Swalak (true love never dies)


Hi guys thanks for liking my ff, it was supposed to be one episode only, however since many people enjoyed it I thought of continuing it.???

Swara wakes up and looks at laksh with love and remembers last night, she goes and does shower. Laksh wakes up and sees Swara not there, he realises she might be in the shower. He goes near the bathroom door and when Swara opened the he scared her. Due to the shock Swara slipped but in just in time laksh holds her. They have an eye lock( ishk walk love plays).
Laksh helps her up and and holds her waist
Laksh: sorry Swara
Swara: no it’s okay
Laksh: now that you’ve forgiven me, I have to admit it was so funny when you got scared
Swara starts hitting him.
Laksh:I was joking, I’m sorry
Swara ignores him. Laksh holds his ear

Swara:fine then I forgive you
Laksh: no until you hug me I will think you haven’t forgiven me
Swara puts her hands around lakshs neck and hugs him. They have a tight hug. Swara then starts to go when laksh pulls her towards him.
Laksh:I won’t let you go so easily, you’ll have to kiss me
Swara: but
Laksh: no buts
Swara puts her arms around lakshs neck and tiptoes, whereas laksh puts his arm around swaras waist. Swara slowly starts ruffling lakshs hair she then kisses his neck and then his cheek she then tries to go when laksh brings her closer. Laksh cups her face and then they kiss.

Anuparna then calls Swara downstairs, Swara pushes laksh and goes down stairs.

Promo: Swara tries signalling laksh about the kiss mark on his shirt.

Guys I wanted to tell you that I won’t be making ragsan as a couple. I hope you don’t mind.

Credit to: Mumina

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  1. Ragsan moments also, please!!

  2. its okay yaar but i luv swalak

  3. Amazing love u swalak <3 :*

  4. Vw swalak romance ws superb..pls continue yaar,..ur creativty nd writing sikill ws extraordinary…lvd ur ff for swalak…swalak is my fav couple…pls add some their small figkts nd nok jock btw dem..pls continue…

  5. Tnk You Ya For SwaLak ?

  6. Enjoying swalak moment
    Thanxx mumania

  7. Ur ff was suprb…..i lk it.

    …ragsan momemnts also

  8. cn u plz updte the nx one quik im really eager to read the nx one

  9. Itz ok….No need of RagSan…gud …keep goin babe … ?

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