Swalak (true love never dies) Part 3

Part 3

Everyone come downstairs and Swara serves food to everyone. Swara sits down next to laksh. Laksh holds swaras hand Swara tries to let go but she can’t. In the middle of their dinner
Pareenita: laksh y r u eating with your left hand
Swara: yeah laksh tell us
Laksh: actually bhabi I hurt my hand so I have to eat with my left
Pareenita: really then how r u holding swaras hands
Laksh coughs and Swara blushes and looks at Laksh. She then sees a lip mark on his shirt.

Swara: laksh
Laksh: what happened
She can’t say it in front of everyone
Swara: laksh y r u wearing that shirt it’s so dirty come I’ll go clean it
Laksh: but Swara u can do that later
Pareenita realises what happened
Pareenita: laksh y don’t u go now look as it is ur finished ur food

In swalak room
Laksh puts his arm around swaras waist and brings her closer.
Laksh: were u that impatient to be alone
Swara: r u stupid , she points to the kiss mark
Laksh: ok I understand we didn’t get to finish our kiss that’s why u r upset, don’t worry we can finish that now
He comes closer but Swara pushes him away
Swara: idiot everyone would have seen, she gets angry and starts to go but laksh pulls her back. They are so close to each other.
Laksh: sorry,sorry ,sorry
Swara: fine I forgive u
Laksh: really
He puts his finger near her lips.
He lifts her chin up and Swara tiptoes and then they have a soft kiss and then hug.

Precap: dg gives swalak their honeymoon tickets

you guys choose the destination then ill choose the one I like the most from your suggestion.

Credit to: Mumina

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