Swara aya monjolika (Episode 2)


Guys i am really sorry i went for a wedding in the village so couldn’t post
Recap-swara getting furios and ordering ramu kaka to finish the story
R-phir woh girl killed herself and thats the end
S-ok i like the story go and finish your cooking but before that make me a cup of tea
R-as you wish

Scene 2
Ramu kaka coming with tea to swara
R-mam take your tea
S-(she is sitting expretionlessly )keep it and drop kanchi to school
R-but mam everyday u make her ready today you will not
S-make her ready then (shouting )
Ramu kaka takes kanchi to school

In lakshs office
L-today work has finished earlier ,let me surprise swara and kanchi
He leaves

In frond of the door laksh comes and sees kanchi crying
L-what happened dear where is mama why are you crying here (surprised )
K-(still crying )dad mum didn’t came to pick me up from home and my mam phoned her she said she is ill so to sent me home but now mom is not opening the door
Laksh becomes tenced and opens the door with the another key .
He opens and is shocked to see swara watching bengali ghost moviees
L-swara are you okay
S-(hurriedly closed the t.v ) ya i am okay tum itne jaldi (you came so early )
L-i did not have work so i came early but why did you not open the door and why were you watching bengali movies shona do you know bengali
S-uff laksh i was having a headache so i did not hear thebells and about bengali movies i was just changing the chanell .(a little irritated)
L-kanchi you go and freshen up we will go to a resturant to eat okay .
K-yes you are the best daddy in the worl (she gives a little hug to laksh and runs to the room

Laksh tKes swara to the room
In room
L-u okay
S-ya i am okay just a little headache
Laksh pins her to the wall and kisses her on her forehead
L-now pain will go
S-(starts laughfing ) ya my pain has gone
Laksh was happy seeing swara smiling so he huged her tight
Swara hugged him back
They were huging each other when kanchi shouted from the living room
K-mom are you ready
S-ya i am coming .
She gives laksh a small kiss on his cheeks and went to the bathroom to change

Guys i did notgive the scene where laksh would wake up and not find swara in the bed .as i wanted to give a romantic scene if swalak i would give it in the next episode

Precap -laksh does not find swara in the bed in midnight

Credit to: Shirin

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