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Hey friends im back as i promised you. It is a os. Thanks everyone who coment ed in my previous ff. And khushboo you want to read my first ff na here is the link :


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So let’s start it

Swara was reading in a collage where lucky used to read. But lucky was 2nd year senior to swara. But on her first day of the college swara fall in love with lucky. She was very good at studies. She wants to make friendship with lucky. But as you know all girls were crazy for him. But he’s didn’t interested in them. So he keeps distance from them . swara always tried to talk to lucky &wants to tell him about her feelings. But it was her last day of college &she came to knw that lucky loved a girl named kavya. So it left swara heart broken.
After five years swara get a job in a mnc. And lucky was also get a good job in one of leading company. When he tells about kavya in his house his family agreed for their marriage. But kavya wasn’t in a mood for marriage. In fact she loves lucky only because of his money. Do before some days of marriage she runs away leaving laksh alone. Laksh was heart broken but concole himself. After two to three months laksh family got swaras pic for marriage. And they like her. So seeing his family happiness he agreed for the marriage. But swara doesn’t knw anything about kavya. But she was very much happy that finally she was marrying laksh. Both get married with all the rituals. On their wedding night swara was waiting for laksh. He came near her &tells her everything about kavya. He ask her sometime. So swara tells him that she’ll wait till her death. He can take as much as time he wants.
It was already one year completion of their marriage. Andy laksh started liking her. Their family members decided to send them to some place so that their mind became changed. Both went there. All was good both enjoyed alot bug one day before their returning laksh met with kavya. Seeing her swara also get shocked. But both swalak leave that place same day itself. When they returned swara saw changed behaviour of laksh. One day she saw both laksh &kavya in one park. When she ask laksh about it he tells lies to her. One day on her way to office swaras car brake get failed. She was very much scared. When she knew about it she call laksh. Although laksh received her call before hearing anything from her he tells her that he wasin a meeting. And he cuts the call. Swara knew that he was lying. Because she heard kavyas voice (laughing ).but finally she able to call her father in law &inform him about it. But her car was hitted a tree. So she was injured. The people admits her in hospital &calls her family. Her father &mother in law reaches there. Both try to call laksh but his phone was switched off. After 4 to 5 hr swara get consiousness. And she didn’t find laksh there. So she understand that till now he didn’t came back . Her office head came to meet her &tells her that she has get transfer. So if she doesn’t want it then he will cancel it. But swara tells him that she will join tomorrow only &she wants promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone about her transferred place. When luckys mother &father ask her the reason she tells themthem everything &tells them that she only wants luckys happiness &he was happy with kavya . And she tells them that they can contact her anytime but lucky shouldn’t know about her address. And before lucky came to hospital she went to her new job. That day evening when lucky comes back home his mom tells him that swara met with an accident &one man came to house who took away all the luggage from their room. And he tells his mom that Mrs swara has transferred to a new area &she wants to go today only. So he came to took swars luggage. Lucky was shocked because he never expected this. He never thinks that swara had called him for help. But he rushed to swaras office. And ask them the place where swara get transfer. But they tells him that it was against their rules &swara herself told them not to give her details to anyone. So laksh came home with so much guilty. When he reached there he saw only his &kavyas photos &his clothes. Somehow he slept. But in the morning he called swara for tea, coffee, breakfast &for his dress. Then his mom comes to him &tells him that swara wasn’t here. She’ll help him but laksh left for his office. In the office he remembered that day when kavya comes to him &apologise him for her doing &tells him that she realised that she loves him. At that time swara called him so he tells her that he was busy in meeting. Then he slapped kavya that again she wants his money so she came back. And he left her at that place. But after that day she continously came to him &ask him forgiveness. So he forgive her. But after 5 days she again runs away with money. This time laksh came home and started throwing all their photos. Although he married swara in their room only his &kavyas photo were there. He started crying loudly but no one came to concole him. Before when he remembers kavya swara tried hard to change his mood and always gets successful. That day he wants swara he wants to hug her & crying before her but she wasn’t there. After that day he completely changed. He realised swaras importance in his life. More ever he started loving swara. He tried hard to get her contact details but couldn’t get it. He works hard so that he keeps himself busy as those time he remembers swara for a little time.

After 8 months
In the new place swara started her work &within someday she won all members heart. She get promoted many times but she wasn’t happy as she was missing laksh badly. One day when laksh returned home he heared hie sister was talking with someone. As she was pregnant she was staying in his home only. When he heared it he can’t believe it he wants to dance. Because his sister was talking with swara only. He stands behind the door &hear her voice. He was very much happy that atlast after manymay month he heared swaras voice. But he came back &calls his mother &sister for dinner . But both of them were rushed to dining table so they forget to delete swaras no. Then laksh tells them that he will come after changing. And secretly he enter his mother’s room &finally he got swaras no. And from his new no . he called her. But he couldn’t tell her anything he was crying only then he cut the call. In these months he didn’t allow anyone to enter his room. He changed it &in all the walls it had only swara &his photo. And by seeing her pic he tells her that he was coming to her.
Then lucky confront his mother &sister about hiding swaras address &contact no. His mother admits that she hide it as she didn’t want to see swara again get hurts. But lucky tells her that he was changed &he loves her more than his life. Then he take them to his room &showed all the pictures & tells them that he missed her badly in these months. Then his mom tells sorry to him &tells him that now only she’ll call swara &tells her about it. But laksh told her that only she tells him about where swara stays now. He would bring her back. And the next morning he left. When he reached there he directly enter swaras house &waits for her. When swara comes back she saw all the house was decorated &big sorry were written in it. She couldn’t get it. Then she saw laksh sitting in his knees &asking her forgiveness. Seeing him in this situation she get teary eyed &she tells laksh that where is kavya his love. He tells her that his love left him before eight months who is standing in front of him. And he proposes her. Swara happily forgives him &hugged him by telling I LOVE YOU which laksh replied THAT HE ALSO LOVE HER. Then both returned to home. When swara enter their room she was shocked but happy also to see so many photos.
Both lived happily after that.

Friends I had keep my promise now it’s your turn to tell me how’s it im waiting for your response plz coment guys.

Credit to: pari

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  1. Nice dear. I like it di. Ur this os and devanandhini’s three shot is my favourite

    1. Thanks teju I’m very much happy that my story was one of your favourite thanks for liking it dear

  2. awesome. Please write ff on swalak Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Thanks ritu I’ll write a ff on swalak but give me some days I’ll be back with another swalak ff

  3. Nice….its different ,simple but awesome…

  4. It is very nice Pari Di…..plz keep on writing more such os…..

    1. Thank you nita I’ll see

  5. It’s awesome di.I loved it.

  6. Wow! Its so awesomely written. I loved your story. Very beautiful! Keep writibg such awesome stuff and ALL THE VERY BEST FOR UR FUTURE TOO!

    1. Thanks alot bisha thanks again for liking it

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