Swalak : LOVE LETTERS {Epi 2} {Swara’s Letters}

Hii Friends!! This is Nilu…I am back with the 2nd Episode of my ff….Hope u all like it…
Let’s start….

Scene 1

A Hotel (the hotel of her dad) is shown where swara is sitting on a chair n tearing a paper from a book.

Shekhar(Sk) comes in a chef uniform…

Sk: (peeping in swara’s work)Shona! What r u doing?

Sw: Tearing a paper.

Sk: That’s right. I think so.(Hahaha….he can also see what she is doing)Why r you tearing a paper?

Sw: Oh! To write a letter.

Sk: Is it for sending to a teacher?

Sw: No! Send to a boy.

As soon as she says this the people in the hotel looks at her.

Sk(to the people): What are u looking at? Don’t meddle with other people’s business.

Sw: Dad! You better go cook. If you finish the food late, your client might follow you with knife, again. If I have some problem I will tell you. Okay?

So Sk leaves N swara starts to write a letter to laksh.

In the letter she wirtes: To you…whose name I still don’t know. Hello! My name is Shona. (It’s her nick name so she writes shona in the letter as everyone calls her by that name only) Is it a cute name? (she smiles) Everyone usually calls me by this name. My dad’s name is Shekhar. He is very good in drawing. But he drew only one picture of my mom and quit drawing. Now he runs a hotel. His famous dish is Noodles. People like to eat it, but they have to wait for a very long time. Someone waited until they fainted. Someone was very hungry so he took a knife and ran after my dad.

A scene is shown where shekhar is cooking the same dish n his clients are waiting for the dish to be ready. A man gets very angry. N he Points a knife towards Sk.

The man: Will I get it? I am hungry. Quickly!

SK acts like frighten n walks towards his cooking table n shows even bigger knife to that man

Sk(In a strong tone): Can you wait?

The man (very politely): Yes! Yes!

Back to the letter: Since the day I met you….I feel very different….I’ve never really felt like this before.
Swara blushes n smiles. She wirtes second letter: The reason I’m writing this letter to you, is bcoz I want to tell you that I like you very much! (swara blushes while writng this) I like you bcoz you are kind. And you a good guy. And you are clever, too. IQ 100 or something like that. I don’t know how you feel about me, but for me……I’m very mad when I met you. I will introduce myself to you only this much in this letter. I hope you want to be friends with me, too. Shona

In her third letter: How does it look like to have IQ 100? Everything must be easy and comfortable, right? I have a stupid brain. I don’t have that good of a memory. There are not so many good points in me. Dad! My dad told me that I am not stupid. I am only a slow human. But I can help him sometimes. Luckily, dad is also slow. But on the day we have a lot of customers, Kabir often comes to help us eagerly. Kabir has been my friend since I was in 7th grade. He is in the same class with us too. You might like Kabir. Kabir looks like bad boy but he is not. He is very good in chasing dogs away. Dogs like to bark at me. Whenever dogs come to bark at me…king will come immediately. Soon school will start. I am so excited. I will take all the letters I wrote and give them to you, okay? And I will know your name.

Swara was writing these letters at different places in different time….like sometimes at home, sometimes in park like that…..

So here I end….Hope u all like it….

Precape: The school starts….

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