swara aur ardhika ki zindagi thodee achee thodee schee (Intro)

hi every one
I am krishikaa u cud call me krish
I wanted to write a swasan ff
so here we go with
“ Swasan aur ardhika ki zindagi thodi achee thodi sachee ”

Swara mehra- Helly shah
A bubbly charming kind girl . studies 12th standard in king’s Pyland international school. Is a padakoo girl.Her besties are sanyuktha and piyu.she is the ankhon ka thara of her bro
Sanskaar Kapoor – Varun kapoor
A spoit brat . studies 12th in King’s Pyland international school.he is a rich guy. His gang members are kabeer , ajay,rishi,shriya and nysha. likes to play pranks on people .
Arjun mehra – Aham Sharma
A rich and arrogant guy. Studies 3rd engineering in JUV college of engineering. Has a bitter past [ will reveal it later].his ony friend is Rahul
Radhika Tripathi – Monica Seghal
A new girl to Mumbai and in JUV college . she is from delhi. Her father had been transferred from delhi to mumbai . a lovely , innocent and down to earth type of girl
Sanyuktha Sharma – Tara sutaria
Best friend of swara . Loves shahid kapoor and has a big crush on rahul [arjun’s friend]
Rahul Mishra – [sry don’t know his name, you can Google “rahul in parvarish season 2 real name”]

bestie of arjun knows everything about him . has a small crush on swara’s friend sanyuktha.
Piyu Kanth – jasmine bhasin
Bestie of swara . a kind girl , like to please people with her sense of humour and is a great dancer
Rishi Khanna – harsh rajput

A gang member of sanky’s gang of devils . loves piyu secretly but has never told anyone about it . he too is a great dancer
Nysha singhania – bhavika Sharma
Is a fashion funk . a rich spoilt brta . is good by heart but hates her parents to the core
Kabeer jaiswal- parth samthan
Best friend of sanskaar . never likes to hurt people and loves shriya a lot and his guitar too
Ajay yogesh pandey – siddharth thakkar
A joker of sanky’s gang. Is compuer techie but a great singer also . is a handsome hunk after sanky ,kabeeer and rishi
Shriya vadhera – is the most wanted girl of the school after swara and sanyu . looks fabulous but still a bit weak at studies[ hehe !! krish and god has has made no man perfect ].loves kabeer
Guys if u need any change in the story pls let me know now itself, I will surel rectify it . chappals rotten eggs and tomatoes are welcomed
Meet u ahter ur reviews [ do commen t abt ur review after reading it…

Radhika+ arjun

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