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Episode 6

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Swara returns home. She goes to her room.

Swara – how can she tell like this. If laksh was a game that she wants to win him . He loves her truly but after meeting her i’m feeling that she doesn’t love him . Now I can’t tell laksh anything about piya. Because he’ll not believe me and that’s common because he knows piya from long time. I have to think something. Then she remembers that Ap never wants that piya became laksh wife. So she thought to ask Ap about it. So she goes to Ap room.

Ap – are swara beta come beta.

Swara – Yes maa and she goes inside.

Ap – beta i want to talk with you.

Swara – maa first i want to ask you something.

Ap – okay beta you can ask.

Swara – maa today i met piya. You know what she wants to give me money. She told me that if I’ll leave laksh she’ll give me money. After meeting her i know that she doesn’t truly love laksh . Maa always you hates her but i want to ask you why you didn’t like her.

Ap – swara don’t think me wrong . But I can’t tell you anything. Just think that god had saved my family.

Swara – but maa please tell me clearly. Why you are saying like this. Today I thought piya loves laksh only for property. Because whatever she told me she was repeating only one sentence that in any means she has to became bahu of maheswari khandan.

Ap – swara when time will come I’ll tell you. Now you go laksh will come any time.

Swara – okay maa but please whenever you feel that correct time comes please inform me. And saying this she left to her room.

Ap – i’m sorry swara i can’t tell you the truth. I just want laksh will get all his happiness of his life and I’m sure that you can only keep him happy.

Swara waits for laksh. Finally laksh came. Swara thought to tell laksh about piya. Then she thought without prove laksh will not believe her. So she thought only after knowing the complete truth she’ll tell laksh.

Laksh – hi swara.

Swara – hi how’s your day.

Laksh – yah it was good tell me how’s your day.

Swara – nothing just get bored all the day. I’m thinking to join hospital again.

Laksh – that will be good.

Swara – okay you come quickly everyone were waiting for you for dinner.

Laksh – yah you go. I’m just coming.

After sometime laksh also came to the dining table.

Ap – laksh tomorrow you are going with swara.

Laksh – what but where?

Ap – laksh to swara’s house for pagphera.

Laksh – Actually tomorrow I have an important meeting so swara will go alone.

Adarsh – laksh you don’t think about meeting. Me and papa will attend the meeting. You go and enjoy my bhai.

Ap – so it’s final you are going with her.

Laksh – okay done.

At night

Swara was reading some books and laksh was doing his work . Laksh got a message.

Swara – oho piya sent you a message.

Laksh – no swara it was from a client. I have to go to Delhi as he was in India in these days. So after returning with you I’ll go to meet him.

Swara – okay then no problem . Good night.

Laksh – yah mine work also completed. Good night.

Then swara slept in bed and laksh in couch.

Swara – laksh if you want then you can sleep in the bed.

Laksh – no its okay.

Swara – come you can sleep that side and I’m in this side. And we’ll make wall na you don’t worry.

Laksh – wall seriously but now from where you will bring all the materials used to built a wall.

Swara – she keeps her hand on her forehead and tells oh god my husband cum friend is a buddu. Mr maheswari I’m not telling you to built a wall are we’ll keep cushions in between us.

Laksh – oh then its a very good idea. Okay I’m coming.

Swara – laksh please don’t get scared haan.

Laksh – why if you’ll became a ghost at night?

Swara – laksh actually na if i saw any bad dreams then I’ll make such a sound that you will thought ghost are better than me.

Laksh – okay let’s see. But please don’t be so scary. Are it’s okay.

Swara – what it’s okay. If you get heart attack then..

Laksh – no problem. A best doctor was in my house so there is nothing to worry. Okay good night.

Swara – okay and she kept cushion in between them and she also sleeps.

Next day morning

Swara and laksh start their journey. They reached in swara’s town but suddenly laksh remembers that Ap has told him to buy sweets to give to Parvati ji. So he parked his car to a side.

Laksh – swara you sit here i’m just Coming.

Swara – but where are you going?

Laksh – I’ll come back just wait for five minutes.

Swara heard some ring tone. Then she checked her mobile but it was not her then she saw laksh mobile was there. She checked the mobile.

After sometime laksh comes back with sweets.

Laksh – swara i went to brought these sweets maa told me to brought them for dadi . Then he saw her .hey why you are crying?

Swara – nothing. Last night you are telling about some business trip right. When you will go?

Laksh – I had told you na tomorrow morning. But why you are asking this?

Swara – she cried. Laksh you again lied me. You are going to Delhi with piya and that business meeting was fake right.

Laksh – no nothing like that.

Swara – laksh please don’t act now. You broke our friendship. I had saw piya’s message on your mobile when you went to outside. Swara remember when she checked the mobile she saw the message that both of them were going to delhi. Now tell me if you want to tell anything.

Laksh- swara actually piya messages me that if I’ll not agree to go with her then she’ll do suicide. And I know her very well. If she decides something then she’ll definitely end that in any means. And if i had informed you then you will be sad that’s why.

Swara – I had already told you that I’ll never do anything like that. It’s your life do whatever you want. Any way let’s go maa and papa were waiting for us.

They reached swara’s house. Dadi,sumi, shekhar were very much happy to see them. Everything got well. Swara and laksh acted so well that no one doubted him.

That day night

Swara – why you stay here? Tomorrow morning you will go then..

Laksh – I cancelled that one.

Swara – but why?

Laksh – I had seen the happiness on your family members. And they want to spent some more time with their daughter. And tomorrow riya was coming to meet you. So it was final we’ll go tomorrow evening. And I’m sorry.

Swara didn’t say anything. She didn’t reply him also. She slept.

It ends…

Precap – swara kissed laksh….and some masthi with riya.

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