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Part 7

Okay let’s start it

Swara saw laksh couldn’t sleep in the couch. She knows that laksh can’t sleep.

Swara – listen ..

Laksh knows that she was calling him but he didn’t reply.

Swara – I’m talking to you

Laksh – he saw here and there and asks you are talking to me.

Swara – if any other person is present here except me and you. Of course I’m talking to you.

Laksh – i’m laksh. Such a beautiful name. Don’t you know my name.

Swara – listen i’m not interested in talking with you. You can sleep here and I’m not going to sleep. So I’ll sit in couch.

Laksh – seriously but why If you are planning to do something scary.

Swara – that’s my choice why i’ll tell you. Come and sleep here otherwise I’ll give you injection.

Laksh – what?oh god why you gave me a doctor wife. I know she’ll torture me by saying about injection. Okay I’m coming. And he goes and sits in bed.

Swara – thanks and saying this she gets up and goes to couch.

Swara couldn’t sleep . She was thinking about piya. Then she saw laksh was sleeping peacefully. She can saw the innocence on his face. A smile comes in her face. She thought to watch film .In the middle she slept. As she was sleeping unknowingly her hand get pressed on the loud speaker. Hearing sound laksh wake up he thought may any ghost came. Then he saw swara.

Laksh – oh god one day she’ll kill me definitely. I have to close her laptop otherwise all family members were wake up . see her. How can she sleep in so much sound. I’m getting doubt if she was a doctor or not. She was so careless. Then he went and closes swara’s laptop. Then he covers her with a bed sheet and he also went to sleep.

Next day morning

Sumi knocks on swara’s room.

Sumi – shona wake up beta it’s already 7.00am you will go to Riya’s house na. Swara wake up beta.

Swara wakes up hearing sumi’s voice.

Swara – Yes maa coming.

Sumi – okay beta I’m preparing breakfast you come. And saying this she left.

Swara – oh god I’m seriously a lazy person. How can I sleep for long time. Oh my god I didn’t close laptop last night. Then she saw her laptop was kept on her side. She checks it was closed. Then she saw bedsheet on her. I don’t remember who covered me with bedsheets. Then she saw towards laksh. May be he did it.

Then she rushed to washroom. After sometime she comes out. She goes to help sumi.

Swara – oho I have to wake him up. She goes near laksh and thought what to do.
Then she thought how to call laksh because she wasn’t talking with him . She saw her mobile so she dialed laksh number. After she tried for minimum 10time laksh wake up.

Laksh – he saw swara was calling him . again saw swara was standing in front of him. First he thought he was dreaming. But still he ask swara why you are calling me. You are here infront of me. Am I dreaming?

Swara – no you are not. Go and take your bath .Riya(role played by vidya of saath nivana sathiya) and suraj(Riya’s husband ,role played by yuvraj of tashan e ishq )bhai were coming so please get ready.

Laksh – swara till now you are angry upon me.

Swara – laksh please I don’t want to talk with you in that matter and saying this she left to kitchen.

Laksh – I know I was wrong but i never want that swara will be hurt because of me. Now what I’ll do . then he thought riya was coming. I think riya and suraj can solve my problem. Then he went to washroom.

After sometime all are taking their breakfast. That time riya and suraj came there.

Riya – hi shona then she hugs swara.

Swara – she also hugs her back and tells hi riya.

Dadi – are riya beta how are you?

Riya- i’m good dadi how are you.

Dadi – i’m not good riya. My swara left our house then how can i stay fit and fine.

Riya – same here dadi i also miss her.

Sumi – you both na are suraj beta come and sit here.

Suraj – no aunty we will leave as soon as possible. Actually I have an important meeting. So swara and laksh let’s go. Everyone were waiting for you both.

Shekhar – yes beta. Swara laksh was ready you go and gets ready.

Swara – yah papa and she went inside.

After sometime she comes out. Then all of them left.

Swara – bhai you and riya go in your car and we are in our car. We’ll meet you at mandir.

Suraj – okay choti.

Both swara and laksh were silent in the car. None of them were talking. Laksh was feeling guilty. Finally they reached mandir. Both couple completed the pooja. Laksh and suraj were talking outside. Swara goes and sits in the mandir. Riya saw her so she also went and sits near her. She saw swara was opening her fb account.

Riya – oho fb. Mam you forget me completely. It’s not fare.

Swara – no riya I was confused. Today im standing in such a state that i can’t decide what to do and what to not.

Riya – if laksh again did something?

Swara – nothing you tell how is your job.

Riya – shona don’t try to change the topic please yaar tell me.

Swara – now nothing is there to tell you. Laksh again lied me. And then she told everything to riya.

Riya – shona he was in a dilemma. What is his mistake. He loves a girl but due to some situation he married another girl. And he lied you because he thought if he’ll inform you then you will be sad.

Swara – please yaar stop it. There is nothing left in my life. Here i’m in a big confusion and in fb Shaan was…

Riya – Shaan now what he did?

Swara – he didn’t get tired riya after leaving me in the mandap. He insult my family members but still he didn’t get peace. In fb he has told everything how he leave me alone in mandap. She is crying. He run away but he was putting blame on me that due my character he was bound to do so . and in every social media site it was the topic. Everyone were talking about me. Last night i was checking my profile. So some of my friends ask me about laksh and marriage. Riya you know what I told them about my marriage with laksh but they are telling me that to save my image i’m using lakh’s name. They are telling me that if i had married laksh then why laksh wasn’t changing his status. No marriage photo nothing. Riya they are right. They are thinking that I’m a characterless girl.

Riya – I know it’s solutions. If laksh will change his status and declare you as his wife then no one will ask you anything.

Swara – but that is not possible. He loves piya .she will be angry.

Laksh was listening all their talks. Actually he came to call swara as they are getting late. Hearing their talks he left.

Swara – riya If anyday laksh will love me.

Riya – yah that will happen sure.

Swara – riya icant tell him about my feelings also. I love him riya .Till when i have to wait.

Riya – that day will come very soon dear. Please stop crying. And she hugs swara.

After sometime Riya and suraj went on their car. Then swara also comes and sits in car.

Laksh – swara i changed something.

Swara – your choice. .

Laksh- I had changed my fb status to married. I saw till now you didn’t change na.

Swara – really i had seen your status. It was written in a relationship not married to me.

Laksh – okay check it and saying this he gave his mobile to swara.

Swara checked and really it was changed. Laksh had changed his status and even he had added some of their marriage photos. Swara became very much happy as now no one can blame her.

Swara – wow thanks laksh. I’m very much happy. You know what now Shaan will be silent. Thank you very much. And in excitement she hugs laksh and kisses laksh on his cheeks. Again thank you. Laksh was shocked as well as when swara realised she also shocked that what she did.

It ends with their shocking face…

Precap – masthi with riya and suraj and laksh will come to know that swara loves him . What will be his reaction..

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  1. Rlly excited fr da precap..its i teresting..dnt knw how laksh wl react aftr knw dat swara loves him…nd well da epi was superb..loved it..

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  2. awesome episode….Caring Laksh?…..#LOVE SWALAK….SUPERB….
    and you are amazinh writer Pari…keep it up ?

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  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Omg prcap is shocking???and chappy is mind blowing. Keep it up di. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

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  4. Mica

    aaaarrgghhhh they are getting closer day by day, slowly but sure YESS!
    awesome chappy pari…. luv it.

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  5. Sss

    oh awesome dI.loved it much really their fight I mean injection scene and laptop scene loved it also laksh care for swara when will he got to know ablit piya now her name also irritate me hate her..and precape what will be his reaction waiting for it..

    1. Pari123

      Thanks alot dear

    2. Pari123

      And i also hate piya

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    luv Swalak:*:*:*:*

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  9. Wow it’s soo much interesting dear… Loved it… ????????

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