Swalak : LOVE LETTERS { intro}

Hi friends!!! This is Nilu…..N a big SORRY for my story….As when I started writing the story it was my final exam period n I can’t continue it further….I’m really sorry….. N the storyline was not good too….

So I’m back with a new story….I guess many of them know this story or may not be…… The story is on my favorite Couple SWALAK…… N sorry for swasan, raglak, fans…. I may take Ragsan as a pair too…it will depend… Plz accept my mistakes….. If you are confused plz tell me in the comment box…. So here is the character sketch…..

Swara Gadodia /Shona: Cute, sweet, and somehow poor in studies. She lost her memory when she was small (she don’t know) (that’s why she is poor in studies). She loves her dad. She lost her mom when she was 2 yrs old.

Shekhar Gadodia: Caring, loving n funny dad of Swara. He loves his daughter a lot. He owns a small hotel n is the chef in the hotel. He is also like Swara poor in studies. His recipes are very tasty.

Kabir Kapoor (Played by Mishkat Verma): Handsome, Smart n best friend of swara. Secretly in love with her. Never let Swara cry or get hurt. He is also poor in studies. Helps Shekhar in hotel when needed. Always supports swara in every work. Dream to become a good chef.

Twinkle D’souza (Played by Jasmin Bhasin): Best friend of Swara. Loving, caring, funny, sweet girl. Supports her friends. Loves all her friends. Strong girl. Also poor in studies.

Arjun Singhania (Played by Kushal Tandon): Handsome, Smart n friend of swara. Intelligent boy among his friends group. Supports his friends. Loves all his friends.

Priya Taneja (Played by Jigyasa Singh): Loving, caring, funny, sweet girl. Friend of swara. Eats a lot. Supports her friends. Loves all her friends. Very poor in studies.

(Swara, Kabir, Twinkle, Priya n Arjun are close friends. All are poor in studies. They all study in a class called non-genius class where all the students are non-genius. They love their teacher. They all enjoy to study in this class which is funny n every1 in the class loves each other)

Laksh Maheshwari/Lucky: Handsome, hot, intelligent boy. He has 100 IQ. He has a past which is painful for him. Every girl falls for him. He behaves abnormal. Belongs to a rich family.

Naksh Maheshwari: He is younger son of Sujata n Rp. Very intelligent like his brother. He is in 5th grade. Wants to become a scientist.

Sujata Maheshwari: Caring, loving, funny mom of Laksh n Naksh. Wife of Rp n loves him too. There is always a funny fight between Laksh n Sujata.

Ramprasad Maheshwari: Father of Laksh n Naksh a loving husband of Sujata. He is a rich businessman. He was in USA for business purpose. N now he is in Canada.
So here I end….
I will introduce other characters in the episodes later…. Plz don’t feel bad abt swara’s character u all will understand as u read the story further…Hope u all like my story….

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  1. Soumya85

    It seems interesting and thank you so much for swalak as I’m a huge fan of swalak love them..waiting for the first episode

  2. Fenil

    Seems interesting
    waiting for start.

  3. very nice interesting.

  4. Hey Nilu!!!!
    You know this plot is of kinda an adaption of Playfull kisses……A Korean drama series if I am not wrong!!!!!!!
    It’s a nice plot….Don’t get me wrong but try to change a little of ur plotplot!!

    1. Nilu421

      Hey….. thx 4 ur comment….But it’s not the plot from Playfully Kisses…..N it’s ok…..N u too don’t get me wrong….

  5. AMkideewani

    Superb and thank you very much for SwaLak and I’m a dieheart fan of them

  6. Nice intro

  7. Shivi21

    Awesome fantastic dear love ur concept

  8. swalak ypieeeeee wating for ur ff

  9. Interesting

  10. Inu

    superb story

  11. Nilu421

    Hii….. Thank you all 4 your lovely comments….. my 1st rpi tomorrow……Plz keep commenting

  12. Nilu421

    I’m also a dieheart fan of swalak

  13. Thanks for swalak

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