Swalak : LOVE LETTERS {Epi 9} {Swara’s New House}


Hii Friends!! This is Nilu…I am back with the 9th Episode of my ff….Hope u all like it… Thank you for typing lovely comments….I am changing the character of Ramprasad….Ramprasad will be played by Imran khan From Beyhadh. N sujata will be played by Vibha Bhagat Also from Beyhadh…

So let’s start……….

Scene 1
Next day (it’s sunday )
Swara comes down on the dining table n greets Good morning to shek n Anut Sia…. They have some random talks when someone calls Shek from main door of house…

Person: Shekhar…shekhar…is there anyone Shekhar Gadodia Living here….

Shek: It’s very irritating. Reporters again!…
He goes to the door n sees a man standing facing his back….he turns

Person: I came to pick up Shekhar Gadodia to stay with me.

Shek(shouts in excitement) : Ramprasad!!!

Rp: It’s me!!
They both hug tightly….
Scene 2

Shek: Thank you very much. Mrs.Sia I will never forget about your favor.

Sia: It’s ok…we should always help our neighbor ..its my pleasure. Take care.
N they all leave….they take their things n sit in the car…
On the way….
Shek: Ram…. How could you find me?

Rp: From watching news. For a min I thought “ Oh! Who is he? So familiar face” Then I saw that it’s you Shekhar.

Shek: Ohh! Did you come back long time ago?

Rp: Not more than 3 months. I was busy about school of my kids a little bit. Sujata was busy with settling the house. I planed that after we finished I will go to look for you. Then there was an explosion news, so I can find you.

Shek: Thank you my frnd..

Rp: Oh come on shek everything for you….Taliw! You grew up n you look cute.

Shek: Dad is also handsome.

Rp: Do you remember uncle?
Sw gives a no look

Shek: How could she remember? How many years have you disappeared?

Rp: Not so long!

Sk: Not so long! My daughter is grown up to be a lady now. How about your naughty boy?

Rp: Very Handsome! I will tell you that he is very handsome. i started to be curious if Sujata had committed the adultery?

Sk: Hahaha…Ram! What do you use for thinking?

Rp: It’s because my son is extremely handsome.

Sk: Hey! Such a woman like Sujata. If you didn’t pick her then who would?
(Actually Sujata is very sweet n childish woman n little funny.)

They start to laugh..
Rp: That’s true

Sk: She was so short. Her legs were just like a jar.

Rp: Enough! Enough! Anyhow she is my wife. I love her.

Sk: I forget myself. But I dare not speak in front of her face. I am afraid I will be slapped by Sujata.

They again laugh…n Swara join them too….

Scene 3
Kabir comes to Aunt Sia’s house with some things….n after talking with Aunt Sia he comes to know that swara has moved somewhere else…n he gets very sad n thinks that why didn’t swara told him.

Scene 4
After a long ride finally Swara, Shekhar n Ram reaches Ram’s house…as swara opens the door of the car she sees the beautiful n big bunglow….n she is super happy…n Shekhar starts to enter the house

Rp: Wait! Wait!

Shek: What?

Rp: I have one rule before entering the house.

Sk: Just say it, friend!

Rp: You must feel first that this house is your house. Then you can enter.

Sk: Ram! I feel it….. n they goes inside..

Followed by swara they go in the garden where as swara goes to the living room as she don’t know where to go..
When she enters the living room she gets very happy to see such a big n beautiful house n suddenly she sees the cat on the staircase..it’s the same cat which she gave to laksh..

Sw: Cat! Meaw, meaw…Hi! Your face looks very familiar to me. Have we ever met somewhere? Many days ago I also met a cat which has similar face like you. But he may be smaller than you a little bit. Or perhaps he is of same size as you. So cute! What is your name? hmm? Meaw!
N from behind Laksh comes n stands behind swara n sees her n sees how she is talking with the cat…. Looking at the cat he askes

Laksh: Do you talk with cat again?
Sw: Hmm

Then she realizes that someone is behind her…. She turns to look at him n he too looks at her…as soon as she saw laksh she gets shocked n is about to fall but laksh holds her n they share a cute eyelock…. N Afeemi (Meri pyari Bindu) song plays….

The screen freezes on the cute couple..

So here I end….Hope u all like it….

Precape: Ram introduces everyone to swara n swara gets shocked after listening it…

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