Swalak : LOVE LETTERS {Epi 4} {Swalak’s talk}

Hii Friends!! This is Nilu…I am back with the 4th Episode of my ff….Hope u all like it… Thank you for typing lovely comments….

So let’s start……….

Scene 1
In library

Laksh is sitting on a table reading a book when swara comes to him n speaks slowly as it is a library.

Sw (ask slowly): How is the cat? Do you name him already? Does he eat a lot? Will he recognize me?

Laksh(Lk): I don’t grow cat.

Sw: You….What do u mean?

Lk: Don’t you understand? What I spoke before, it’s very easy. N leaves from there… swara gets sad…swara goes behind him

Sw: Laksh! You said that you don’t speak what is not true.
He turns towards her…

Sw: you said that you didn’t grow cat. The cat you took on that day! The say we met for the first time. The day I brought the cat in the principal’s cabin.

Laksh turns to leave
Sw: So you spoke something that’s not true.

Laksh again turns: I never speak something that’s not true. I don’t grow cat and I don’t want to talk about it again. Stop bothering me!! N he leaves….Swara gets sad….

Scene 2
Swara is sadly looking at the same tree from where she got the cat…..
From behind Kabir comes

Kb: How do you do my friend? Do you want your friend to send you home?
But swara doesn’t answer

Kb: Oh! What happened with you?

Sw(in her lost world): Perhaps he was possessed by some ghost.

Kb: Who? Who was possessed by some ghost?

Sw gets back from her lost world: Hmm….never mind!

Kb: Tell me!

Sw: Nothing. Let’s go home. Let’s go.

Kb: hmm….
N suddenly laksh drives his bicycle very near to swara….but kabir saves her…

Kb: Hey! Crazy person (shouts)
N both leaves on bicycle…..in their way kabir tries to make swara happy by driving cycle funnily.

Scene 3
Its night n swara is shown doing h.w in the hotel….N shekhar comes to her n sits beside her

Sk: Difficult H.w?

Sw: H.w with me is never easy, dad.

Sk(Smiling): I understand.

Sw: But h.w….if u think more,you can find the solution, right? Dad.

Sk: Yes! Absolutely right! The most important is you shouldn’t give up. Remember! We can be last but don’t give up.

Sw(laughing): What proverb is it? Dad. So funny.

Sk(smiling): But it’s effective. When I use to lose. I always think like this. Remember that you can be the last one in the class or any no. But you should not be someone who give up. Okay?

Sw: okay..Dad! there is someone who has IQ 100 at school too.

Sk: OMG! How could he be born with so much IQ like that?

Sw: I think so too. (N she laughs Sk also laughs

Sk: Don’t pay attention with him. It means that he is not normal like us.

Sw: Not normal indeed, Dad. Sometimes he is good, Sometimes he is not. I am confused. Which one is true, which one is fake? Which one is his real self?

Sk: Hmmm….Don’t be confused. Believe me. There are both good people and bad people. But we must look into his real self that he is good more than bad or he is bad more than good.

Swara gives a confused look : Difficult!

Sk: Right? Dad also think that it’s difficult. (hahaha)

So here I end….Hope u all like it….

Precape: Love letters of swara……revealed in front of everyone in the school…OMG!!!

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  1. AMkideewani

    Awesome dear?

  2. Are u d same nilu writer of swasan ff does she love me??? If yes plzz post nxt part soon dear..waiting for dat

    1. Nilu421

      Hii…No…I’m writing only this ff…I knew some1 would ask…It’s ok 🙂 🙂

    2. Nilu421

      Hii…No…I’m writing only this ff…I knew some1 would ask…It’s ok

  3. Nilu421

    Nope…I.m the author of this ff only

  4. Awesome

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    Amazing episode dear

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