SwaLak Suhagraat

Hi some of you guys may know from my previous ff on swasan and how that’s finished so I thought of doingone episode on swalak. The story continues afterhow swalak was supposed to get married in the first place. Btw I’m personally a swasan fan but I know there are many swalak fans so this is for you guys. Hope you enjoy?.

After getting married sujata tells uttara to go give this special milk to swalak, she asks why and sujata tells her idiot it’s their suhagraat today. Uttara goes and gives it. After a while swara enters the room and sees it decorated. She goes to the balcony for fresh air. Without swara noticing laksh comes behind swaras back and puts his arm around swaras belly and gets his face near swaras ear. Swara asks what he is doing? As she turns around and faces laksh her dupatta falls and her bun comes out showing her long hair.

He takes her hair to a side and opens the knot on swaras Sarre. She looks up at him and says laksh. But he puts a finger on her lips and lifts her chin up and kisses her softly. After they are done swara gets shy and goes inside the room laksh follow her in.
He slowly traces his finger down swaras hip side. She hugs him, as he slowly starts taking of her Sarre (it takes a long time since its an Indian wedding saree). After taking most of her saree off he carries her to bed and takes of his top part(sorry don’t know what it’s called).

He takes of all swaras saree and throws it. As she is lying on bed they kiss intensely and laksh starts kissing her cheeks, neck and etc. They then consummate their marriage. After a while when they are done laksh tells swara the he love her more than himself, swara says I love you too but not more than ranbir kappor(personally I don’t like him, but in the show swara does) they smile and hug in bed.

Credit to: Mumina


  1. lv u mumina…welcome back i like ur ff…pls continue…i also like swalak nd want to see dem together bt it doesnt gonna to hppn in real shw.so thanks for ur ff

  2. Aalia

    Even I’m the fan of swalaks but its not going to happen!!!
    So plz u r there with Ur ff I’m very happy
    Stay blessed!!!!

  3. Love swalak.
    I’m sorry to all swasan fan but it bit only laksh’s fault. Sanskar wa the reason for swalak seperation so if h gets a chance so should laksh. If sanskar with ragini didn’t separate laksh and swara then nothing wouldn’t have happened

  4. swalak

    Nice one . If u’re update short or long i don’t have any prob becoz u unite my fav pair. Now swasan think laksh as vamp. Even in serial swara scold and hate laks & support rags .but laksh is also doing what rags done. For love true love

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