Swalak n Ragsan one shot

Hii…i am back.i am writing ragsan n swalak ff as there are people who like this couple..i am dedicating it to them.

Story starts at award function.

The announcer:the award for best actor male
SRK:the best acor male is sanskar maheshwari from saraswatichandra(guys its just for story)

A boy enters the stage.he was wearing grey pants,yellow shirt n blue blazer.he was handsome n hot.everyone claps for him.

Sanskar : i am really happy..thanks to my director,producer n all cast of saraswatichandra. I really thank my fan for this.its bcoz of them that i am here.everyone say that there is a women behind mans victory..in my case,its really true..my life..my wife swara sanskar maheshwari.i am very happy to get her in my life.

Everyone claps.he comes bach to his seat n hugs a lady.she was wearing blue sari wth golden color blouse.

Sanskar :its all bcoz of u swara..

It was swara.they were returning after the program.sanskar crashes with a girl n she falls down.

Sanky: are u ok?

Girl:ya..i am fine.

She gets up n turns to sanky.

sanky is shocked.


swara is also shocked n says:lado

Girl:i think u r mistaken…anyway i am jyoti khanna…daughter of kabir khanna.

Sanky:ohh..i thought u as my frnd..she is really like u.

Girl:its kk..bye…dad is waiting.

Swara is in shock.

Swara:no sanskar..she is ragini..i know,my heart feels its rags.

Sanskar:i wish it was ragini..but what to do ?

swasan leaves from there.They come home.

Ap welcome them.she does their aarti n congragulate sanky.they take her blessing.

Swasan room.
Swara:sanky what r u thinking?i think about ragini..srry jyothi

Sanky:ha..i dont know why i felt it was my ragini.

Swara feels bad hearing ‘my ragini’

She leaves.sanky is luking at the moon.he thinks about ragini.

**Fb start**

At saraswatichandra shooting.

Director:sanskar…a new lead will be introduced today…her name is ragini gadodia.

Sanskar:did she work in any other show?

director:no,its her debut show.

Scene starts
Ragini is doing n turns.sanskar is mesmerised to see her.but she is very nervous as it is the first time she is facing camera.

Sanky helps her n they become thick frnds..their chemistry become popular.onscreen they played character namex danny n sara respectively n they became sanny.offscreen they were called ragsan.

Sanskar came to know that she was swara’s sis..swara n sanky was childhd beddies.swasanlak studied in the same college.but rags was in australia for her studies.

One day at a party ragini introduced rahul as her fiancee n sanky became jealous of them.one day rahul forced himself on rags.sanky saved her.

Swara made sanky realize his love for her n he proposed her n they stated dating.swara was very happy for them.

One day rags had to go australia .swasanlak drpped her.

At airport.

Sanky:take care..i will miss u.

Rags:miss u too. They hug.sanky kissed her forehead.

Swalak luks at them n smile. Swaragini also hug. Raglak side hugs . They comes back home.

Swasanlak is bored without rags.they switch on the tv n saw the news n were shocked.the plane in which ragini went was crashed n all the people were dead.

After 4 days,

Swasanlak was still in shock. They sat in corners of the room n was blank.ap comes with fd for them . Laksh opens the door.

Ap:pls take this..how many days will u live like this.

Laksh:mom..pls understand..we will eat after sometime.

Sanskar switch on his phone after 4 day…he was shocked to see a voice msg.

It says:
sanskar…i know u will be shocked on my death..but its true..but,promise me that u will move on,i think the best partner for u is swara…pls sanskar foe my sake,u have to marry swara..u guys can be best couple.

Sanskar was teary eyed.he luked at swara..she was sitting in the corner hugging lucky n crying.

Swara:may be she left sthng in my phone too.

It says.:
Swara..put ur head phones
She puts it.

Swara..i know u loved sanky n sacrificed it for my sake..now i am going to die..i am leaving sanky to u.take care of him n urself.
Now put it in speaker.
Lucky..take care swasan n unite them for me,i know u r the best for this.find a gd life partner for urself n take care.

Bye guys..its my last time….i love u all.

Swasanlak was hell shocked.

**Fb ends**
Sanky was crying.

Swara:sanky,why r u crying?

Sanky:do u think that marrying me was a mistake?

swara:what r saying?how can it be mistake..it was our ragini’s wish..moreover i lo(ve)

She stopped.

She goes out n collides with laksh.she was going to fall..but he catches her in time.they have an eyelock.


Laksh:ha wo..

He makes her stand.

Laksh:swara..r u fine?what happened.?

she tells about seeing jyothi.
Laksh:may be it was lado s lookalike.

Swara:may be..i wish it was ragini,i miss her.

She leaves.

Laksh pov:
Life changed so much in a month.i thought all was settled. Ragini n sanskar was one n i was going to propse shona..but everythng was shattered by ragini’s death.anyway..i wish jyothi should be ragini.

The next day.
Sanskar arranged party for receiving award.he invited jyothi also

Jyothi enters.she was wearing a white gownnsanky is mesmerised. She comes to him.

Jyothi:congrats mr.maheshwari.

Sanky:thanks.by the way were where ur studies.

Jyothi:why u asked? i was in australia n returned a month before.


He leaves from there n tells this to swalak

Swara:i am sure..she is ragini,may be she had memory loss.

Laksh:haa swara is right.

Sanky calls jyothi

Sanky: did u have any accident one month ago?

Rags: yess..how u knew it?

Sanky: bcoz u were my ragini

Rags: what rubbish..i am jyoti khanna.

Sanky:its not rubbish..ur my ragini.

He plays the audio that ragini sent him..

Rags gets dizzy hearing it.

Sanky(shout):yess u r ragini.. u had memory loss…ur brain may not remember me.but ur heart will.

He places her hand on his chest.she falls unconsious on his shoulder.

They take her to hospital.doctor say that she is critical n have brain injury.sanky goes to temple n prays for her.she becomes consious.sanky goes to her.

Rags:why u came here again.. i said na i am……

Sanky is worried.

Sanky: so u dont remember me…u dont remember our love

Ragini:let me complete..i said na i am ragini gadodia.

Ragsan smiled n hugged.he come close to her n kissed her…it was a passionate n long kiss.suddenly he rememberes swara.

He leaves from there n call swara.swara comes n is happy thet rags got her memory.

They come home.swara n sanky get divorced.

Swara is really worried.

Rags:why r u worried?

Swara:nthng..rags,now be ready to become ragini sanskar maheshwari.

Rags:what nonsense…u guys r married

Swara:we r divorced also..we didnt have any rekationship except friendship.some relation are better if we keep it as it is.

Rags hugged her n cried swara also cried.

After 2 days..it was ragsan engagement.

Laksh suddenly bend on his knees.

Laksh:swara….i fell for u when i saw u in the first day of college..but i didnt get any chance to say it.i wanted smile on ur face,so i supported u to marry sanky.i knew u loved him…i dont know if it is write time to ask…but can u become my life partner..can u become swara laksh maheshwari.?

swara is shocked n stand silently.laksh luked at her teary eyed.

Laksh:i am really srry if i said anythng wrong..but i think it was right time.

He stands up n turns to go.swara ran to him n hug him from back.

Laksh was shocked.

Swara:i dont love u..but i can love u bcoz u r my best frnd and know me from last 4 years..life is unexpected…love can happen any time.i think i love u ..but i really couldnt understand it bcoz i was always attracted to sanky…i am ready..i am ready to become swara laksh maheshwari.

They hug passionately.ragsan luked at them and smiles.

Ragsan n swalak put ring on eachother.sanlal kisses swaragini’s hand.

They pose for photograph

Story end….*

I know it is boring..i am srry…i wrote it for ragsan n swalak fan

Credit to: jasmine


  1. Amna

    Nice attempt bt story was somewhat same to eva’s I hate u too. But no prob ideas could collide, try ur bst in nxt 1.?

  2. Niti

    Yap Amna..agreed…its vey similar to Eva’s masterpiece I hate u too..(I’m a diehard ragsan fan)

    • Eva

      Ideas clashes and collides…as Amna said…and its similar but not same….so no worries….its her hardwork…she should be appreciated for that…Jasmine..this was a complete and awesome swalak and ragsan one shot….so no worries…. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. jasmine

    Thank u for ur comments..i read all eve’s ff ..i hate u too was mind blowing n emotional.i know i have collided its ideas with mine…but i am srry

    • Eva

      Eee…don’t u dare tell me sorry…..no apology needed…u have written something..and u should be proud and not sorry….its similar not same….so chill…. sweet heart.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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