Swalak : LOVE LETTERS {Epi 5} {Love Letters}

Hii Friends!! This is Nilu…I am back with the 5th Episode of my ff….Hope u all like it… Thank you for typing lovely comments….

So let’s start……….

Scene 1
In the school near the tree

Swara is standing near the tree thinking about the words which her dad told her just then she see laksh

Sw: Laksh!! (N she runs to him)

Laksh turns…..swara removes the letters

Sw: I…..I wrote this for you.

She smiles n bow her head down forwarding the letters n Afeemi song plays……
Laksh takes the letters…..n swara looks at him n he leaves…..n she gets supper happy…..This all is happening in slow motion…….

Swara goes to keep her bag in the locker area n start to dream about laksh…..Afeemi song plays……

She dreams laksh comes near her n say “I might love u already. I am happy that there is someone feels the same as me. I have been waiting for someone like you for my whole life, shona.”

Just then Kabir comes shouting: Shona! Shona!
This wakes swara

Kb: What are u doing here? Let’s go Quickly
N he drags her in the school campus where there is a big crowd of students who r looking on bulletin board n laughing

Girl 1: Come to look at this!

Girl 2: You must read. Who wrote it?

Girl 3: Her name is Shona

Kabir pushes everyone one n show letters to swara. Everyone teases her by reading some lines written on the letters……Twinkle comes from behind…..swara is shocked…..she feels very very bad……n laksh is watching everything from upper floor. Twinkle threatens everyone to stop speaking….

Kb: Shona! Do these papers belong to you? Or someone has teased you?

Swara looks at him with a crying face…..Kabir goes n sees swara name on those letters n he starts to remove all those letters…….it’s hard for him to believe it…..he is very angry…..he angrily removes the letters n goes to swara….

Kb: Be patient! Don’t cry!

Swara nods…..n they both turn to leave when they see laksh on the upper floor. Swara is looking at laksh N from inside she is hurted. Everyone sees laksh n understand that the letters were for laksh

Girl 1: How is it? Our laksh made swara lost tear already.

Just then one tear rolls down from swara’s eye….

Girl 2: Oh! Doing like this is just like declare war with Kabir. Who is good in chasing dogs away.

N the screen freezes on crying face of swara n angry face of kabir.

So here I end….Hope u all like it….
Precape: Swara n her friends go to her hotel….n some unexpected thing happens…..

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