Swara aya monjolika (Episode 3)


So guys here goes the 3rd part
Swalak snd kanchi goes to a resturant
They sit in a table
S-laksh lets eat bengali food (her eyes are filled with exitement ) laksh please we can eat macher jhol sukhto bora and meat curry bengali style
L-shona from when did you started to like bengali food anyways
S-(her face became nump )laksh i want to drink red blood with it
L- what
S-i am joking lets eat
They finished lunch and came back home

As laksh found swara not behaving properly he phoned a docter

L-docter from somedays swara is not behaving properly .she is having headache and kind of getting lose to bengali cuicine and bharatnatyam dance .what to do
D-i cant twll u anything without her brain scan scan report
Tomorror bring hervto my chamber

Night falls ,they all sleep
Around 3 o clock laksh wakes up snd does not find swara by his side hr goes out go find her

He sees her in the balcony
L- swara what are you doing here .
S- laksh i am having a terrible headache
(Laksh can understand this as he saw swaras eyes full of tears)
Laksh makes her sit in the sofa nearby and hold her hands
L- swar what happened to u please tell me
S-lsksh (sweating heavily)i saw a dream
L-what you saw

Precap -laksh learns swara id mentally ill

Credit to: Shirin

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