Swara aya monjolika (Intro)


Guys its my first ff hope you like it the pairs are swalak but no ragsan
Guys it is a story where swara is suffering from a mental condition where she forgets herself and turns to a dancer (just like bhulbulaiya)monjolika .and this ff will not be a romance and all its going to be how laksh will stand by her and love her till the end .
Guys it will be a ff with horror Charecters are
Swaralaksh maheshwari

Laksh maheshwari
Ramu kaka -servent
Kanchi maheshwari -swalaks daughter.

IPromoA girl is seen facing her back in bharatnatyam costume .mere dholna sun is playing in the background and she is dancing suddenly she falls down and laksh holds her and says swara and girl says kon swara
Laksh is shocked

Guys i am a 6th grader so please no. Hate comments and i am not going to change the pairs any how

Credit to: Shirin

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  1. Thnx for swalak nd no ragsan i hate rahsan but like swalak. Nd love swasan

  2. Hey you have a nice story..a new whole concept…really liking it..but dear you can’t say no hate comments because I’m a 6h
    th grader..that’s rude..because everyone has their own choice ?…so don’t say that..anyhow I like your story

  3. Hello..it’s a nice story
    A unique one
    But you can’t say no hate comments because it’s everyone’s choice.
    I like your story ??

  4. Good story. A new story but don’t say that no hate comments and your a 6th class student…anyone can comment anything??

  5. Wow nice beginning for sixth grader.how do you write ff please some one tell me.

  6. Great start. But don’t say no hate comments it looks bad. Everyone’s has their own point or view. And nobody is asking you to change the pairs ? it’s your choice

  7. Yes pls continue with swalak….

  8. Nice . Plz continue. Thanks for swalak.I am a girl.My name is uma.I am in 7th grade.I am using my brother id bcz he think I’m young for my own id.All the best.

  9. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  10. Thanks guys for telling me and sorry to be rude

  11. I was watching cartoons in my 6th grade…(still do)…new gen is so fast..have u seen the original version of bhul bhulaiyya? The mollywood movie manichitrathazhu…one of d grtst movie ever made in india. Continue wid ur ff…i am looking forward for d update.

  12. Nice dear… Carry on with de plot

  13. i love ragsan…..but i also love Swalak i dont hate them….
    its ok if there is no ragsan…but i will read ur story its nyc…plzz carry on

  14. Nice and thnks for swalak

  15. Dont worry i will not tell you to change pairs bcoz i also love swalak so much and yeah your plot is so unique looking forward to read the next part.

  16. swalak is my favourite couple

  17. In 6th grade I was far away from this online world nd watched cartoons(i still love to watch them) nd u!! Awesumm..start soon dear nd update regularly

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