hey!! im kritika..every1 might be thinking kritika n writing something on swalak..YES!!!

this OS is dedicated for one of my favourite commenters ANGEL…

its short , coz im a swasan fan..so its difficult for me to think about swalak..so plz spare me n comment..

here we go…

a girl in a bridal attire is standing near the window,,, with moist eyes n a cute curve decorating her face , her cute smile…

yeah she is the bride for tonight…the 2nd time she got married…

her eyes are shown…big , with black eyeballs , big curled eyelashes…

her lips are shown…rosy , soft lips….

she is completely shown….

a heavy mangtika , necklace , earrings , chuda , mehendi of lakshya’s name , wedding blush , beautiful red n golden designer lehenga..


suddenly some man in bridal attire hugs her from back n whispers in her ear—-hapy wedding anniversary n happy wedding part 2

swara turns n hugs him n says— same 2 u my dear hubby!!!

he kisses her neck…

they both go n sit on couch..

swara’s head on lakshya’s chest…

his hand on her arm….

swara—– im very happy that now my ragini is happy with sanskar…

lakshya— me too….. bt swara u r happy na ?

swara— soo much!!!actually more than that…..

lakshya— im sorry i shouldn’t have don’t that..

swara keeps finger on his mouth…

swara— don’t!! its ok lakshya…

lakshya— thanks to ragini!!! who made me realise my mistake…i still remember that day …. when u slapped me for ragging u , my junior in college…

swara—- i too remeber our 101 fights…i counted every fight of ours..coincidently it were 101 fights…an auspicious number..

lakshya — n for taking revenge , i asked ur hand for mariage.faked my love for u..

swara— nd on the marriage day , my sister , my ragini pushed me in river…n took my place in mandap..when i came back ,

lakshya continues— u saw i and ragini married..n from shumi ma u came to know that ragini gave the reason for getting married with me was that she loved me,.. n i was 1000% frustated,…

swara— ragini knew everything..so she took my place , just to save me she sacrificed her life , her happiness….for me…

she had tears in her eyes…lakshya kissed her tears , be kissing her cheeks..

lakshya — neither she loved me nor i…but she teached me the meaning of life..it was when i started to repend, i realised that i loved u….for that ragini hepled me..

swara– but i still didnt belived ..ragini said that u both will get divorced n i will get married instead..i thought she is sacrificing her love for me…but the day came when sanskar told me about kavita..i realised that its not too late n

lakshya- n we became one..i and ragini divorced n we both got married..

swara–n this happened just an year b4…ragini did this much for me…so

lakshya– so we realised that ragsan were in love but they didnt realise anything..

swara— so we made them realise n see they married today..

lakshya— thats it !!1 swalak and ragsan are made for eachother,..

the two couples slept in each other’s arms that night…


all swalak fans plz comment

Credit to: kritika

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  1. Nice epi.seems interesting.

  2. Nice one

  3. Well must say nice try and concept too being a swasan fan writing swalak ff is not easy but u did it.it’s nice.

  4. Super awesome….. Can’t wait for next one

  5. Hayyyyyy….agar aisa sacchi mein hota toh bohot hiii accha hota….u are an amazing writer…..

  6. thanks kritika vry nice epi… can u show swalaks marriage consumation

  7. great job dear

  8. Good epi

  9. Thanks for making a swalak ff really thanx & it was really good

  10. sorry yar i have not read becoz I can’t imagine swalak..sorry…. 🙁

  11. thanks for swalak os

  12. very nice……n thnx for writing a swalak ff

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