor
Swara see stairs and faints

Thnx frnds for support and mica u can call me Krishna

Recap-all of you showed me your power know get ready to see swara’s tashan

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  4. Cutiie

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