Swalak:from enemies to friends to lovers to couple os (part 1)

Hey guys I’m back with the os I got very less than expected I was sad but still I’m posting for those who commented and for my silent readers if any
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Let’s begin
A board is shown it’s written J.b high school
Then agate is shown where many children were entering the school
Their uniform was like there was a white shirt and a red tie with yellow strip in it and a red skirt

A car stops near the gate and girl gets down the car her hair is shown tied in a perfect pony her eyes are shown they are deep her rosy lips are shown and then her face is shown
She is none other than our shona
She enters the school and goes to her class where her so called bff arpita was already present there
Swara waved her hands to her
Arpita waved back
Swara sits upfront of arpita and arpita sits with rohan
Today swara partner was absent

The teacher finished taking g the attendance
Then a boy comes her
He is wearing white shirt with red tie and yellow stripes and red pant
Seeing him the teacher got up and introduced him to the class
Teacher:student he is Laksh kapoor your new classmate be good with him
Student:yes mam
Teacher:OK laksh you go and sit with Swara as her partner is absent today
Swara got upset bcoz she used to sit with her friend Aryan and now she has to sit with Laksh
Laksh goes and sits beside her

He gave her a smile but she ignored him he felt bad but let it go
In the recess
Arpita was looking at laksh
Arpita(monologue):wow that new comer he’s so handsome yaar and that mam made him sit with that Swara huh god I’ve to do something so that I can become his friend and maybe Girl friend
(Well guys this attraction is common problem for girls and boys of this age but I from my pov think that it’s wrong bcoz now it’s the time of studying and not for this stuff sorry if I hurt anyone feeling)
Swara:aru where are you lost
Aru:umm nothing BTW that new boy is cute no

Swara:yes he is but I don’t wanna sit with him
Arpita:oh OK
Arpita(monologue):oh god if this Swara likes him then he would never be mine I’ve to do something
Then she got and idea
Laksh was Coming there so arpita intentionally put her legs in between and Laksh lost his balance and ended up pushing Swara by mistake as a result swara’s tiffin fell on her shirt everyone laughed on her
She felt insulted arpita showed her fake concern

Swara:wth laksh you are such an idiot can’t u see
Laksh was a calm person but this time he didn’t did anything so he resorted back
Laksh:look swara it happened by mistake I’m sorry

Swara:do hell with your sorry you made a joke of me duffer
Laksh:excuse me I told sorry but ur making an issue of a small thing
Swara:what u think its a small issue you’re such a mad person can’t understand anything why on this earth did mam made u sit with me urggh
Laksh:oh just shut up miss bakbak
Swara:ur the biggest fool Mr idiot huh
They both continued fighting
Swara:from now onwards we’RE enemies
Laksh:yes arch rivals
They both went in different directions

Sorry for short update I’m busy and I’ve exams sorry once again

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