Hi guys i’m back with my new fan fiction. And pair will be swalak. Okay first I’ll give the intro then our first episode.

Swara kapoor -a cute and beautiful girl of 24 years old. She is an orphan. Always helps others people. A doctor in profession. She was adopted by Mr shekhar and his wife sumi as they don’t have any child.

Shekhar kapoor – a middle class Man .He works as a proffssor in the nearest collage. Staying with his wife,mother parvati and daughter swara.

Sumi kapoor – she was wife of shekhar. She is a house wife but loves to spent her time in the nearest NGO. When ever she gets time she goes there. From that NGO only she got swara. She calls swara as shona.

Parvati kapoor – she was eldest of the family. Loves swara very much. She has never complain about swara’s adoption.

Laksh maheswari – a handsome and a kind hearted boy of 24 years old . All girls were crazy for him. He also loves to help others. He had joined his family business after studies. Now he was helping his father in the business.

Durga prasad maheswari – he was father of laksh. One of leading business man of their city. Loves his son and brother ram’s daughter uttara.

Arnapurna maheswari- wife of Dp and mother of laksh . She is a house wife and was the owner of one NGO in which sumi used to go . so both are good friends. Loves swara very much.

And Adarsh,parineeta,ram and sujata and uttara are same as serial.

Episode 1

A house is shown . It was very well decorated with flowers and lights. It seems some marriage was going to happen. It was a badi so all people are working . The neighbours are helping in marriage. Seeing it i think that girl will be very much lucky na so many people are came for her marriage. Wait before going inside i saw a name board infront the house it reads Mr and Mrs shekhar kapoor. Oho then his daughter marriage is going to happen . okay let’s go inside.
Hey wait some ladies were talking something.

Lady 1 – are we have so many works do it fastly na.

Lady 2 – don’t worry parvati ji everything will be good. Your swara’s marriage will be completed with all the rituals.

Oho then first lady was parvati kapoor swara’s dadi.

Parvati – i’m praying for that only. I don’t want anything bad happen with my swara.
Sumi -maa why will any bad thing happen . Till now our shona never even thinks bad for anyone. She always helps others. Then why any bad will happen with her. And maa Shaan will keep her happy. He knows our shona from their collage time.

Parvati –  I’ll pray for my swara. And that Shaan if he’ll not keep our shona happy then I’ll Kill him.

Sumi – no maa why will he do anything like that? He loves our shona. Don’t worry okay maa I’m going to check shona if she was ready or not.

Parvati – haan you go I’ll see here.

Sumi left to a room. She opens the door and enters inside. A girl is shown with bridal attair. Oh god she was looking so beautiful her face is shown. She was our swara.

Sumi – shona you are ready na.

Swara – Yes maa.

Sumi – don’t worry beta. I know now you are nervous but believe me Shaan will keep you happy. He loves you.

Swara – hmm.

Sumi – okay beta I’ll call you when barat will come. Till then you wait here. I’ll send your best friend Riya. (Sorry guys here also i kept swara’s best friend name as riya ).

After Sumi left Riya goes to swara. She saw her face. There was no smile,there is no happiness in her face which was usually seen on a bride face.

Riya – swara till now you didn’t forget him . still you are loving him.

Swara – haan riya till now i didn’t forget him. But i promised you I’ll try my best to became a good wife.

Riya – I know you will try but you will never be happy swara. You loved laksh since our collage time.

Swara – I love him riya and I’ll love him in my future also. Riya he was my first love how can i forget him.

Riya – but swara he doesn’t love you. In fact he never loved you then why you are doing all these.

Swara – I know he doesn’t love me. But what I’ll do riya I had tried my best to forget him . You know what after leaving collage every night i used to promised my self that I’ll forget laksh. But you know what only after two to three days some thing happens that remember me of laksh.
Riya – but swara why you are doing this marriage. You don’t love Shaan then why you are punishing yourself.

Swara – no riya i had understand that laksh was not mine Infact he never loves me riya. And maa,papa, dadi what is their fault riya. I’m a orphan but still they love me as their own child. Because of them now i’m a doctor riya. For the first time they ask me for something. They like Shaan and I know he was a very good person .I had always hope that in my future any day laksh will come to me and ask me for marriage. But those all are my imagination riya. They can’t be real. And I’ll try my best to love Shaan. Riya I can’t saw sadness in my family’s face.

Riya – she hugs swara and tells okay okay now don’t cry. Now bring that pyari si smile on your face na.

Just then they hear Sumi calls them to mandap. So riya brings swara there.

Marriage started. It was their ritual that first bride and then groom will come. So swara goes and sits there. For the last time she saw every one. All are happy specially her maa,papa and her dadi. She wipes her tears and sits in the mandap. Her part of ritual is done. Now its groom’s turn. Swara heard Shekhar asked Vicky( swara’s friend) to call Shaan.

After sometime

Vicky – uncle Shaan was not in the room.

Shekhar -beta just check outside na may be he got some important call. Please go.

Vicky – uncle I had checked everywhere .He was not any where. He run away uncle. Just read the letter i got it from his room.

Everyone got shocked hearing that.

Shekhar -what rubbish why will he run away? He loves my swara. He only brought this proposal.

Vicky – I know uncle but read this letter once you will know.

Shekhar saw towards swara. Till now she was sitting in the mandap. He signs Sumi so Sumi goes and keeps her hand on swara’s shoulder.

Then Shekhar took that letter from Vicky ‘ s hand and starts reading.

Hi swara. I think you are surprised. So sad baby. I’m going to enjoy my life. I had left you in the mandap so sad na . Now you will hear everyone’s taunt .Now everyone will make you responsible for this. Now you want to know why I did all these na . Then listen. Remember on our collage farewell you had slapped me. You slapped me for a girl. Are What mistake i did that day. I’m only trying to kiss her. Are flirting is not bad. But you came and slapped me for that girl. That day only I had make my mind that I’ll take revenge from you. You remember the very next day i came to ypu and apologies to you .i just did acting to be a good man and you fall in my trap.after that my plan started and i became your friend.and did the acting of loving you.and your family members also agreed in this.you slapped me infront of so many people and you don’t know usually i didn’t forget my insult easily. So miss swara kapoor i destroyed your life. Bye bye sweet heart.

Shekhar finished reading that letter. He has tears on his eyes. He saw towards swara still she was sitting in the mandap. Sumi was crying hugging Parvati. Every one is shocked hearing this. They can’t believe that swara was getting punishment for helping a girl. But in every society both types of people’s are there. So as usual people had stared their gussiping about swara. Swara saw everyone. She saw her maa,papa,and her dadi was crying. She also cried seeing them but why swara cried?

It ends with swara’s crying face.

To be continued………

Guys as i promised I’m back with my new ff. But now it’s your turn. You all have to keep your promise. And I’ll upload next part After seeing your response. And sorry Ashrita,masthi i forget to mention your names in my last part. Hey guys I’ll wait. So till then bye and take care.

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