Swara aya monjolika (Promo)


Hey guys i was felling lazy today so did not write swara aya monjolika so decided to write a promo itself to entertain you guys
Lets begin
Swara is standing in front of a mirror (in bharatnatyam costume )
A song playing in the background (made by me )

Kangulas cham alapadma kaha
Sar pa ragi ramani (she puts her earings )
Rana ma sa satpura bhuvan

Ramana vikhasini (she puts her nosepin )

She says monjolika tumi saja niyacho (monjolika you are ready in bengali )

She videns her eyes and sees laksh at her back
She turns back and says who are you and she takes a knive and stabs laksh

Laksh is expresionless and fall down
VO -will monjolika finish swaras happiness

Guys i am not happy with your response guys if you do not want me to write this fanfiction then i will stop.

Guys please tell me how i will improve myself and i am going to finish this fanfiction soon so will i come with another one will there be swalak and ragsan together .
Please tell me

Credit to: Shirin

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  1. dont stop it n waiting for next epi update soon asap….

    1. Thanks

    1. Thanks alia

  2. Awesome . Waiting for nxt.

    1. Thanks

  3. No plss don’t stop
    always waiting for u but u didn’t even post also

    1. DeR misha malik i posted it yesterday at 6o clock but teleupdates first review it and then post
      Sorry but i will ofcorce today make an episode

    1. Thanks

  4. It’s monjolika tumi seje nicho I am a Bengali I say like that

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