Hiiii….its ur salluzzz with new ff…I have already given a character sketch of many ff including ss os…so this is one among them….SWARA AUR USKE COUSINS……



DEAN:so as part of nss camp the selected 50 students are being announced that,they will be going..I mean they need of stay around 2 weeks in the place which is slotted by the govt

By hearing this speech

Jishnu(whispering)hey Geethu..looks like he didn’t even able say a sentence correctly without grammatical errors

Geethu:he is like that only naa…anyways I’m excited for this camp

Jishnu:mee too….

DEAN:the selected students including 5 girls and 45 boys are requested to assemble on meeting hall…..assembly dispersed jai hind….

All parted always

Scene 2

At a office

Dp:sanskar,why are u behaving always like this

Sanskar:sir…plz not again..you knw y I behave so,so I request we can stop these type of talking

He leaves

Dp:hai Krishna jii…I need old sanskar back…I can’t see him like this…it was not his mistake…BT the situation was like that…..I wish a girl change him

Scene 3

A girl is running in a house

Girl:bachao….anyone plz help me….dii is going to kill meee

She runs and his in the cupboard

Another girl was about to lock it,when the girl who was behind the runner comes there

Runner:kavyaa…..that fool ragini is there….

Kavya:kavitha…let is lock naa

Kavitha:she is irritating…you knw she spoiled my dress because of her stupid make up..let me teach her a lesson

Kavitha:just chill…we will teach her a good lesson…come let’s go now..let her Prince charming save her…

Both goes out…

At office sanskar is feeling restless…..

Here ragini is suffocating inside

Ragini:plz…help me…I will never mess with you guys….

Someone opens the door


Shekar:so u again messed up with them

Ragini nodes

Shekar: u can play with fire beta..BT not with that devil…especially that three

Ragini:BT I KNW my prince charming would help me from all devils…

Shekar:mmm….anyways get ready for college….I will drop u in office


Shekar:a lawyer is coming…so I need to be there….pari will drop u to college

Ragini:okay papa….

Scene 4

Shekar:mishti..I feel ragini is being alone.. When all sisters share a good bong,she is being pulled back by them

Sumi:what are saying shekar..do u think that shona kavya kavi pari are not loving ragini

Shekar:no no…they love her..BT day by day ragini will put herself in trouble….

Sumi:its her age naa…BT don’t worry…I KNW my all children,they may fight each other like tom and jerry..they tease each other knock down irritate each other BT the fact is that they can’t live without each other…if ragini is in any problem I’m sure that,her sisters would be there for her aid….I have full trust on them

Kavya and kavitha hears this and smiles…..

Both goes to get ready…..

A man is talking on phone

Man:yes Mr malhotra…I’m coming..actually I have a meeting with gadodia…..so see u after that

The man turns and puts his court

He is advocate laksh khanna

Scene 6
A girl is riding scooty with ragini seated at back

Laksh comes and dashed with them

Laksh comes out and is memmerised seeing her

Laksh:ohh god…what a beauty…is she a doctor??

He tiughts were disturbed when they start shouting

Pari:u defer…don’t u have any sence..you blo*dy

Ragini:pari…plz….don’t argue..its getting late….

Pari:u keep quite ragini…these men are same….shaitan

Laksh:ohh hello….it was all ur mistake….

Ragini:we are so sorry…

She drags pari and left…

Laksh:I guess its love at first sight….ohh god meeting with gadodia

He rushes back…

On scooty

Pari:ragini. You should go fast and give the coat to shona dii… By the time u come..I will buy some food..

Ragini:Kk pari……I’m so much hungry

Pari stops scooty

Pari:(sarcastically) u ate 6 parattas and still hungry


Pari smiles and drives…

At meeting hall

DEAN:so as per news…girls can stay in a near by house..and for boys its an old school…..

Anand:its not fair sir…

DEAN:then do one thing… Get into a girls costume and stay there

All laughs…

A girl enters…

Girl:shona…ur ragini

A girl gets up and runs out…on the way her hand sticks in glass piece and starts bleeding

Girl:maa(wenkes in pain)


Neha:hey you.. What are u here for…

They start to tease her


Shradha:who dii


all turns and finds swara standing there

Swara:how dare u to misbehave with my sister

Ragini goes and hugs her

Swara;only I have the right to tease and misbehave with my sister..no one else..

They all get shocked and leaves

Swara:don’t u have any other job other than crying….I wonder how u got this much tears… For god sake plz stop these

Ragini wipes her tears and gives her coat….

She leaves..

Swara then ties her hand..

At office

Sanskar:I wish everything goes out fine….and sanskar sharma should die,then only all will be happy… I will make u loss and oy I can win..because,I’m truth and u r just a lie…


Kavya calls swara

Kavya:hii shona..a good new

Swara:good news??did rajat asked about me

Kavya:u and ur rajat

Swara:u KNW naa.. For past 6 years im loving him

Kavya:will u stop ur rajat puraan

Swara:haa haa now say

Kavya:actually maheswary have signed a deal with us..so badeepapa needs us to be there at sharp time

Swara:its really a good news..I will be there on time

They cuts the call…


Laksh meets shekar and finalise something…..

He goes back when he finds ragini

Laksh:how come she hear

Its a park

Laksh:u here…where is that fool

Ragini:this is a public park..so I can come here….and don’t call her fool…she is dumpo(she chuckles)

Laksh:so u are her friend

Ragini:no no. I’m here sister…

:then y r u badmouthing her

Ragini:we sisters are like that only

Laksh:seems like u have more

Ragini:no no just 4 sisters

Laksh gives an unbelievable look


She goes…..

At evening….

Preparation are going on

Shekar: ragswi…

A girl of 15 comes there

Ragswi:papa…I got first in the quiz competition

Shekar kisses her

Maheswary also reaches there

A 4 ur old boy is looking at clock….

Ria mia sia gets talked with kavya kavitha pari and ragini…ragswi and sia are playing with dogs….

Dp calls someone

Caller:I already said

Dp:I don’t want to talk with u..BT with my son sanskar maheswary

Sanskar:yes dad

Dp:come to gadodia house….

Sanskar nodes….

At 5:55

The boy claps his hands..

Dp:seems u r so happy

Boy:haa….when this big needle reaches up(12) my shonu maa will come

Dp:shekar jii..who is that

Shekar: my elder daughter shona.. She would reach by 6:00

Dp:he likes her a lot

Shekar:his first priority is shona..then only rest including me and sumi….

Sanskar is driving the car…

He gets lost so he stopped in front of a shop

Sanskar:excuse mee

The girl

Sanskar was lost in her eyes


Sanskar: WO…where is gadodia mansion…

Girl:go straight then left

Sanskar: thanks…

Shopkeeper: parineetaa…..

At 5:59

Boy:shonu maa…..I can feel her presence…..

Boy started counting…..

16 15…..

Sanskar reaches there

Boy closes his eyes

Boy:2 1

Shonu maaaaa

He opens his eyes and finds swara standing in front of him

He goes and jumps on on her….

He kisses her cheeks…

Shekar:swarag…I said naa..don’t jumb like this..what if she loses balance and falls

Swarag:my shonu maa will never fall or loss balance……I will jump like this every time

Sumi:then what if u grow up

Swarag:that time I will be strong..then I will be lifting her in my hands

All smiles…

Shekar:BT ur hands are too small

Swarag:arey budhu…when I grow up my hands also grow naa..I will be going to Jim and all..so I will be powerful

Swara:ha ha..u will be powerful…BT u will also marry naa..then ur world will be around ur wife and children like papa

Swarag:then I will not marry…my dream is to look after u….I will always sleep in ur lap…

Swara:ha ha…. U r my chottu naa

All admires their bond…

Sanskar is looking at pari….

Laksh too reaches there and is shocked to find kavitha

Kavitha also sees him


both recalled this…kavitha runs inside with tears in eyes

Sanskar comes


Sanskar fumes in anger



sanskar calls in kavitha number

Kavitha:Mr sanskar maheswary.. Ask ur friend to go away from me

Sanskar recalls this moment

Swara could easily find the stare of sanlak towards kavitha….

Sanskar:how dare she..I will not leave her this time…u r reason for my Lucky’s sorrow…

Laksh:leave it sanky…she is just a jerk…

Swara hears this and fumes in anger

Laksh goes to drink water..ragini too was there

Laksh:u here

Ragini:u only KNW this question..

Laksh:u r there naa wherever I go

Ragini:ohh hello…this is my house

Laksk shocked

He drags ragini to a corner

Laksh:who is kavitha to you

Ragini I:chchod…its paining

Laksh losen the grip

Laksh:speak up

Ragini:WO mere Didi hey

Laksh goes angrily

Ragini is about to fall due to water on floor where sanskar holds her in a nick of time


Swara comes to kavitha

Kavitha:dii…my past is again haunting me..I can’t face their eyes…its killing me

Swara:don’t worry kavitha..u didn’t do anything wrong naa..so just be calm…giving someone another chance is good for everyone

Kavitha:BT what was my mistake

Swara:today I will sort everything.. Do u trust me

Kavitha:more than myself

She leaves….

Swara is about to fall when laksh holds her

Swara:thanks laksh


Swara:swara..swara gadodia

Laksh:that means u too is sister of kavitha

He angrily goes

Swara:you too means????raginiiii??

She goes to ragini

Swara:how many times I asked u to move away from stranger’s

Ragini:WO dii..he dragged me

Swara:then why don’t u slapped him

Ragini:mein bhool gayee

Swara gives an unbelievable look….

Kavya is lost in laksh…..

Kavya:I wish he could love me☺☺

Swara comes down…she finds sanskar staring pari….

She stamps the foot..

Swara:kavitha ragini and pari are cought by that two romeos

Kavya come there

Kavya:shona…laksh is too handsome naa

Swara:no no 4 are fallen in web

Kavya:which web

Swara:love web

Kavya:is everything fine

Swara:fine??hh fine….tum chal..AUR paani peelo

Kavya: something had hit on your head

Swara:yes..ur all life

Kavya: dumpo…rajat is here

Swara face turned 100walt..


Kavya pointed toward rajat

Rajat waves hand

Swara goes to him


Kavya(who listens this)bow are u??how is family??ur future palns

Swara repeats the same

Kavya;does she don’t feel bored asking same question.. Ohh god..she even don’t KNW how to flirt

She leaves

Rajat:u participating in guitar competition naa


Rajat:all the best

He forward hands…

Both shake hands…he leaves

Swara:ohh my god..he gives me shake hand…I will win rajat…☺☺

Dp and shekar are discussing about sanskar

Shekar:I’m happy with marriage… If both said Kk then we can make it fast

Sanskar hears this

Sanskar:how can they decide my marriage.. I will only marry my girl…..(he remembered the girl he met in shop)

The screen freezes……..

So what u think guys….. Who would be the pair….just guess.. Did u get confusion regarding pairs……???this ff is full of confusion only??

Hope u guys enjoyed…. It would be 3 or 4 parts….


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