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Episode 5

Okay let’s start it

Next Day morning

Swara wakes up. She saw it’s already 7.00am.

Swara – oh god how can i sleep so late. Swara you are very much lazy. If maa will know then she’ll beat me. Swara what you are doing. Just go and gets ready. But before she gets down she saw the room was completely covered with decoration. In every wall big sorry were written . and so many teddy’s are there. She became happy seeing all these.

Swara – wow so many teddy. Wait who did all these. I don’t remember if anyone try to hurt me. No I don’t remember. It’s okay jo bhi ho thanks.

Then she saw laksh comes and he was holding his ears. He comes and kneels down and tells

Laksh – swara I’m really sorry. I never thought it will hurt you.

Swara – she helps him to get up and makes him sit in the bed. You can sit here. And why you are telling me sorry.

Laksh – what? You don’t remember. Yesterday night i lied you and you had cried for that.

Swara – laksh it’s okay don’t worry. Are mai kisi baat ko pakad ke nahi rahti. Okay see you thought today also I’ll be angry on you. Nothing like that laksh .why you did all these.

Laksh – still I’m sorry. Okay i want to do friendship with you. And he forward his hand and ask friends.

Swara thinks for completely five minutes.

Laksh – swara till when I’ll stay in this position only. Please say yes na.

Swara – okay but i have some conditions. Laksh i thought whatever be the relationship may be it husband wife or friends trust is very much important. So i want that trust from you. Laksh please don’t lie me it’s okay if it’s about piya also.
Laksh – okay done. At least now reply me.

Swara – okay friends. And she handshake with laksh.

Laksh- swara let’s drink tea.

Swara – okay. And both started to drink tea.

Swara – laksh last night i was talking with riya. Sorry you don’t know her. She is my best friend.

Laksh – so what she said.

Swara – Actually she was already married. And jiju I mean my bhai he wants to meet you.

Laksh – yah sure I’ll meet him. But if he’ll beat me then..

Swara – no he just wants to do friendship with you. If you are agree I’ll tell him to talk with you.

Laksh – yah I’ll talk with him after coming from office. Now I’m going to take bath.

Swara – no I’ll go.

Laksh – please i have an important meeting.

Swara – okay then.

Laksh – thanks. And saying this he left to washroom.

Ap was listening all their talks. She comes inside. Swara saw her .She can clearly saw that Ap was crying.

Swara – maa what happened? Why you are crying.

Ap – swara i came here to call you. I’m really sorry beta.

Swara – no its okay maa you got me married to laksh as you concerned for me. But maa he loves piya. Why you let him married.

Ap – that girl wasn’t good swara. She is not suitable for laksh. I can’t tell you all the truth but  just remember that if that girl becomes our bahu then she’ll destroy our family.

Swara – I don’t know maa why you are telling like this. I don’t know piya but laksh told me she loves him.

Ap – i’m happy that you both are ready to became friends. I’m waiting for you. When you will be ready come to kitchen. And saying this she left.

Swara – maa why you don’t like piya i don’t know. And i don’t know what will be the future of this marriage. But i’ll try my best to became a good friend of laksh. She turns and saw laksh was standing there.

Swara – are you came. Thank god you are not late. Okay I’m going for bath .

Laksh – yah sure

Swara goes to washroom.

Laksh had listened all the talking of swara and Ap.

Laksh – I don’t understand why maa doesn’t like piya. She is a very good girl. But maa always told me that if she’ll come then she’ll destroy our house. And swara she was ready to sacrifice her life for me. I have to talk to piya. I can’t tell lie swara. Here she was waiting for me and on another side i cant forget piya. Oh god why you put me in this situation. Then he left.

At afternoon

Swara went somewhere. There she went to meet someone. Swara gets down from car and sits in the chair.

Swara – hi piya.

Piya- hi .

Swara – why you called me.

Piya – take it. And she gives a blank cheque to swara.

Swara – blank cheque? But why you are you giving me this?

Piya – swara i dis signed in it .so you can put as much as money you want.

Swara – really? But why you are giving me this.

Piya – swara it’s a deal. Just take as much money you want but just go away from laksh.

Swara – what? Are you mad?

Piya – no I’m not. Swara i’m ready to give to gave you money but please give divorce to laksh. In any means I want to became bahu of maheswari khandan.

Swara – I can understand now why maa doesn’t like you. Piya laksh wasn’t any material that you want to do exchanging him. And I’m his wife.

Piya – yah may be but he loves me. He’ll never love you. So just go.

Swara – swara tears that cheque and gave that to piya. And tells piya till now no one know this thing. You know what I love laksh from our collage time. After our collage i came to know that he loves some other one. But i never forget him  .I have always faith on my love that may be in future laksh love me. After our marriage when laksh told me about you i thought to do samjhota with my life. But after talking to you today I’m thinking I was wrong. And you are so mean .Now I’ll never leave laksh.

Piya – but you saw na how much laksh love me. Last night i only messaged you.

Swara remembers after laksh leaves last night she got a message from a unknown no. From that only she came to know that laksh was with piya and then she also left to that place.

Swara – oh then that well wisher is you.

Piya – yah that’s me. And just leave laksh. I have warned you from first na if anyone try to come in my way then they will get punishment that is death. And you had already know me na you remember na what i did with you in reception.

Swara – really now I’ll tell laksh about your truth. And that’s with prove. And saying this she left.

Precap – swara and laksh goes to swara’s house for pagphera. And may be some romance. ..

Pleas guys keep comenting. And I’ll post next update asap. And till then bye and take care.

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