Swara aya monjolika (Episode 1)


A couple is sleeping on bed with their 4year old daughter ,,.
The small girl gets up, and starts crying .
Swara -what happened kanch ?
Laksh -swara at 3o clock in the night do you have to scold my dear (a little sleepy)
S-laksh i did not scold kanchi ok lets hear from her what happened .
K-mom i saw a dream where unwere dancing in bharatnatyam costume.
S-(angry and furios) kanchi i told u there are no such things beware of me if you ever say like this.
L-swara are you okay u never scold kanchi like this before
S-i am all okay (sweating)
L-no u are not why u never take care of yourself (he was a little angry.)
s-laksh i am okay

Next morning
Laksh is getting ready and swara is making him wear his tye
S-lo tied your tie (she is about to go but laksh holds her hands and pins her to the cupboard.)
L-why in a hurry
S-laksh kya kar raheho kanchi will see (what are you doing )
L-anyways what hapened to kanchi yesterday in the night and why were you sweating .
S-(gives laksh a little push and says angrily) laksh I don’t want to talk about last night please.
And goes away .

Laksh goes to the office wandering what hapenned to swara.
After laksh goes-
S-ramu kaka the story that you told yesterday is still not finished tell me .
R-i am cooking now mam i will tell you later
S-(furious ly ) tell it to me now i order .
R-ok (a little scared )

Precap -laksh comes back for office early and sees kanchi crying badly .
at night laksh sees swara is not in the bed and goes to look for her

Credit to: Shirin

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  1. nyc….episode

  2. So nyc…interesting yaar

  3. Nice. Waiting for the next part but for next time keep it a little longer.

  4. Nice . interesting concept.

  5. Mystery mystery..superb start

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