Swalak : LOVE LETTERS {Epi 3} {The School Starts}

Hii Friends!! This is Nilu…I am back with the 3rd Episode of my ff….Hope u all like it… Thank you for typing lovely comments…N a big sorry…As I’m late for posting next episode… Sorry

So let’s start……….

Scene 1
‘RISING FUTURE International school’ is shown. Swara enters her class.(Non-Genius class) Her class is very messy. All her classmates are throwing paper planes, paper balls everywhere. Many of them have brought their pets in the class. Swara keeps her bag in her seat n from back Kabir(Kb) comes…

Kb: Shona! Shona! Why did you hurry to come here? You said that you will let me pick up you at home.

Sw: Because… I am excited for the first day of the new semester.

All her friends come in the class….

Twinkle (Tk): Hey! Shona….. Do you know that a student from abroad has moved to our school?

Kb: What? Who?

Priya (Py): They said he has a good look, Unlike you.

Sw: He has moved from Japan, too.

Kb: Hey! Shona! Do you know him too? When did you get to know him?

Tk: Never mind! But they said that he is very handsome. He is not only handsome. He is super genius. He is very clever, not stupid like us.

Py: Yes! I heard that he has 100 IQ. Math, sports, singing, and he even can write songs.

Kb: What kind of human is he? So many abnormal things. So poor! Right?
(They say him abnormal because they are not that intelligent like him n can’t do so many things)

Here swara is blushing…..And the bell rings n everyone in that class starts running to find their seat. In the corridor the Principal n Sir Mike are heading towards the non-genius class with Laksh. Everyone in the class wears their coats n gets ready.
Swara eagerly looks at the door hoping to see Laksh. As soon as the Principal enters the class she sees the class messy…..n many students have pets in their hands like lizard, cats, owl….n even a snake in a box….N when Laksh enters the class all the girls are lost in him. He sees the class. N swara waves hand to him.

Principal: Sir Mike! I think you better tell your students keep such things (their pets) away first, ok?

Sir Mike(SM): Students! Plz keep him away.(the snake)
The student keeps him away…

Principal: It’s good news that our school has Laksh Maheshwari moved into our school. And it’s much more glad than other class bcoz Laksh has chosen to study in this class. This semester I wish it will be the semester that you will concentrate and pay attention in studying, okay?

All: Yes! Yes!

Sm: Everybody, plz stand up and introduce yourself to laksh or lucky, one by one…

Girl 1: My name is Lisa. I like not only dogs but you too!

All shouts in teasing tone

Girl 2: My name is Sara. At first I have a bf but now I don’t have to have.

All shouts: Oh!!!
Laksh laughs little….
This continues each girl flirts with him.

Arjun: I am Arjun. Fit and Finished.

Py: My name is Priya. Priya Taneja. 95682….

Arjun: hey r u going to give your phone no.


Py: uh…uh….Finished

Tk: Hi! My name is Twinkle D’souza. My distinctive point is my face but my value point is at my hips..

All: Ohh!!!

Now Kabir stands up to introduce himself

Kb(in attitude tone): I am Kabir. I don’t like people who have a good look. Someone like you is so-so.

Laksh looks at him like oh so much attitude.

Tk tells swara to get up..She somehow blushes little.

Sw: Hi! My name is Swara Gadodia.

As soon as Laksh hears the word swara he goes to a flashback
Small Girl: Don’t even show me your face again n the small girl leaves
Flashback ends n he gets angry
Till now laksh was behaving nice with swara but this flashback makes him angry…

Swara: My nick name shona. . N….. n….. That’s ……. I……Nothing (She blushes)

But laksh is completely ignoring her.

Sm: Ok! OK! You go to sit beside Swara, ok? There is only the seat left.

Swara gets happy but Kabir gets angry

Kb: Sir! I suggest that he should sit in the front.

Laksh goes n sits beside swara…..n swara waves him smiling…But lucky ignores her….N swara blushes…..N sir mike starts teaching the students…..After some time the class ends. Swara n her group go for eating.
Precape: Swalak’s talk which is sad for swara.

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